Joe D'Mango's Love Notes is a Filipino television series, premiered on IBC in January 25, 2014. Love Notes is the longest-running drama anthology on Philippine television.

Episode listEdit

Season 1Edit

# Episode title Directed by Written by Original air date

Love at First Sight

Joel Lamangan, dgpi Julius Villanueva, Denise O'Hara January 25, 2014

The story of Rosalie (Liza Soberano), a high school teenage girl who study for grade school in the same year level as she is with her bestfriend Tiffany (Sachzna Laparan). Rachelle got his boyfriend Bryan (Diego Loyzaga) who is love her as a high school teenager. So that, their relationship will be together will love.

The first episode of Love Notes aired on January 25, 2014 starring Superstar Circle alumni Liza Soberano as the grand winner and Diego Loyzaga as the 1st runner-up.

Cast: Liza Soberano, Diego Loyzaga, Eric Quizon, Cherry Pie Picache, Sachzna Laparan, Angel Sy, Eugene Herrera. Location: Balara High School


Girlfriend for Life

Vanessa U. de Leon Zarah Farcon, Jaymar Castro February 1, 2014

The story of Denise (Claudia Barretto), a young girl in high school who seperated in a romantic life. She pretend with Rayver (Kobe Paras), a boy who pursue a girlfriend in order to learn in love. Eventually, they start falling for each other and just when boyfriend is a girlfriend. Did Rayver give their romantic love a second chance or will he determined to be with his girlfriend life?

Cast: Claudia Barretto, Kobe Paras, Jennifer Sevilla, Zoren Legaspi, Sasha Gloria, Paolo Santiago, Joseph Andre Garcia, Aria Cariño. Location: Quezon City Academy

3 To Love and To Someone Jun Luna Mark Duane Angos, Mary Rose Colindres February 8, 2014

The story of Justin (Rico dela Paz), a high school teenager boy who has a lot of pretend in someone your love. He told Aryanna (Kayne Lacuna), an attractive high school girl as a girlfriend who love to falling for him as she has a lot of bad experiences in love. She had to someone with Justin who find himself in love for each other.

Cast: Rico dela Paz, Kayne Lacuna, Dimples Romana, Daniel Fernando, Kurt Perez, Paul Salas, Bianca Casado. Location: Elizabeth Seton School


Full of Love

Cathy O. Camarillo Jaja Amarillo, Allan Ibañez February 15, 2014

The story of Ricky (Dominic Roque), a popular boy who meet Shaina (Ella Cruz), a girl who has a lots of good experiences in Valentine card while trying to do so. Because of that, Ricky shocked everyone when he confessed that he has developed feelings for Shaina in the Valentine's day.

The Valentine's Day episode of Love Notes aired on February 15, 2014 starring Dominic Roque and Ella Cruz.

Cast: Dominic Roque, Ella Cruz, Sachzna Laparan, Cacai Bautista, Lito Legaspi, Julian Estrada, Nathan Lopez. Location: Sacred Heart College, Lucena (for Ella)


I Believe in Love

Veronica B. Velasco Denise O'Hara February 22, 2014

The story of Gemma (Chienna Filomeno), a young girl who believes in love as she prevented. Gemma had her hopes up as she find the man of her dreams when she met Raffy (John Manalo), a young man who had a lot of pure determined heart. As he prevent out love ones, Raffy belives in love when he determined that he has developed relationship for Gemma.

Cast: Chienna Filomeno, John Manalo, Bianca Yao, Maritoni Fernandez, Emilio Garcia, Carlos Dala. Location: De La Salle Lipa


My Heart, My Feeling

Dondon S. Santos Zarah Farcon, Lemuel Garcellano March 1, 2014

The story of Inigo (AJ Muhlach), a young man when he wanted to follow his feeling of each other as he told for his girlfriend Rebecca (Inah Estrada). So that, Inigo can be only love with Rebecca.

Cast: AJ Muhlach, Inah EstradaCherry Lou, Guji Lorenzana, Malou Crisologo, Van Roxas


Chances Are

Theodore Boborol Benson Logronio March 8, 2014

The story of Katrina (Shy Carlos), a younger sister in the family values, with mother Dona Amparo (Gloria Diaz) with her little sister Andrea (Franchesca Salcedo), his little brother Jimboy (Izzy Canillo) and his younger brother Dominic (Joseph Andre Garcia). Joel (Josh Padilla), a delivery boy with his friend Andrei (Martin Velayo). It did mentioned that Katrina and Joel will be together as well.

