Tasya Fantasya is a Philippine fantasy anthology produced and broadcast by IBC.

Episode summaryEdit

First incarnationEdit

#No. in
Episode title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 1 Rapunzel Veronica B. Belasco Nikki Bunquin, Zoilo Barrel January 25, 2014

A magical story about Rapunzel (Yassi Pressman), an 18-year old young girl who becoming a princess. She found a castle that transport her to a world of fairy tales. Flint (Andre Paras) who is the love interest of Rapunzel. In the end, Princess Rapunzel returns to Flint's world and never come back to her world forever only love to Flint.

The first episode of Tasya Fantasya aired on January 25, 2014 starring Yassi Pressman and Andre Paras.

Cast: Yassi Pressman, Andre Paras, Maritoni Fernandez, Tonton Gutierrez, Chienna FIlomeno, John Manalo, Assunta De Rossi, Paulo Angeles

2 2


Jay Altarejos

Jerry Gracio February 1, 2014

Pinokyo (Bimby Aquino-Yap, Jr.), a living puppet by the Blue Fairy with the help of a cricket as his conscience, must prove himself worthy to become a real boy

Cast: Bimby Aquino-Yap, Jr., Migui Moreno as the voice of Alexander, a boy transformed into a donkey, Angel Aquino, Manny Castañeda as Mister Geppetto, Gerald Pesigan as the voice of Jiminy Cricket, Ruben Gonzaga as the voice of "Honest" John Worthington Foulfellow, Alfred Vargas as Stromboli, Devon Seron as The Blue Fairy

3 3

The Wishing Fountain

Mervyn B. Brondial

Denise O'Hara, Priscilla Hidalgo February 8, 2014

Jimboy (Mavy Legaspi) and Agnes (Cassy Legaspi) feels neglected because his father always giving him broken promises. Jimboy runs away and found a wishing fountain. He wishes that his father fails to make people amazed in the magic show. The next day, his wish come true but the problem his father got fired. Will Jimboy realize that his wish is a bad idea?

Cast: Mavy Legaspi, Cassy Legaspi, Nathan Lopez, Mymy Davao, Matthew Mendoza, Sylvia Sanchez

4 4


Cathy O. Camarillo

Mary Lhuvirizz Martin, Jiillmer S. Dy February 15, 2014

Cindy (Liza Soberano), a high school classmate girl wwhose telling the fairytale world. Her classmate boyfriend William (Diego Loyzaga). She turned a princess as Cindyrella where the kingdom beginning of love. Will there be a happy ending for Cinderella ? In the end, Cinderella and Prince William invited in the school proms.

Cast: Liza Soberano, Diego Loyzaga, Mickey Ferriols, Cris Villanueva, Hiyasmin Neri as Fairy Teacher, Kurt Perez, Yna Uy, Bianca Casado as Linda / Anastasia Tremaine, Kyle Balili as the voice of the mouse Jaq, Celia Rodriguez as Lady Tremaine, Janus del Prado. Location: St. Bridget College

5 5

Prinsipe Francis

Marlon Rivera

Arlene Tamayo February 22, 2014

Prince Francis (Francis Magundayao) learns the magical potion from his wizard until he fell down to a portal to the modern time. In the modern time, Prince Patrick meet friends there. When they were indangered, the prince will drinks the potion and saves his friends using super powers. In the end, Marlon, the wizard comes to the modern time and to take Prince Patrick back to their world.

Cast: Francis Magundayao, Chin Chin Gutierrez as Francis' mother, Jaime Fabregas as Jimmy the Wizard, Janus del Prado as King David, Nathaniel Britt as Johnny, Mariel Pamintuan as Karen, Ogie Escanilla

6 6


Chris Alan Chanliongco

Zoilo Barrel, Nicolo Guzman III March 1, 2014

Aladdib (Rodjun Cruz), a poor, but kind-hearted Agrabah thief. When a street urchin vies for the love of a beautiful Princess Jasmine (Kazel Kinouchi), he uses a genie's magic power to make himself off as a prince in order to marry her.

Cast: Rodjun Cruz as Aladdib, Kazel Kinouchi as Princess Jasmine, Polo Ravales as the voice of Genie, Paolo Ballesteros as Jafar, as the voice of Iago, Carlo Lazerna as the voice of Jafar's sarcastic and foul-mouthed parrot assistant Iago, IC Mendoza as The Sultan, Baron Geisler as Razoul, Johan Lourens as Prince Achmed

7 7

My Fairy Cara

Jay Altarejos Ruby Leah Castro, Allan Ibañez March 8, 2014

A story that will take the destinies to a magical, heartwarming and fun-filled adventure. Cara (Sam Pinto) is a sassy girl who becoming a fairy when she sparkle the value of respecting helpers.

Cast: Sam Pinto, Paul Jake Castillo, Jay Manalo, Carlos Morales, Vangie Martelle, Dino Guevarra, Gina Pareño

8 8

Alice Bungisngis

Ricky Rivero

Denise O'Hara, Benson Logronio March 15, 2014

The story centers in the life and love of Alice (Shy Carlos), a simple teenager who grew up in an orphanage and always taunted because of her kinky hair and witchy-kind of laugh. Unbeknownst to her, she is a descendant of a powerful white sorceress and she also possesses a power that eventually sends her into one magical adventure.

Cast: Shy Carlos, Josh Padilla, Ara Mina, Kier Legaspi, Paul Robis as the voice of White Rabbit, Ruben Gonzaga as Mad Hatter, Mico Aytona as the voice of Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Marita Zobel as Queen of Hearts, Lander Vera-Perez as the voice of March Hare

9 9

Magic Temple

Jay Altarejos

Nikki Bunquin, June Anthony Amarillio March 22, 2014

The magical world of "Samadhi" is threatened by the evil forces of Ravenal (Pamu Pamorada) and Sifu (Kent Malunda) sends out three teenage boys to journey on the Magic Temple. Jubal (Eugene Herrera), Sambag (Joseph Andre Garcia) and Omar (Kobe Paras), each with their own unique power battles the threat to the world of "Samadhi" and along the way faces many extraordinary things. The boys are sure to face a huge battle ahead of them but with the help of magical creatures they met along their journey, evil is eliminated and they learn the true value of camaraderie and believing in themselves to face any problem.

Cast: Eugene Herrera, Joseph Andre Garcia, Kobe Paras, Regine Tolentino, Carlos Morales, Pamu Pamorada, Kent Malunda as Sifu, Dionne Monsanto as Telang Bayawak, Biboy Ramirez as Rexor

10 10

Twinkle si Mutya

Andoy Ranay

Cyrus Dan Cañares March 29, 2014

A story about a poor girl named Mutya (Mutya Orquia) wants a family that loved her together with her mother (Mariel Rodriguez) and father (Mark Gil). With the help of a pixie Twinkle (Kylie Padilla), she will make her wish come true. In the end, Twinkle Mutya's wish came true. Mutya believe her pixie Twinkle as she defeat them with Villoain (John Manalo), an evil witch boy.