Cast: Shy Carlos, Josh Padilla, Franchesca Salcedo, Gloria Diaz, William Martinez, Sylvia Sanchez, Marita Zobel, Izzy Canillo, Joseph Andre Garcia, Martin Velayo, Anton Revilla


Someone's Always Saying Goodbye

Jay Altarejos Zoilo Barrel, Jaja Amarillo March 15, 2014

The story of Rose (Michelle Vito), a 16-year-old sample girl who interesting with her love for Pablo (Teejay Marquez), a boy whose with you that will always saying for you.

Cast: Michelle Vito, Teejay Marquez, Ara Mina, William Lorenzo, Joy Viado, Makisig Morales, Joseph Andre Garcia

9 Falling in Love Vanessa U. de Leon Mary Rose Colindres, Ruby Leah Castro March 22, 2014

The story of Michelle (Coleen Garcia), a young woman who believed as a college student and Rayver (Rodjun Cruz), a man who loved her. Michelle is a heartbroken, is moving on possible for Michelle when anything constantly reminds her of Rayver and their good times together? Can she forgive someone her so much at the same time?

Cast: Coleen Garcia, Rodjun Cruz, Tanya Garcia, Ricardo Cepeda, Wendy Valdez, Lito Legaspi, Liza Lorena, Michael De Mesa


I'll Be Forever

Gil Tejada, Jr. Zarah Farcon, Allan Ibañez March 29, 2014

The story of Vanessa (Sam Pinto), a heirless childhood woman who seeks about the future love with her childhood man Freddie (Paul Jake Castillo).

Cast: Sam Pinto, Paul Jake Castillo, LJ Moreno, Kier Legaspi, LJ Moreno, Alfred Labatos


Somebody Warm Like Me

Cathy O. Camarillo Jaymar Castro, Jaja Amarillo April 5, 2014

The story of Clara (Yassi Pressman), a younger sister who saw that her elder sister Lara (Issa Pressman). She meets with Eric (Andre Paras), a boy who determined about soulmate. In the meantime, whose Clara and Eric are both of love about wishful thinking about soulmate is that?

Love Notes episode topbilled by Yassi Pressman and Andre Paras otherwise known as YaNdre, considered as one of the most critically successful episode.

Cast: Yassi Pressman, Andre Paras, Cherry Pie Picache, Eric Quizon, Issa Pressman, Ronnie Lazaro, Daria Ramirez


For You

Dondon S. Santos Cyrus Dan Cañares, Jerry Gracio April 12, 2014

Rico (JM de Guzman), a real man who calls you with her girlfriend Dianne (Charee Pineda). The only time we realize someone's worth is when that person is already gone. A story about two people finding love and eventually falling out of it only to realize in the end that no matter what happens they will be for you.

A summer presentation of Love Notes which reunites the ex-lovers JM de Guzman and Charee Pineda.

Cast: JM de Guzman, Charee Pineda, Dianne Medina, Lito Pimentel, Devon Seron, Franco Daza, Vangie Labalan, Al Tanay

13 First Love, First Dance Vanessa U. de Leon Nikki Jane Bunquin, Danilo Niño Calalang April 26, 2014

The story of Jasmine (Claudia Barretto), a young girl who tried to dancing in high school. She danced with Christian (Eugene Herrera), a young boy who loves to dance.

Cast: Claudia Barretto, Eugene Herrera, Maritoni Fernandez, Daniel Fernando, Angel Sy, Carlos Dala, Joseph Andre Garcia, Hiyasmin Neri. Location: Fort Bonifacio High School


So Much In Love

Mikey del Rosario Ruby Leah Castro May 3, 2014

The story of Mike (Kristofer Martin), a biological boy who was much that the interested. Riza (Fretzie Bercede), a younger daughter who made a though that she could be you.

Cast: Kristofer Martin, Fretzie Bercede, Ciara Sotto, Lito Pimentel, Yves Flores, Jazz Ocampo

15 Boyfriend is a Girlfriend Mark A. Reyes Nikki Jane Bunquin, Kay Conlu-Brondial May 10, 2014

The story of Mark (Slater Young), a biolocigal men who mentionized with his girlfriend Angeline (Inah Estrada).

Cast: Slater Young, Inah Estrada, Jobelle Salvador, John Arcilla, Jennifer Sevilla, Polo Ravales


Can't We Start Over Again

Cathy O. Camarillo Allan Ibañez, Jaja Amarillo May 17, 2014

The story of Ricky (Tom Taus), a rich man struggled that we can't just start over again. Rena (Kazel Kinouchi), a young woman faded to our friendship.

Cast: Tom Taus, Kazel Kinouchi, Randy See, Aleck Bovick, Emilio Garcia, Marlann Flores


A Good Daughter

Vanessa U. de Leon Gina Marissa Tagasa-Gil May 24, 2014

The story of Lara (Sue Ramirez), an elder girl in high school who meet with her classmate friend Rose (Claire Ruiz). Lara managed with her man Rafael (Paul Jake Castillo).

Cast: Sue Ramirez, Claire Ruiz, Paul Jake Castillo, AJ Dee, Eugene Herrera, Irma Adlawan, Jestoni Alarcon. Location: PWU High School (Philippine Women's University) (for Sue)


Another Me

Dado C. Lumibao Denise O'Hara, Nika Layson May 31, 2014

The story of Alyna (Carlyn Ocampo), a youngest girl who was thinking of love. Robin (Josh Padilla), a boy will try to loved you another me.

Cast: Carlyn Ocampo, Josh Padilla, Ara Mina, Robin da Roza, Arkin del Rosario, Aubrey Caraan


If You Remember Me

Chris Alan Chanliongco Allan Ibañez June 7, 2014

The story of Daniel (Neil Coleta), an officemate who captured that the love interest Gabbi (Yen Santos).

Cast: Neil Coleta, Yen Santos, Sunshine Cruz, Tonton Gutierrez, Edward Mendez, Karla Aguas


Daddy Like A Kid

Gil Tejada, Jr. Zoilo Barrel, Julius Villanueva June 14, 2014

The story of Andrea (Mutya Orquia), a little sister of her dad (Raymond Lauchengco and her mom (Chin Chin Gutierrez) who is at work. Someone that feelings, Andrea want to be her daddy is happy.

Cast: Mutya Orquia, Raymond Lauchengco, Chin Chin Gutierrez, Lance Lucido, William Lorenzo, Ruby Rodriguez


Only Love

Ellen Ongkeko Cyrus Dan Cañares June 21, 2014

The story of their twins Delfin (Mavy Legaspi) and Sharlene (Cassy Legaspi) are their tweens who has a lot of smart play. In those kids from elementary school. Delfin and Sharlene are their classmates.

Cast: Mavy Legaspi, Cassy Legaspi, Ciara Sotto, Zoren Legaspi, Virginia Pozon, Barbie Sabino, Gerald Pesigan, Harvey Bautista

22 Almost Mine Mac Alejandre Mary Rose Colindres, Ruby Leah Castro June 28, 2014

A story about two people who grew up together thinking that nothing can come between their friendship, their relationship until that huge turning point none of them could stop for fear of shattering one's dreams. The story of teenagers Ivan (Mccoy De Leon) and Gabby (Elisse Joson) who have a "moral understanding" relationship. Although they are not stop in a romantic relationship. Ivan and Gabby feel love and contentment in their lives. Everything seems to be perfect while Ivan admits to Gabby that he has fallen in love.

Cast: Mccoy De Leon, Elisse Joson, Maritoni Fernandez, William Martinez, Julian Estrada, Jazz Ocampo, Micah Muñoz. Location: Talipan National High School (for Sue)


All at Once

Veronica B. Velasco Julius Villanueva, Mary Martin July 5, 2014

The story of Nancy (Cristine Reyes), a strong woman and his guy Daniel (Rayver Cruz) who forget this person that she though.

Cast: Cristine Reyes, Rayver Cruz, Jennifer Sevilla, Michael Flores, Hiyasmin Neri, Daniel Fernando, Phytos Ramirez

24 Believe It or Not Mikey del Rosario Enrico Santos, Ruby Leah Castro July 12, 2014

The story of Mitch (Bela Padilla), who familiars by his wife Robin (Onemig Bondoc) to became timig and formal for the sake of their marriage.

Cast: Bela Padilla, Onemig Bondoc, Maybelyn dela Cruz, Pen Medina, LJ Moreno, IC Mendoza



Mark A. Reyes Nika Layson, Jimuel dela Cruz July 19, 2014

The story of Stella (Ella Cruz), the elder sister who struggled in a high school level. She meets Hajji (Francis Magundayao), a rich and lucky boy talks about it. Someone who promise them and afford to love.

Cast: Ella Cruz, Francis Magundayao, Paula Peralejo, Jong Cuenco, Ruby Rodriguez, Claire Bercero, Paul Salas, Mico Aytona, Lance Lucido, Angel Sy


Heartlessly in You

Veronica B. Velasco Ruby Leah Castro July 26, 2014

The story of Nathan (Tom Taus), a man who tried to be heartless of love. Roxanne (Kazel Kinouchi), a young woman who believes in heartless that.

Cast: Tom Taus, Kazel Kinouchi, Mico Aytona, Michelle Madrigal, Polo Ravales, Izza Ignacio


When You Love Someone

Jay Altarejos Danilo Niño Calalang, Lemuel Garcellano August 2, 2014

The story of Jessica (Yam Concepcion), a young woman who has a brokenhearted. Rafael (Andrei Felix), a man who is about a love someone.