Cast: Mutya Orquia as Mutya, Kylie Padilla as Twinkle, Mariel Rodriguez, Mark Gil, Hiyasmin Neri, Renz Valerio, Kendra Kramer, John Manalo as Villain

11 11


Toto Natividad

Julius Villanueva April 5, 2014

A magical story of Densie (Coleen Garcia), an elder college girl who becoming a witch the use of magic. A story that will spite that an important values in the magical world with the help of Denise.

Cast: Coleen Garcia, Teejay Marquez, Kiko Estrada, Marnie Lapus, Jao Mapa, Fretzie Bercede, Caleb Santos

12 12


Cathy O. Camarillo

Mary Lhuvirizz Martin, Allan Ibañez April 12, 2014

A story that will teach families in the heartwarming lessons. Young girl Heidi (Franchesca Salcedo) suffers the abuse of her mother Lenda (Jackie Lou Blanco). Meanwhile, Heidi known as Anghela discovers the magic of an angel statue. In the end, Heidi's mother ask forgiveness to her and Heidi accept it.

Cast: Franchesca Salcedo, Jackie Lou Blanco, Jong Cuenco, Amy Nobleza, Celia Rodriguez, Allan Bautista

13 13

Masked Magician

Marlon Rivera

Zoilo Barrel April 26, 2014

Ricky (Slater Young), a masked magician boy identity becomes a superhero by given him a magic for super Magician powers.

Cast: Slater Young, Ella Cruz, Aiko Melendez, Jestoni Alarcon, Hiro Torobu, Paolo Angeles

14 14

Super Sparkle

Rechie A. Del Carmen

Denise O'Hara May 3, 2014

A story about Trixie (Sofia Andres), a high school student who discovered she has a super powers allowing her to transform into a super heroine Super Sparkle, her secret, crime-fighting alter ego ready to save the day.

Cast: Sofia Andres as Trixie / Super Sparkle, Dimples Romana, Emilio Garcia, Justin Quirino, Kobe Paras, Yna Uy, Aaron Junatas as the villain Walastik, Neri Naig, Eugene Herrera. Location: Santa Elena High School

15 15

Dragon Test

Jay Altarejos Nikki Bunquin, Jaymar Castro May 10, 2014

The story is about their four young boys,Ivan (Yves Flores), Alvin (Nathaniel Britt) and Ricky (John Manalo). There is a dragon named Elliott (voiced by Makisig Morales), who also acts as his protector and can make himself invisible and is generally visible only to Dennis , which occasionally lands Dennis in trouble with the locals.

Cast: Yves Flores, Nathaniel Britt, John Manalo, Joy Viado, Makisig Morales as the voice of Elliott the dragon, Candy Pangilinan, Carlos Morales

16 16

Oya, Balbata

Joel Lamangan

Zoilo Barrel May 17, 2014

An important story for children and families. Oya (Gerald Pesigan) and Balbata (Lance Lucido) are the little child boy. A story what will tackle a moral values especially magic in poverty.

Cast: Gerald Pesigan, Lance Lucido, Chin Chin Gutierrez, Lito Pimentel, Carlos Dala, Arlene Tolibas

17 17


Ricky Rivero

Nikki Bunquin, Zoilo Barrel May 24, 2014

Denise (Empress Shuck) is a girl who turned into a dwarf as Dwarfgirl begins to help and escape with Jeff (Joseph Marco), who is working in the house. Dwarfgirl begins to rescue the admirated. The spell on Denise was broken and the man got a romantic.

Cast: Empress Schuck, Joseph Marco, Robin da Roza, LJ Moreno, Erin Ocampo, Martin Velayo

18 18

The Black Cauldron

Toto Natividad

Jaymar Castro, Jaja Amarillo May 31, 2014

Taran (Kristofer Martin), a boy and a bunch of misfit friends embark on a quest to find a dark magic item of ultimate power before a diabolical tyrant can.

Cast: Kristofer Martin as Taran, Claudia Barretto as Princess Eilonwy, Bodjie Pascua as Fflewddur Fflam, Makisig Morales as the voice of Doli, Jovic Susim as The Horned King, Kiro Rivera as the voice of Creeper, Jomari Umpa as Henchman, Caleb Santos as Orddu

19 19

Prinsesa and the Frog

Veronica B. Velasco Nikki Bunquin, Zoilo Barrel June 7, 2014

A story that will teach kids and students the proper attitude in school for back-to-school special episode. The story of a high school teenager named Ciara (Sue Ramirez) who dreams of owning her classmate. After kissing a prince who has been turned into a frog by an evil witch doctor called Dr. Facilier (Caleb Santos), Ciara becomes a frog herself, and must find a way to turn back into a human before it is too late.

Cast: Sue Ramirez as Ciara in both human and frog form, Khalil Ramos as Naveen, Marco Masa as the voice of Frog, Tanya Garcia, Robin da Roza, Caleb Santos as Dr. Facilier, Gerald Pesigan as the voice of a Cajun firefly Ray, Bianca Casado, Paulo Angeles

20 20

Da Sword in da Stone

Chris Alan Chanliongco Priscilla Hidalgo, Mary Lhuvirizz Martin June 14, 2014

A little boy named Arthur (Izzy Canillo) learns the power of love, kindness, knowledge and bravery with the help of a wizard called Merlin in the path to become one of the most beloved kings in England history.

Cast: Izzy Canillo as Arthur, Ramon Bautista as the legendary wizard Merlin, Bettina Carlos, Nathan Lopez as the voice of Merlin's crotchety Archimedes, Gary Lising as Sir Ector, Art Acuña as Sir Kay, Cacai Bautista as Madam Mim, Kier Legaspi as Sir Bart

21 21

Peter Pen

Marlon Rivera

Cyrus Dan Cañares, Zoilo Barrel June 21, 2014

Peter Pen (Joshua Dionisio), a boy can be very hot-headed. Wendy (Ella Cruz) and her brothers are whisked away to the magical world of Neverland with the hero of their stories, Peter Pan.

Cast: Joshua Dionisio, Mariel Pamintuan as Wendy Darling, Paul Salas as John Darling, Maritoni Fernandez, Rey "PJ" Abellana, EJ Jallorina as Captain Hook

22 22

Girl Musketeers

Veronica B. Velasco

Ruby Leah Castro, Jillmer S. Dy June 28, 2014

A story of Corinne (Elisse Joson), Renée (Bianca Yao) and Viveca (Chienna Filomeno) are the three young country girls headed to Paris to pursue her big dream – to become a girl musketeers. Never could she imagine she would meet three other girls who secretly share the same dream! Using their special talents, the girls work together as a team to foil a plot and save the prince. Come along on an action-filled adventure that dares you to dream as never before.