Cast: Yam Concepcion, Andrei Felix, Lee Robin Salazar, Lara Morena, Justin Quirino, LJ Moreno


Born for You

Mikey del Rosario Nikki Jane Bunquin August 9, 2014

The story of Jeric (Bret Jackson), a strictly man who was born about the engagement. Denise (Fretzie Becede), a young woman who has achieved when a man falls in love.

Cast: Bret Jackson, Fretzie Bercede, Yayo Aguila, Ronnie Lazaro, Nel Gomez, Linn Oeymo, Arvic Rivero


If Love is Blind

Veronica B. Velasco Jaymar Castro, Zolio Barrel August 16, 2014

The story of Joanna (Alexandra Macanan), a girl who has a lover related heart. Adrian (BJ Forbes), a boy who achieved that if love is blind.

Cast: Alexandra Macanan, BJ Forbes, Raven Villanueva, Lloyd Samartino, Julia Buencamino, Joseph Andre Garcia, Randy See


Just the Way You Are

Paco Sta. Maria Ruby Leah Castro August 23, 2014

The story of Ivan (Dominic Roque), a stronger man who had just the way you are. He meets with Maris (Ella Cruz), a girl who meet with Ivan.

Cast: Dominic Roque, Claudia Barretto, Precious Lara Quigaman, William Martinez, Angel Sy, Carlo Lacana


Right Here You Belong

Ellen Ongkeko Nika Layson, Benson Logronio August 30, 2014

The story of Chienna (Carlyn Ocampo), a high school girl who had truly right here waiting. Robin (Josh Padilla), a boy who tried to bount happen.

Cast: Carlyn Ocampo, Josh Padilla, Ara Mina, Ramon Christopher, Cheska Iñigo, Lloyd Samartino, Bianca Casado, Carlo Lacana


Forgive and Forget

Jon Ilagan Zoilo Barrel September 6, 2014

The story of Ivan (Kristofer Martin), a young boy who forgive me that someone. Maris (Karen Reyes), a girl who tried to had a lot of time, so that please forgive me.

Cast: Kristofer Martin, Karen Reyes, Maybelyn dela Cruz, Dante Rivero, Sunshine Dizon, Paul Salas, Joseph Andre Garcia


How Could an Angel Break My Heart

Paco Sta. Maria Jimuel dela Cruz, Mary Rose Colindres September 13, 2014

The story of Anne (Yassi Pressman), a young woman who could an angel breay your heart is? Andrew (Andre Paras), a boy who is love to believe in me.

Cast: Yassi Pressman, Andre Paras, Jobelle Salvador, Robin da Roza, Matet de Leon, Vangie Martelle, Jon Lucas, Justin Quirino

34 When Age That Matters Jay Altarejos Cyrus Dan Cañares, June Anthony Amarillio September 20, 2014

The story of Arvic (Slater Young), a boy who made needed in relationship. He meeting for Paw (Kristel Fulgar).

Cast: Slater Young, Kristel Fulgar, Bing Loyzaga, Bernard Palanca, Paco Evangelista, Carl Guevara


Love for Reservated

Jon Ilagan Lemuel Garcellano September 27, 2014

The story of Leah (Inah Estrada), a girl who has a reservation for dream. Bobby (Enchong Dee), a man told his girlfriend about reservation for love.

Cast: Inah Estrada, Enchong Dee, Lee Robin Salazar, Karla Aguas, Polo Ravales, Aiza Marquez


Sister for Teen Love

Joel Lamangan, dgpi Ruby Leah Castro, Jimuel dela Cruz October 4, 2014

The story of Nicole (Mika Dela Cruz), a 15-year-old high school girl who believe in love. Nicole involve her husband Robin (Will Devaughn), a man who pursue for a loving care.

Cast: Mika Dela Cruz, Will Devaughn, Paulo Angeles, Mymy Davao, Ramon Recto


The Art of My Heart

Paco Sta. Maria Mary Rose Colindres October 11, 2014

The story of Joanna (Sue Ramirez), a paint and poster art girl in high school who painted in love. She looks like Andrew (Khalil Ramos), a teenage boy whose watching for a girlfriend Joanna.

Cast: Sue Ramirez, Khalil Ramos, Julia Buencamino, Jennifer Sevilla, Daniel Fernando, Celine Lim, Joseph Andre Garcia, Paul Salas

38 One True Love Mac Alejandre Ruby Leah Castro, Jimuel dela Cruz October 18, 2014

The only time we realize someone's worth is when that person is already gone. The story of Cara (Bela Padilla), a pretty girl who calls you with her boyfriend John (Dominic Roque), a man.

Cast: Bela Padilla, Alwyn Uytingco, Ciara Sotto, Bembol Roco, John Wayne Sace, Niña Jose, Jao Mapa


Real Me, Heal Me

Mark Reyes June Anthony Amarillio October 25, 2014

The story of Izza (Kazel Kinouchi), a young woman is about to happen tonight. Oscar (Joseph Marco), a man seeks in the middle of realized.

Cast: Kazel Kinouchi, Joseph Marco, Mico Aytona, Paula Peralejo, Dante Ponce, IC Mendoza, Erin Ocampo, Arvic Rivero


Open Arms

Jay Altarejos Denise O'Hara, Zarah Farcon November 1, 2014

The story of Fred (Diego Loyzaga), a boy who had to seeks a school uniform about her. Jenny (Sofia Andres), a young girl had to crush with Fred for love.

Cast: Diego Loyzaga, Sofia Andres, Ciara Sotto, William Martinez, Sylvia Sanchez, Celine Lim, Eugene Herrera, Justin Quirino


Everyday I Love You

Theodore Boborol Mark Duane Agos November 8, 2014

The story of Carlo (JM de Guzman), a man who makes him a smile again. Alyana (Charee Pineda), a young woman who has been a romantic love.

Cast: JM de Guzman, Charee Pineda, Aya Medel, John Wayne Sace, Erin Ocampo, Carlos Morales


People Alone

Paco Sta. Maria Ruby Leah Castro, Zarah Farcon November 15, 2014

First Love Notes episode filmed outside the Philippines starring Tricia Santos and Albie Casiño. Shot in Taiwan, the episode tells about a Taiwanese girl Jenny (Tricia Santos) who falls in love with a Pinay-Taiwan man Bojo (Albie Casiño) continuing her relationship.

Cast: Tricia Santos, Albie Casiño, Lotlot de Leon, Daniel Fernando, Jennifer Sevilla, John Manalo, Bianca Casado, Ruben Gonzaga


Smile in Your Heart

Jon Ilagan Zoilo Barrel, Allan Ibañez November 22, 2014

The story of Joseph (Alwyn Uytingco), a man who can tell her about Janice (Jennica Garcia), a woman who told about the relation of Joseph.

Cast: Alwyn Uytingco, Jennica Garcia, Roxee B, Emilio Garcia, Sarah Christophers, John Wayne Sace


I Was Looking for Someone to Love

Mac Alejandre Mary Rose Colindres, Jimuel dela Cruz November 29, 2014

The story of John (Onemig Bondoc), a man who is being someone about relationship with Bea (Nicole Andersson).

Cast: Onemig Bondoc, Nicole Andersson, Emilio Garcia, Erika Padilla, Devon Seron, Aldred Gatchalian


My Only Christmas Wish

Joel Lamangan Jaja Amarillo, Zarah Farcon December 6, 2014

The story of Irene (Michelle Vito), a girl who was born on Christmas day, was granted by the classmates in school, especially for children and teenagers. Aldred (Rico dela Paz), a boy that wished for Irene so much and they loved a cheerful season.

Cast: Michelle Vito, Rico dela Paz, Ara Mina, Dante Rivero, Joseph Andre Garcia, Carlo Lacana


A Perfect Christmas

Cathy O. Camarillo Nikki Jane Bunquin December 13, 2014

The story of Oliver (Tom Taus), who is coming home to Christmas day. She meet with Jane (Kazel Kinouchi), a young woman struggled about the holiday love.

Cast: Tom Taus, Kazel Kinouchi, Devon Seron, IC Mendoza, Mymy Davao, Alfred Labatos

47 I'll Be Home for Christmas Mark Reyes Jaymar Castro, Mark Duane Angos December 20, 2014

The story of Jessie (Mika Dela Cruz), a girl whose spend my Christmas wish about Santa Claus. Jessie meets Jake (Khalil Ramos) who came from the winter.

Cast: Mika Dela Cruz, Khalil RamosCiara Sotto, Tonton Gutierrez, Gerald Pesigan, CJ Navato, Angel Sy


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Veronica B. Velasco Mark Duane Angos, Lemuel Garcellano December 27, 2014

The story of Roxanne (Yassi Pressman), a young girl who having yourself a holiday season and she was given time until New Year. Raymond (Andre Paras), a boy tried to forget our Merry Christmas list.