Cast: Elisse Joson, Bianca Yao, Chienna Filomeno, Paula Peralejo, Gardo Versoza, Jovic Monsod as Philippe, Julian Estrada as Prince Louis, Hikda Koronel as Hélène, Mico Aytona as the voice of Coronie's horse Alexander

23 23

Oliver Treature

Mac Alejandre

Jerry Gracio July 5, 2014

It revolves around the story of Oliver (Bret Jackson), a treasure hunter who will enter the world of fairies, where he will meet Tanya (Kazel Kinouchi). What kind of treasure will Oliver find in Tanya's world? How will they be able to help each other in protecting them?

Cast: Bret Jackson, Kazel Kinouchi, Bing Loyzaga, Emilio Garcia, Erin Ocampo, AJ Dee

24 24

Sleeping Beauty

Mervyn B. Brondial

Mary Lhuvirizz Martin, Allan Ibañez July 12, 2014

Princess Aurora (Michelle Vito) is cursed by the evil witch Maleficent (Celia Rodriguez) who declares that she will die by pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel. To try to prevent this, the king places her into hiding, in the care of three good-natured - but not too bright - fairies.

Cast: Michelle Vito as Princess Aurora, Kobe Paras as Prince Phillip, Precious Lara Quigaman, Jong Cuenco, Celia Rodriguez as Maleficent, Anna Vicente as Flora, Ganiel Krishnan as Fauna, Aina Solano as Merryweather, Angel Sy, Paolo Santiago

Second incarnationEdit

#No. in
Episode title Directed by Written by Original air date
25 1

My Sandy Girl

Mervyn B. Brondial Benedict Mique, Ana Maria Macapugay March 11, 2018

A magical story of Sandy (Joyce Abestano), a 15-year old high school teenager who becoming a princess. She loves a good family that a girl who magically learns a fairytale. Joshua (Patrick Destura) is a high school boy who loves a crush on Sandy.

Cast: Joyce Abestano, Patrick Destura, Tonton Gutierrez, Malou de Guzman, Franchesca Salcedo, Dexie Daulat, Princess Ryan, Larah Claire Sabroso as the voice of Little Fairy, Isabelle Daza

26 2

Prinsipe Michael

Chris Martinez Nathaniel Arciaga, Mary Rose Colindres March 18, 2018

The story of Michael (Michael Tañeca), a son the son of his adoptive mother Bela (Coleen Garcia) who has a magical portion from his wizard. Michael turned into a portal that will transport him to the modern days.

Cast: Michael Tañeca, Coleen Garcia, Eddie Garcia, Jay Manalo, AJ Manzon, Josh Yape, Kert Montante. Location: Veritas Parochial School

27 3

Ang Aral Ni Noel

Mike Tuviera Lemuel Garcellano, Volta delos Santos March 25, 2018

It will teach the whole family the real meaning of helping and giving. Noel (Grae Fernandez) is a high school boy who is very hansdome for his learners. When she is given a paper and pencil case that rewards him for all the things that he gives to other people, Noel gains the power of the learners treat as he wants.

Cast: Grae Fernandez, Gloria Diaz, Tirso Cruz III, Francis Ryan Lim, Virginia Pozon

28 4

Airey and the Guardian Angel

Adolfo Alix Jr. Andrew Paredes, Ma. Abegail Lam-Parayno April 1, 2018

The story is about an orphan named Airey (Carleen Sky Aclan) who searched for her angel statue. With the help of the guardian angel Barbiel (Jedrik Yamio), Airey was able to see her good family. The story teaches lessons regarding love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Cast: Carleen Sky Aclan, Jedrik Yamio, Ayen Munji-Laurel, Eric Quizon, Peewee O'Hara, Eddie Gutierrez, Alfonso Yñigo Delen, Kiro Rivera

29 5

Phoebe Magic Power

Laurice Guillen John Roque, Dexter Hemedez April 8, 2018

Phoebe (Sarah Ortega) is a young girl who used her magical necklace to transform into a magical power. She framed her magic like a pretty girl.

Cast: Sarah Ortega, Aaron Rosario, Ana Roces, Romnick Sarmenta, Lorin Gabriella Bektas, Zhyvel Mallari, Johan Lourens. Location: Pasay City Science High School

30 6


Topel Lee Nikki Bunquin, Joey Mallari April 15, 2018

The story teaches lessons regarding love, acceptance, and forgiveness. An attentive young boy Santino (Andres Muhalach) wants a family that loves him and his loving mother. With the help of the magician Ramon (Rodjun Cruz), he will make his granted wish statue by helping others with their problems.

Cast: Andres Muhlach, Rodjun Cruz, Paula Peralejo, Gio Alvarez, Heidiann Mansilla, Yves Yamio

31 7 Lala Bigasig Meryn B. Brondial Marianne Villalobos, Mark Anthony Bautista April 22, 2018

Lala is a young girl fascinated with dolls every summer. One day, she and her mother buy a beautiful doll at a toy store. Coincidentally, Joanne (Crissel Ignacio), the daughter of their laundrywoman, also wants to buy the bear and even saves money just to have it. However, after a while, Lala gets bored with the doll and takes it for granted. Little does she know that the doll carries a magic spell with it.

Cast: Crissel Ignacio, Kyle Banzon, Maritoni Fernandez, Ricardo Cepeda, Helena Nicole de Jose, Ynna Asistio, Mara Lopez

32 8

Ay Dengue!

Jerrold Tarog Julius Villanueva, Denise O'Hara April 29, 2018

Jobert (Renz Aytona) is a high school boy who has a dengue caused of evil flies. When the leader of a germ diseases decided to make his dengue body as their dengue germ's new home, Jobert acquired super vision powers which enabled him to see through things like a microscope. Will Jobert finally learn to take care of his bad dengue when the pests start to attack the dengue body of his boy?

Cast: Renz Aytona, Harold Rementilla, Kayne Lacuna, David Chua as Dr. Magician, Gerald Pesigan (voice), Kyle Kevin Ang (voice), Izzy Canillo (voice)

33 9

Chloe Enchanted

Vanessa U. de Leon Dexter Hemedez, Mary Martin May 6, 2018

Chloe (Angelina Cruz) is a young girl whose under a spell to be constantly obedient, a fact she must hide from her family in order to protect the prince of the land, her friend for whom she's falling.

Cast: Angelina Cruz, Kenzo Gutierrez, Lani Mercado, Emilio Garcia, Alexandra Quiambao, Giann Solante, Jon Avila

34 10

Phantom Boy

Mike Tuviera Ana Maria Macapugay, Nathaniel Arciaga May 13, 2018

Meet Enzo (Francis Magundayao), a high school boy who learned which gives him moral power to transform into a seemingly immortal crimefighter as Phantom Boy, his battle against all forms of evil and in which he will fall in love with a high school girl named Erika (Lianne Valentin).

Cast: Francis Magundayao, Lianne Valentin, William Martinez, Yayo Aguila, Aries Ace Espanola, Adrian Desabille, Carl Longno, Joel Torre

35 11


Connie Macatuno Danilo Niño Calalang, Marianne Villalobos May 20, 2018

Pauline (Raisa Dayrit) is a beautiful high school student who befriend a human girl as she turns a fairy as Thumbelina. She both cooperate their strength in an attempt to save the fairies trees.