Cast: Yassi Pressman, Andre Paras, Jobelle Salvador, William Lorenzo, Sofia Millares, Martin Velayo, Coraleen Waddell

Season 2Edit

# Episode title Directed by Written by Original air date

Someone to Love

Andoy Ranay Jimuel dela Cruz January 3, 2015

The story of Jeffrey (Jerome Ponce), a high school boy who struggled about the friendship. Elisa (Shy Carlos), a pretty woman related some interest.

'Cast': Jerome Ponce, Shy Carlos, Mymy Davao, Wiliam Martinez, Carlo Lacana, Paul Salas, Chienna Filomeno


She's The One

Vanessa U. de Leon Noreen Capili, Joel Mercado January 10, 2015

The story of Nancy (Ella Cruz), a pretty woman who she's the one about a romantic story. John (Ranz Kyle) is a boy tried to forget about his girlfriend Nancy.

CastElla Cruz, Ranz Kyle, Dimples Romana, William Lorenzo, Makisig Morales, Aubrey Caraan


Give Thanks

Paco Sta. Maria Dexter Hemendez January 17, 2015

The story of Marie (Ysabel Ortega), a young girl who knows about God given words, as Mike (Slater Young), a Filipino Catholic priest who did learned about give thanks her where the Jesus christ in love.

Cast: Ysabel Ortega, Slater Young, Bing Loyzaga, Eric Quizon, Celine Lim, Mariel Pamintuan


Finding Each Other

Joel Lamangan Siegfried B. Sanchez, Mariami Tanangco-Domingo January 24, 2015

The story of Enzo (Francis Magundayao), a boy who knows that hard to say ever after. He meet with Eula (Belle Mariano), his girlfriend who is openly romantic.

Cast: Francis Magundayao, Belle Mariano, Irma Adlawan, Lloyd Samartino, Joseph Andre Garcia, Kyline Alcantara, Ogie Escanilla

53 Hurting Inside Veronica B. Velasco Jimuel dela Cruz, Cyrus Dan Cañares January 31, 2015

The story of Grace (Sofia Andres), a girl who tought the heartaches while it bound to happen about him Gardo (Kobe Paras), a young man who made a relationship with Grace.

Cast: Sofia Andres, Kobe Paras, Agot Isidro, Tonton Gutierrez, Yna Uy, Angel Sy


Pain in My Heart

Paco Sta. Maria Jaja Amarillo February 7, 2015

The story of Rebecca (Ingrid dela Paz), a young woman who is a powerful hearts above them. She had the husband for Diether (Ingrid dela Paz).

Cast: Ingrid dela Paz, Rodjun Cruz, Sylvia Sanchez, William Lorenzo, Kelly dela Cruz, Yves Flores



Vanessa U. de Leon Dexter Hemendez, Jimuel dela Cruz February 14, 2015

The story of Rose (Yassi Pressman), a college student who achieve about the broken hearted. Her boyfriend is Ricky (Andre Paras), a boy who seeks about friendship for Rose.

Cast: Yassi Pressman, Andre Paras, Dimples Romana, Jay Manalo, Gloria Diaz, Piero Vergara, Erin Ocampo, Janna Roque, Arvic Rivero. Location: University of the City of Manila



Joel Lamangan Dexter Hemendez February 21, 2015

The story of Mariz (Sam Pinto), a childhood girl who will be yours forever, so that her husband Albert (Paul Jake Castillo), a man himself as a relationship that will be forever.

Cast: Sam Pinto, Paul Jake Castillo, Justin Quirino, Coraleen Waddell, Polo Ravales, Arlene Muhlach


Born to Make You Happy

Mac Alejandre Jillmer S. Dy, Mary Rose Colindres February 28, 2015

The story of Roselle (Kristel Fulgar), a young woman who was born to make me happy, while Bryan (Kristofer Martin) is a man who tries to capture their laughter.

Cast: Kristel Fulgar, Kristofer Martin, Maritoni Fernandez,,Jong Cuenco, Raine Salamante, Martin Velayo


A Long and Lasting Love

Andoy Ranay Siegfried B. Sanchez, Jaja Amarillo March 7, 2015

The story of Andrew (Dominic Roque), a boy who is the schoolmate while Shirley (Inah Estrada), a girl who mistress about the long and lasting romance.

Cast: Dominic Roque, Inah Estrada, Dimples Romana, WIlliam Lorenzo, Erin Ocampo, Arvic Tan


Swept Away

Monti Parungao Dexter Hemedez March 14, 2015

The story of Hazel (Tricia Santos), a 19-year-old girl who came in high school at the same year level. She meet her boyfriend Ivan (Victor Silayan).

Cast: Tricia Santos, Victor Silayan, Angel Aquino, William Martinez, Nikki Bagaporo, Julian Estrada

60 Say The Magic Words Jeffrey Jeturian Mary Rose Colindres, Jimuel dela Cruz March 21, 2015

The story of Anne (Claudia Barretto), an 15-year-old high school classmate who separated an achievement and close to heaven. So that, Cubi (Paolo Santiago), a boy who developed a relationship with Anne.

Cast: Claudia Barretto, Eugene Herrera, Paolo Santiago, Sunshine Cruz, Daniel Fernando, Angel Sy, Joseph Andre Garcia


Love Without Losing

Paco Sta. Maria Dexter Hemedez March 28, 2015

The story of Raymond (Teejay Marquez), a man who relax above each other as he pretend for. Melonie (Sarah Lahbati), a young woman knows that for it, she had a problem for Raymond.

Cast: Teejay Marquez, Sarah Lahbati, JM Rodriguez, Ara Mina, Emilio Garcia, Anna Vicente


What If We Fall In Love?

Mac Alejandre Enrico Santos, Jimuel dela Cruz April 11, 2015

The story of Enzo (JM de Guzman), a man who intense that what if we fall in love. Alyssa (Meg Imperial), a young woman struggled for the romantic story.

Cast: JM de Guzman, Meg Imperial, Roxee B, Jay Manalo, Pamela Reyes, Mico Aytona


Promise for Love

Veronica B. Velasco Jillmer S. Dy, Jaja Amarillo April 18, 2015

The story of Mylene (Hazel Faith dela Cruz), a young woman who falls him with Carlo (Neil Coleta).

Cast: Hazel Faith dela Cruz, Neil Coleta, Jobelle Salvador, Noel Trinidad, Piero Vergara


Summer Romance

Jon Ilagan Jaymar Castro, Dexter Hemendez April 25, 2015

The story of Jeric (Tom Taus), a man who is about the relationship this summer. Alyanna (Kazel Kinouchi), a young daughter who see each other.

Cast: Tom Taus, Kazel Kinouchi, Luis Alandy, John Wayne Sace, Janna Roque, Alfred Labatos


How Do I Love Him

Paco Sta. Maria Jimuel dela Cruz May 2, 2015

The story of Stacey (Yassi Pressman), a girl who is bound to happen about the proms ever and she meeting with his love interest Carlo (Kristofer Martin).

Cast: Yassi Pressman, Kristofer Martin, Ciara Sotto, Herbert Bautista, Jovic Monsod, Joanna Mae Morales, Arkin del Rosario


Can I Tell Her?

Joel Lamangan Cyrus Dan Cañares, Jerry Gracio May 9, 2015

The story of Tiffany (Andi Eigenmann), a rich daughter who forget that his boyfriend Adrian (Bret Jackson).

Cast: Andi Eigenmann, Bret Jackson, Jackie Lou Blanco, William Lorenzo, Yayo Aguila, Jong Cuenco


Brotherettes in Love

Mac Alejandre Jimuel dela Cruz May 16, 2015

The story of teenagers Freddie (Renz Valerio) and Denise (Mariel Pamintuan) who have a "mutual romantic" relationship. In the meantime, Freddie and Denise feel love and contentment in their lives. Everyone seems to be perfect until Denise that she has fallen in love with another boy who is regained with her child. Freddie is heartbreaker. Is moving on problem for Freddie when everyone constantly reminds his of Denise and their happy times together? can he forgive someone who has given his so much?

Cast: Renz Valerio, Mariel Pamintuan, Ciara Sotto, Noel Trinidad, Angel Sy, Paul Salas, Makisig Morales, Joseph Andre Garcia, CJ Navato, Virginia Pozon


First Time

Paco Sta. Maria Dexter Hemendez, Jillmer S. Dy May 23, 2015

The story of Dennis (Rodjun Cruz), a man is about to give me a chance. He had a chance for Dianne (Sarah Lahbati), a strongest daughter about her husband.

Cast: Rodjun Cruz, Sarah Lahbati, Lee Robin Salazar, Lara Morena, Janna Roque, William Lorenzo


I Still Believe

Mark Reyes Jerry Gracio, Mariami Tanangco-Domingo May 30, 2015

The story of Ashley (Carlyn Ocampo),, a girl who believed in me that she still in love. Rico (Teejay Marquez), a boy who had a love interest with Ashley.

Cast: Carlyn Ocampo, Teejay Marquez, Ciara Satto, Carlos Morales, Jazz Ocampo, John Manalo, Nathan Lopez

70 Paint My Love Jay Altarejos Mark Duane Angos, Allan Ibañez June 6, 2015

The story of Inah (Shy Carlos), a girl who painted my love has a lot of romance. Carlos (Bret Jackson), a boy who looks with Inah for paint my love.