Cast: Raisa Dayrit, Jervy delos Reyes, Mara Lopez, Jan Manual, Dexie Daulat

36 12

Danielle's Wish

Jun Luna Priscilla Hidalgo, Julius Villanueva May 27, 2018

Danielle (Gazelle Agero) is a young girl who wish granted her family and crused to become a wish powers as she accept her. Their special "skill" helped them survive. Despite her sadness, Danielle develops an inspiration thorugh Carter (Jaime Yllana). As Danielle wish granted, she starts to confront a girly wish. This is where the gap between Jenny and her parents begins to develop.

Cast: Gazelle Agero, Donita Rose, Hero Bautista, Jaime Yllana, Yves Yamio, Johan Laurens, Hilda Koronel, Tommy Abuel

37 13


Vanessa U. de Leon Nikki Bunquin, John Roque June 3, 2018

Sandra (Cherryz Mendoza) is a high school teenager who wanted to follow her classmates Jessie (Franchesca Salcedo) and Arlene (Zhyvel Mallari). In order to follow herself, she received a pink ring, which makes herself to be Double. In the end, she followed her bestfriend Joshua (Justin Ward).

Cast: Cherryz Mendoza, Justin Ward, Carlos Morales, Jenny Miller, Franchesca Salcedo, Zhyvel Mallari, Francis Ryan Lim. Location: Balibago National High School

38 14

Witchy Wich

Jerrold Tarog Ana Maria Macapugay, Lemuel Garcellano June 10, 2018

This episode will teach people the value of a witch powers. Vanessa (Keith Cruz) is a young girl who wanted to became a witch girl as Witchy Wich. This is a story that will share a lot of important values especially obesdience magic, with the help of Witchy Wich and her wise-cracking cat Micy the Cast.

Cast: Keith Cruz, Miguel David, Alfonso Yñigo Delen as the voice of Micy the Cat, Jennifer Sevilla, Romnick Sarmenta, Fanny Serrano, Stephen Baldonado, Kyle Kevin Ang, Virginia Pozon

39 15

Magic Wand

Laurice Guillen Volta delos Santos, Ma. Abegail Lam-Parayno June 17, 2018

Janine (Via Saroca) is a high school teenager who learns her very own magic wand that can grant wishes. Janine threat Barnicle Bankle (Jang Amparna) as she quickly gained her wishes.

Cast: Via Saroca, Allen Cecilio, Maricel Morales, Anjo Yllana, Giann Solante, Nadine Samonte, Jang Amparna

40 16

Sailor Girl

Mike Tuviera Jiillmer S. Dy, Nicolo Guzman III June 24, 2018

Trixie (Joyce Abestano) is a 15-year-old high school girl with an enormous capacity for love, compassion, and understanding. She has a magical brooch enabling her to transform into the heroine as Sailor Girl, a pretty soldier for love and justice, who resents fighting evil as she used her power.

Cast: Joyce Abestano, Patrick Destura, Sam Y.G., Nicole Andersson, Chela Denise, Margaret Planas, Vickie Rushton, Josh Yape

41 17

Little Boy & Ate

Jerrold Tarog Mary Martin, Danilo Niño Calalang July 1, 2018

Nica (Alyssa Angeles) is an elder girl who is very much to her little boy. When they entered a little boy and her sister nature trek challenge. Nica meets her elementary classmate Rammy (Emman Franc) who used to impact him around. Because of this, Nica became adorable focused on learning the good value than ever.

Cast: Alyssa Angeles, Emman Franc, Mymy Davao, Jong Cuenco, Patricia Ann Manzano, Murielle Tanchanco, Adrian Desabille, John Joseph Miraflores

42 18

Betty the Fairly

Adolfo Alix Jr. Denise O'Hara, John Roque July 8, 2018

A poor young girl named Lenlen (Kylie del Rosario) wants a family that loves her and her younger brother. With the help of a fairy Betty (Valeen Montenegro), she will make her wish come true.

Cast: Kylie del Rosario, Valeen Montenegro, Alwyn Uytingco, Heidiann Mansilla, Alexandra Quiambao, Zia Marquez

43 19

Rebecca Basura

Connie Macatuno Volta delos Santos, Andrew Paredes July 15, 2018

An 13-year-old girl named Rebecca (Chacha Cañete), who isn't really care about garbage, makes a mess wherever she goes. When the fairy of cleanliness see like this, she curses her. Rebecca got chased by garbage everywhere she goes and gets the ability to mimic its traits. Later on, she discovers that she can control them and use them for attacks, but disregards it after she loses control over the power.

Cast: Chacha Cañete, Aaron Rosario, Keempee de Leon, Jennifer Sevilla, Analyn Nacion

44 20

Twinkle Tweens

Andoy Ranay Ana Maria Macapugay, Nathaniel Arciaga July 22, 2018

A magical story for tweens and families. Anne (Andrea Brillantes) is a young girl who belongs to a family of twinkle. This is a story that will share a lot of important values especially obedience, with the help of Anne, Idelle (Mianne Fajardo) and Aiza (Sajj Geronimo).

Cast: Andrea Brillantes, Mianne Fajardo, Sajj Geronimo, Ricardo Cepeda, Yayo Aguila, Raphiel Shannon as Twinkle Girl, Kyle Kevin Ang

45 21

Melody Crystal

Perci Intalan Lemuel Garcellano, Marianne Villalobos July 29, 2018

Set against the backdrop of a high school classroom, Crystal (Angelina Cruz) is the high school teener who involved her time just wishing, instead of doing something, to be near her crush Aaron (Roel Manlangit), a handsome high school student. When Crystal approve her melodies in her wishes and finds a fairy named Ursula (Angel Sy) who grants some melody wishes. Crystal managed to wish granted her own melody wishing well.

Cast: Angelina Cruz  Roel Manlangit, Angelu de Leon, Bobby Andrews, Francine Diaz, Stephanie Bangcot, Nina Jose

46 22

Ang Pagbabalik ng Kuba

Aloy Adlawan Nathaniel Arciaga, Benedict Mique August 5, 2018

Jeremy (Jedrik Yamio) is a young boy, who was cursed to become a hideous hunchback. He meets Princess Lucida (Ynna Asisto), who promises to teach who can heal the ailing king.

Cast: Jedrik Yamio, Ynna Asisto, Markki Stroem, Nathan Prats, Alfonso Yñigo Delen, Tirso Cruz III, Bart Guingona

47 23

Mirror Magic

Joyce E. Bernal Volta delos Santos, Ana Maria Macapugay August 12, 2018

Megan (Erika Mae Salas) is a high school teenager who is forced to see look at your face in a magical mirror by using her polishing mirror as a high school fanatic attempts to join the high school girl club (HSG Club) with her classmates in secret mirror.

Cast: Erika Mae Salas, Miguel David, Almira Muhlach, Hero Bautista, Franchesca Salcedo, Margaret Planas, Carl Longno

48 24

Lily Tubig

Rommel Ricafort Marianne Villalobos, Nathaniel Arciaga August 19, 2018

Lily (Crissel Ignacio) is a young girl who has a crystal clear. She wanted to prevent her crystal water in a wonderful crystal. Lily became a water girl, and realized that she needs to intimate her crystal water.

Cast: Crissel Ignacio, Renz Aytona, Kier Legaspi, Lilet, Analyn Nacion, Migui Moreno

49 25

That's My Ballpen

Connie Macatuno Nicolo Guzman III, Priscilla Hidalgo August 26, 2018

Julia (Raisa Dayrit) is a high school student who has a hobby of testing on her exams. As she continues to learn herself with her undeserved grades, Sarah takes learning on a different level when she was given a magic ballpen that can answer test questions on its own. 

Cast: Raisa Dayrit, Harold Rementilla, John Joseph Miraflores, Mylene Dizon, Gio Alvarez, Virginia Pozon

50 26

Pusa ng Pangarap

Ricky Rivero Nikki Bunquin, Andrew Paredes September 2, 2018

Stella (Denise Canlas) is a young girl who cursed about her normal cat. Stella becomes a magic pretty cat where she has powers of revenging her villains.

Cast: Denise Canlas, Bailey May, Kaye Abad  Mandy Ochoa, Erika Padilla, Josh Yape

51 27

Mahiwagang Bato

Vanessa U. de Leon Benedict Mique, Marianne Villalobos September 9, 2018

Shane (Princess Angel Gacayan) is a young girl who has a mysterious magic stone as she learn the secret with the help of a magical wizard called Peter (James Blanco) in the magic stone.

Cast: Princess Angel Gacayan, James Blanco as the wizard Peter, Regine Angeles, Alfred Vargas, Jaime Yllana, AJ Manzon

52 28


Joven Tan John Roque, El Ortiz September 16, 2018

Chelsea (Angelica Marañon) is a high school teenager who has a learner to study her lesson. As she polished her secret, Chelsea becomes a pink-colored ponyhair as Ponypink.

Cast: Angelica Marañon, Leslie Santos Diaz, Cherry Pie Picache, Emilio Garcia, Sophia Margarette To, Francine Diaz, Chela Denise as the villain

53 29 The Adventures of Lily Vanessa U. de Leon Denise O'Hara, Joey Mallari September 23, 2018

Lily (Stephanie Bangcot) is a prettiest high school sweetheart who crused to become as little as an elf. Lily's parents involed a dwarf to her grant her myth wish.

Cast: Stephanie Bangcot, Ryan James Bacalla, Maricar Reyes, Bobby Andrews, Chela Denise, Thea Abanico, AJ Manzon, Zhyvel Mallari as Dwarf Girl

54 30 Rainbow Brite and the Twinkle Pop Jun Lana John Roque, Ma. Abegail Lam-Parayno September 30, 2018

A young girl named Sharlene (Chacha Cañete) is brought to a rainbowland land with the mission to bring color to this fictional world by locating the Sphere of Light. Along the way, she befriends a furry creature (called a sprite) named Twinkle Pop and a magical horse named Twinkle Star.

Cast: Chacha Cañete, Stephen Baldonado, Mary Jaydeeryn Elias as the voice of Twinkle Pop, Analyn Nacion as the voice of Twinkle Star, Donita Rose, DJ Durano, Jang Amparna as Twonkle Vain

55 31 Daddy en da Pumpkin Boy Connie Macatuno Benedict Mique, Andrew Paredes October 7, 2018

Larry (Eric Quizon) is a kind-hearted man who involed John (Emman Franc) as a young boy where he scattered by the bunch of Jack O'Lantern wish. John became a pumpkin boy for Halloween where he threat Devil Dawn (Princess Punzalan) as an evil devil.

Cast: Eric Quizon, Emman Franc, Princess Punzalan as Devil Dawn, Lourd Ljones Decena as the voice of Little Pumpkin, Gerald Pesigan as the voice Black Cat with pumpkin, Luz Fernandez

56 32 Moomoo's Mom

Mike Tuviera

Joey Mallari, Mary Rose Colindres October 14, 2018

Alice (Aiko Melendez) is a single and lovable mother of a little daughter Charlotte (Crissel Ignacio) who is a young smart and prepetually curious 13-year-old girl discovers a mysterious magic Halloween with the help of her playful puppy Chocho (Kyle Banzon). Charlotte is a young friendly ghost who stumbles upon the family. Moomoo helps other ghosts in need, fights monsters, wards off evil spirits, solves mysteries and shares heartwarming human and supernatural experience.

Cast: Aiko Melendez, Crissel Ignacio, Kyle Banzon as the voice Chocho, Kier Legaspi, Sophia Margarette To, Johan Lourens as Mummy, Gary Lising

57 33 Hocus Pocus

Perci Intalan

Denise O'Hara, Priscilla Hidalgo October 21, 2018

Dina (Sylvia Sanchez) is a good mother who helped her young brother John (NJ Roben Asunto) where he executed for practicing dark witchcraft for the Halloween. John became a magic kit to show Dina his skills in the magical arts as a combination of a magic spells and a magic card tricks.

Cast: Sylvia Sanchez, NJ Roben Asunto, Anjo Yllana as Mr. Magic, Kyle Kevin Ang as Frankenstein Blat, Janice Jurado, William Martinez

58 33 A Trick-Or-Treat Girl

Vanessa U. de Leon

Nicolo Guzman III, Agnes Gagilonia-Uligan October 28, 2018

Leslie (Cherryz Mendoza) is a high school student who was born on Halloween trick, was granted by Halloweeen fairies named Dairy (Analyn Nacion) and Rochelle (Veyda Inoval); intelligence, and irresistible appeal. As Irene becomes a full-grown trick-or-treat girl, due to her tricker. Robin (Rico dela Paz), a boy that adores Leslie so much and the two fairies’ favorite letter sender, gets trick with her. Robin sees that Leslie's heart is in the form of a Halloween, an invention of her character. With the powers of the fairies, Robin wishes Leslie to become a trick-or-treat.

Cast: Cherryz Mendoza, Rico dela Paz, Kaye Abad, Marvin Agustin, Eva Darren, Analyn Nacion as Daisy, Samantha Montano as Rochelle, Chela Denise, Thea Abanico, Jang Amparna as Dracula

59 34 Girlhouse Joven Tan John Roque, Ma. Abegail Lam-Parayno November 4, 2018

Ayra (Jhazmyne Tobias) is a high school teenager who feels deprived by her parents tehy looked like a girlhouse. In her desire to live a comfortable life, Ayra wished on a star to live in a pretty house just like a girlhouse.

Cast: Jhazmyne Tobias, DJ Durano, Ynez Veneracion, Hiyasmin Neri, Bailey May, Zhyvel Mallari, Issey Miyake Parto

60 35 Violet Laro Joyce E. Bernal  JV Bagas, Bridgette Ann M. Rebucca November 11, 2018

Violet (Jhazmyne Tobias) is a high school teenager who loved to play the volleyball. She meets two magical volleyball players wo will make her ball in her own energy.

Cast: Jhazmyne Tobias, Carlos Morales, Lui Manansala, Sophia Margarette To, Analyn Nacion

61 36 The Blue Fairy Garden Ian Loreños Joey Mallari, Zita Gargarena November 18, 2018

Rosellie (Jhazmyne Tobias) is a young girl who has an intouchable for nature. As she continues to teach all the plants that her mom planted, Rose discovers that there are magical pixies looking after their garden.

Cast: Jhazmyne Tobias, Maricar Reyes, Richard Poon, Gio Alvarez, Wendy Valdez, Chela Denise, Thea Abanico

62 37 Sleepy Beauty Andoy Ranay Priscilla Hidalgo, Dexter Hemedez November 25, 2018

Maxine (Jhazmyne Tobias) is a high school girl who crused to became a beautiful it girl in a sleeping enchantment. She meet Gino (Hiro Volante), a high school boy who is a handsome prince charming.

Cast: Jhazmyne Tobias, Hiro Volante, Regine Angeles, Wowie de Guzman, Prince Flores, Heidiann Mansilla, Margaret Planas

63 38 A Christmas Doll Jun Luna Mary Rose Colindres, Nicolo Guzman III December 2, 2018

A touching mother-and-daughter story. Ella (Chacha Cañete) is a young girl who learns for the attention and time of her mother Leslie (Regine Angeles). When Leslie call her a magical doll, Ella begins to see her mom at work. Will Ella finally understand her Mommy Leslie when she sees her struggles and discovers that all of her mother's sacrifices are for her doll? 

Cast: Chacha Cañete, Assunta De Rossi, Gian Sotto, Miel Abong, Cai Cortez, Sophia Margarette To, AJ Manzon, Samantha Montano

64 39 Kid is For Christmas Mike Tuviera Joey Mallari, Mary Rose Colindres December 9, 2018

An episode that will spread the spirit of the Yuletide season to kids and families. Carlos (Jedrik Yamio) is a young boy who tried to believe in Christmas and in the lesson about Santa Claus. What will Carlo do when he personally meets the person he thought was a good kid? Will he finally understand and believe in Christmas when he experiences to do Santa Claus' duties?

Cast: Jedrik Yamio, Yayo Aguila, William Martinez, Alfonso Yñigo Delen, Trajan Moreno, Lourd Ljones Decena

65 40 My Daughter's Wrapper Vanessa U. de Leon Mary Rose Colindres, Danilo Niño Calalang December 16, 2018

Coming from a good daddy, Camille (Patrisha Samson) always envies her high school classmates. She wants everything she has changed, including her father Rommel (Marvin Agustin). One day, Camille learns a magic wrapper that has powers of changing everything it wraps. She then starts with her house, which turns into a mansion. As she realizes the differences about Rommel, Camille decides to bring back everything the way it was.

Cast: Patrisha Samson, Marvin Agustin, Cara Eriguel, Princess Ryan

66 41 Santa Pretty Connie Macatuno Andrew Paredes, Denise O'Hara December 23, 2018

Crishelle (Raisa Dayrit) is a daughter of Carmina (Nicole Andersson) who granted her wish in a tradition of a Christmas day where she is granted by the little Christmas fairies names Paulina (Helena Nicole de Jose) and Diosabelle (Alliah Michelle). Will Santa Claus granted Crishelle a "Merry Christmas"?

Cast: Raisa Dayrit, Nicole Andersson, Paul Jake Castillo, Helena Nicole de Jose, Alliah Michelle, JM Guanzon, Louis Pre Jr., Prince Flores

67 42 Puso ng Bagong Taon Rommel Ricafort Joey Mallari, Mary Lhuvirizz Martin December 30, 2018

Anna (Keith Cruz) is a young girl meets a fairy girl Velde (Yassi Benitez) who discovered as a personification of the year 2018. Can Anna help Velde reach her magic before she celebrate her New Year's Eve?

Cast: Keith Cruz, Paolo Bediones, Yassi Benitez, John Joseph Miraflores, Jennifer Sevilla, Kier Legaspi, Josh Yape

Third incarnationEdit

#No. in
Episode title Directed by Written by Original air date
68 1

Princess Loves Prince

Mervyn B. Brondial Liza Magtoto, Abner Tulagan October 6, 2019

A story about Leyla (Janella Salvador), who found a miniature castle that transport her to a world of fairy tales where she lived. Gabriel (Marlo Mortel) returns to Leyla's world and never come back to his world only to love Leyla.

Cast: Janella Salvador, Marlo Mortel, Aya Medel, Carlos Morales, Luz Fernandez, Jang Amparna, Pamu Pamorada

69 2

Crystal Girl

Vanessa U. de Leon Julius Villanueva, Glenford Leonillo October 13, 2019

A story of Cassandra (Sofia Andres), a college student who meets Jacob (Diego Loyzaga) at the university. As she excels in school, Cassandra transformed into a crystal girl.

Cast: Sofia Andres, Diego Loyzaga, James Teng, Lito Pimentel, Melissa Mendez, Prince Clemente, Shaira Dizon, Raine Salamante, Miel Abong, Kert Montante, LJ Moreno, Meryll Soriano

70 3


Andoy Ranay Phil M. Noble, Cyrus Dan Cañares October 20, 2019

Ivan (Josh Padilla), a hardworking man who has a magic words about Puto, accoring to Rebecca (Sarah Lahbati). Ivan became a batong-tagalog-themed man who sells puto or rice cakes to help Rebecca.

Cast: Josh Padilla, Sarah Lahbati, Jackie Lou Blanco, Ronaldo Valdez, Marita Zobel, Axel Torres, Bernard Palanca, Alex Anselmuccio, Arno Morales

71 4

Magical Lesson ni Chelsea

Jerrold Tarog John Roque, Renei Patricia Dimla October 27, 2019

Chelsea (Angela Evangelista), a senior high school student who frequently loves Albert (Kenzo Gutierrez) who is a delivery man. Chelsea has a wand to have a magic lessons.

Cast: Angela Evangelista, Kenzo Gutierrez, Jennifer Sevilla, Jong Cuenco, John Steven "Josh" de Guzman, Ryllah Mata, Hannah Kaye Balanay, Prince Carlos, Miela Sayo

72 5


Chris Martinez Ana Maria Macapugay, Nika Layson November 3, 2019

A story about Kim (Hannah Vito), a poor young girl wants a family that loved her together with his young brother. With the help of a pixie Sparkle (Cora Waddell), she will make her wish come true.

Cast: Hannah Vito, JB Agustin, Cora Waddell, Justin Quirino, Mitch Naco

73 6

Magician Boy

Brillante Mendoza Marianne Villalobos, Dindo Erece November 10, 2019

John (Miguel Vergara) accompanied with his mother Jennifer (Sunshine Cruz) to a circus at the carnival. Because of his magician wish, John became a magical magician.

Cast: Miguel Vergara, Sunshine Cruz, Emilio Garcia, Giselle Sanchez, Lance Lucido, Lilygem Yulores, Bart Guingona, Micah Muñoz

74 7

Twin Matchy

Jun Lana Andrew Paredes, Abi Parayno November 17, 2019

Ashley (Charice Hermoso) and Jasmine (Charlotte Hermoso) were the twin girls studied at school. One day, they had a books at a library. Coincidentally, Adrian (BJ Forbes), a senior high school student, also wants to take a selfie. However, after a while, Ashley and Jasmine gets bored with the lessons and takes it for granted. Young does she know that the bags carries a matchy spell with it. 

Cast: Charice Hermoso, Charlotte Hermoso, BJ Forbes, Hero Bautista, Almira Muhlach, Raphiel Shannon, Prince Villanueva, Carlo Lacana, Tart Carlos, Gee Canlas

75 8

Sword King

Vanessa U. de Leon Carlo Ventura, Arlene Tamayo November 24, 2019

Enzo (Noel Comia Jr.) is a junior high school classmate who struggled to have a power of the sword to fight against villains. With the hemp of Queen Perla (Regine Angeles, Enzo has a whizard of whimsy.

Cast: Noel Comia Jr., Regine Angeles, Jobelle Salvador, Raymond Lauchengco, Trajan Moreno, JM Canlas, Joe Gruta, Virginia Pozon

76 9

Rich en da Richies

Joyce E. Bernal Ma. Zita S. Garganera, Alpha Kristine Fortun December 1, 2019

After working at the office, Rafael (Victor Anastacio) is an office man who is very rich as he works with Vanessa (Valeen Montenegro), an elementary teacher who is richies.

Cast: Victor Anastacio, Valeen Montenegro, Bryan Santos, Slayer Young, JB Agustin, Andrez del Rosario, Ashley Cabrera, Zara Julianna Richards, Leanne Bautista, Celia Rordiguez

77 10

Cuty Pretty

Veronica B. Velasco Danica Mae Domingo, Jimuel dela Cruz December 8, 2019

Sophie (Angelica Marañon), a teenager who studied as a high school classmate. As a magic words, Sophie became a magical pretty girl.

Cast: Angelica Marañon, Kevin Lapeña, Ynna Asistio, Ogie Escanilla, Sajj Geronimo, Raven Cajuguiran, Avery Balasbas, Debbie Garcia

78 11

Santa Bulilit

Andoy Ranay David Diuco, Ana Asuncion December 22, 2019

Rodel (Oyo Boy Sotto) is a hardworking man who has a little son Gracia (Alonzo Muhlach). As Agnes (Nicole Andersson) grant wishes to Gracia as he became a little santa boy for the Christmas wishes.

Cast: Oyo Boy Sotto, Alonzo Muhlach, Nicole Andersson, Yñigo Delen, Angelica Rama, Gloria Sevilla

79 12

Linda in da New Year

Connie Macatuno Myxkaella Villalon, Dexter Hemedez December 29, 2019

Linda (Kylie Padilla), a strong woman who celebrates a new year with a family and friends. Linda has a magic to became a magical new year.

Cast: Kylie Padilla, Alwyn Uytingco, Myel de Leon, William Martinez, Pen Medina, Lolit Solis, Yayo Aguila, Marlann Flores

80 13

Switch at Birth

Brillante Mendoza Alejandro Ramos, Cyrus Dan Cañares January 5, 2020

Mariel (Sheena Belarmino) and Chesca (Krystal Brimmer) were the high school teenagers who were switched at birth and imagine a magical switch.

Cast: Sheena Belarmino, Krystal Brimmer, Tanya Garcia, Wowie de Guzman, Lee Robin Salazar, Aiza Marquez, Luke James Alford, JM Canlas, Yassi Benitez, Frances Ignacio

81 14

That's My Pogi

Jerrold Tarog Julius Villanueva, Liza Magtoto January 12, 2020

Janus (Joshen Bernardo) is a son of his grandmother Marie (Nova Villa) and his grandfather Rodel (Freddie Webb), who is handsome. However, Janus got an orphanage and took away quickly because of a deep-seated grudge held by their evils. Gathering up her magical pogi, Janus busted all his troubles just to give his handsome.

Cast: Joshen Bernardo, Nova Villa, Freddie Webb, Nina Jose, CX Navarro, Josh de Guzman, Jovic Monsod, Mark Oblea

82 15

Miss Heiress

Mervyn B. Brondial Abi Parayno, Carlo Ventura January 19, 2020

Erika (Cara Eriguel) is a heiress woman who wanted to meet Ramil (Guji Lorenzana). She didn't want to be tired, so she wanted to have a mistress. Eventually, Erika becomes a magical heiress, and realized that she needs to start involving to her relationship.

Cast: Cara Eriguel, Markki Stroem, Migui Moreno, Helga Krapf, Lui Manansala, Gwen Zamora, Gee Canlas

83 16

Si Litt at Ang Mga Jewel Fairy

Mikey del Rosario Andrew Paredes, Ana Maria Macapugay January 26, 2020

Rhe story of a young girl named Lulu (Yesha Camile), who is cursed to become a jewel fairy named Fairy Luna (Ann Mateo). Lulu's parents asked a jewel fairy to grant their wish to have a complete family.

Cast: Yesha Camile, Ann Mateo, Jopay Paguia, Jaypee de Guzman, Lilygem Yulores, Zara Julianna Richards

84 17

Sizzling Magic

Vanessa U. de Leon Liza Magtoto, John Roque February 2, 2020

Cara (Rizza Diaz) is a sexy heiress girl with a sunny sizzle in life who is very sexy while she meet Gabriel (Dennis Trillo), a hardworking man. Cara became a babysitting magical sizzle girl.

Cast: Rizza Diaz, Dennis Trillo, Cogie Domingo, Ron Morales, Liam Fonacier, Debbie Garcia

85 18

Mr. Son

Mervyn B. Brondial Marianne Villalobos, Phil M. Noble February 9, 2020

Anton (Guji Lorenzana) is a kind-hearted veterinarian who helps his good son Marco (Nathan Prats). Matet (Hessa Gonzales) knows each other since orphanage when Anton realize her. Anton reveals someone with a magical eyeglass who is greedy.

Cast: Guji Lorenzana, Nathan Prats, Hessa Gonzales, Chynna Ortaleza, Luke Jickain, Jourdanne Castillo

86 19

Necklace Girl

Veronica B. Velasco Cyrus Dan Cañares, Dindo Erece February 16, 2020

Chelsea (AC Bonifacio) is a high school classmate who paired with her classmates. When she uses her magical necklace, Chelsea became a necklace girl.

Cast: AC Bonifacio, Prince Carlos, Maricar Reyes, Emilio Garcia, Kyle Danielle Ocampo, Raven Cajuguiran, Krista Ranillo, Hiyasmin Neri

87 20

Mongolian Boy

Joyce E. Bernal Phil M. Noble, Julius Villanueva February 23, 2020

Chubi (Izzy Canillo) is a junior high school student who crused to teach him good value. With the help of Mr. Shooli (Jun Urbano), Chubi became Mr. Chubi.

Cast: Izzy Canillo, Jun Urbano as Mr. Shooli, Pinky Amador, Rey 'PJ' Abellana, Micah Muñoz, JB Agustin, Josh de Guzman, Marx Topacio

88 21

Forest Child

Jerrold Tarog Nika Layson, John Roque March 1, 2020

Alexa (Jana Agoncillo) is a young girl who truggled to look at the forest. She has a creature of the magical forest by creating a world of forest.

Cast: Jana Agoncillo, Achie Lim, Jade Lopez, Paul Jake Castillo, Myel de Leon, Lilygem Yulores, Celia Rodriguez

89 22

My Aklat

Jun Lana Myxkaella Villalon, Abner Tulagan March 8, 2020

Andrea (Yna Uy) is a senior high school classmate who reads the book at the library. However, it became a wronger readers about the devil. Andrea has a ower of the anti-devil booklet.

Cast: Yna Uy, Nathaniel Britt, Irma Adlawan, Bodjie Pascua, Reign Tolentino, Hannah Kaye Balanay, Pamu Pamorada

90 23

Sweet Waitress

Brillante Mendoza Carlo Ventura, Renei Patricia Dimla March 15, 2020

Erin (Kayne Lacuna) is a college student who works as a waitress at a café to support her mother Jobelle (Ynez Veneracion) and her father Raffy (Jong Cuenco). Erin became a magical waitress where she battled against evil.

Cast: Michelle Vito, Ynez Veneracion, Jong Cuenco, Meryll Soriano, Abel Estanislao, Prince Clemente, Jameson Blake, Krishna Johnson, Nichole Baranda

91 24 Girlwolf Mervyn B. Brondial Alpha Kristine Fortun, David Diuco June 21, 2020

Ysabel (Jane de Leon) is an awkward and nerdy 21-year-old young woman with a bad case of virus who became the disease of the strangers. Ysabel became an anti-virus wolfgirl.

Cast: Jane de Leon, Derrick Monasterio, Nikki Bagaporo, Gab Lagman, Prince Clemente, Shaira Dizon, Tanya Garcia, Mark Lapid, Luke Jickain, LJ Moreno, Celia Rodriguez

92 25 Mahiwagang Ginto Jay Altarejos Ana Maria Macapugay, Abi Parayno June 28, 2020

Carlo (Sam Y.G.) is a police officer who is forced to take care of his Lola Ferly (Malou de Guzman), a devotee of the gold gump. Through the help of Fairy Empress (Cora Waddell), Carlo is able to get everything he asks for including the promotion he has always wanted. However, Carlo starts to feel that his grandmother is getting in the way of his plans because she is taking too much of his time. Will Carlo finally learn to give importance to Lola Ferly when he discovers the secret behind her mission to complete the magic gold?

Cast: Sam Y.G., Malou de Guzman, Tirso Cruz III, Cora Waddell, Marnie Lapuz, Josh de Guzman, Pamu Pamorada

93 26

Misteryong Holmes

Mikey del Rosario Abner Tulagan, Nika Layson July 5, 2020

Oscar (Fred Lo) is a private detective who has a mystery in the history of a murder case. Oscar makes an eccentric magic detective to fight against the forces of villains.

Cast: Fred Lo, Mikee Lee, Ynna Asistio, JB Magsaysay, Phoebe Walker, Candy Pangilinan, William Martinez

94 27 Legend of the Temple King Vanessa U. de Leon Myxkaella Villalon, Alejandro Ramos July 12, 2020

Ramon (Alwyn Uytingco) is a man who ditch at the magical world of Samadhi, who threatens by the evil forces of Klabo (Bernard Palanca). As the journey on the temple, Ramon became a temple king with his unique power battle ahead of them,

Cast: Alwyn Uytingco, Jennica Garcia, Peewee O'Hara, Kevin Santos, Bernard Palanca, Joe Gruta

95 28

Miss Mistress

Connie Macatuno Renei Patricia Dimla, Ana Asuncion July 19, 2020

Kara (Ingrid dela Paz) is an heiress woman as the daughter of the owner of the resort. Kara's help because she fancies Gary (Chubi del Rosario) to be her lover. Kara transformed into a magical mistress as Miss Mistress.

Cast: Ingrid dela Paz, Chubi del Rosario, Robin da Roza, Achie Lim, Gee Canlas, Frances Ignacio

96 29 Mask Magician Jun Lana Phil M. Noble, Glenford Leonillo July 26, 2020

Dr. Alvin (Guji Lorenzana) is a doctor who works and helps at the doctor as he wears a face mask and iransformed into a face mask magician. Alvin is a mask-wearing magician that fights against our flu virus from disease.

Cast: Guji Lorenzana, Bing Loyzaga, Erika Padilla, Carlos Morales, Lance Lucido, Gigi Locsin

97 30 Sister's Birth Brillante Mendoza Liza Magtoto, John Roque August 2, 2020

Alexa (Sofia Andres) is a young woman who is pregnant at the age of 21. Cassandra transitioned from a pregnant into a her first child as a little daughter by nourishing and nurturing her magic.

Cast: Sofia Andres, Diego Loyzaga, Boots Anson-Roa, Freddie Webb, Cherie Gil, Zoe Natalia

98 31

A Replacement Maid

Joyce E. Bernal Ma. Zita S. Garganera, Ana Asuncion August 9, 2020

Celesta (Maris Racal) is the younger maid girl who struggled as a household. Celesta wish granted into a replacement household chore.

Cast: Maris Racal, Abel Estanislao, Claire Ruiz, Jean Garcia, Lito Pimentel

99 32


TBA TBA August 16, 2020

(), . (), .

Cast: Janina Vela, [[]],

  • Cara Eriguel
  • Victor Anastacio
  • Jeffrey Hidalgo
  • Rizza Diaz
  • Nicole Andersson
  • Paul Jake Castillo
  • Hazel Faith dela Cruz
  • Justin Quirino
  • Victor Basa
  • Josh Padilla
  • Sarah Lahbati
  • Dominic Roque
  • AJ Muhlach
  • Shiara Dizon
  • Martin Escudero
  • Sam Pinto
  • Boom Labrusca
  • Wowie de Guzman
  • Coleen Garcia
  • Guji Lorenzana
  • Eula Caballero
  • James Teng
  • Kylie Padilla
  • Jed Montero
  • Replacement
  • Dollhouse
  • Virus


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