Cast: Shy Carlos, Bret Jackson, Ara Mina, Dante Ponce, Alfred Labatos, Rose Van Ginkel



Monti Parungao Kay Conlu-Brondial June 13, 2015

The story of Marie (Ysabel Ortega), a high school teenage girl who wrote in her diary. She hopes that his love interest Oliver (BJ Forbes) who is also on the same year level as she is.

Cast: Ysabel Ortega, BJ Forbes, Bing Loyzaga, Tonton Gutierrez, Yna Uy, Angel Sy, Paolo Santiago, Joseph Andre Garcia, Neri Naig

72 Promise of a New Day Chris Alan Chanliongco Mariami Tanangco-Domingo, Jillmer S. Dy June 20, 2015

The story of Rayver (Slater Young), a strong man who is there a problem when it begin. Patrisha (Nicole Uysiuseng) is a young girl struggled about a mystery.

Cast: Slater Young, Nicole Uysiuseng, Sylvia Sanchez, Leo Martinez, Eliza Pineda, Arvic Tan


I'll Be Your Sweeter

Mac Alejandre Jaymar Castro June 27, 2015

The story of Kylie (Charice Hermoso and Anna (Charlotte Hermoso), a darling woman who will about sweeter than bitter as the same girl. Alvin (Diether Ocampo), her boyfriend who used to be around this time.

Cast: Charice Hermoso, Charlotte Hermoso, Diether Ocampo, Mymy Davao, William Lorenzo, Jao Mapa, Caleb Gotico


I Fall All Over Again

Veronica B. Velasco Enrico Santos, Jimuel dela Cruz July 4, 2015

The story of Maxene (Andi Eigenmann), a strong woman who determined to forget about a romance. John (Bret Jackson), a man who tried to fall all over again

Cast: Andi Eigenmann, Bret Jackson, John Wayne Sace, Sarah Christophers, Hazel Ann Mendoza, Mico Aytona


Rainy Day Love

Paco Sta. Maria Kay Conlu-Brondial July 11, 2015

The story of Angela (Elisse Joson), a young woman who will make it through the rain. So that, Jeffrey (Marc Carlos de Leon), a man tried to loves that rain or shine.

Cast: Elisse Joson, Mccoy de Leon, Ciara Sotto, Jay Manalo, John Manalo, John Wayne Sace

76 I Do With You Monti Parungao Mark Anthony Bautista, Jillmer S. Dy July 18, 2015

The story of Kylie (Empress Schuck), a strong girl who had to tell him about cherish. Oscar (Enchong Dee), a rich man who married with Kylie.

Cast: Empress Schuck, Enchong Dee, Marlann Flores, Joseph Bitangcol, Jef Gaitan, Alfred Labatos


Real You

Gil Tejada, Jr. Zarah Farcon July 25, 2015

The story of Valerie (Yam Concepcion), a girl who had a real love herself for the romantic love. Gilbert (John James Uy), a man who falls in love.

Cast: Yam Concepcion, John James Uy, Cris Villanueva, Raine Salamante, Aya Medel, Edward Mendez


Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Jon Ilagan Joel Mercado, Dexter Hemendez August 1, 2015

The story of Ryan (Andrei Felix), a man who would try to hard about the lovers. Shaina (Nicole Andersson), a pretty woman who would you feel the love tonight.

Cast: Andrei Felix, Nicole Andersson, Cogie Domingo, Devon Seron, Sarah Christophers, Biboy Ramirez


Forever Blue

Sam Dabao Priscilla Hidalgo August 8, 2015

The story of Rizza (Sam Pinto), a young woman who had a forever blue. Rustom (Paul Jake Castillo), a reah man who trying to hard find away.

Cast: Sam Pinto, Paul Jake Castillo, Mon Castro, Erika Padilla, John Wayne Sace, Issa Pressman


How Deep Is Your Love?

Veronica B. Velasco Priscilla Hidalgo August 15, 2015

The story of Evan (JM de Guzman), a devoted doctor who committed above your heartwarmed. Ashley (Yen Santos), a young woman who will deep is your love?

Cast: JM de Guzman, Yen Santos, Matthew Mendoza, Neri Naig, Ciara Sotto, Joseph Bitangcol



Paco Sta. Maria Jerry Gracio, Jaymar Castro August 22, 2015

The story of Monica (Meg Imperial), a young woman who fell in love with a man who, unknown to her, is already married. Amidst her happy relationship with Alvin (Neil Coleta).

Cast: Meg Imperial, Neil Coleta, Janna Roque, Carlos Morales, Devon Seron, Polo Ravales


You Take My Breath Away

Chris Alan Chanliongco Noreen Capili August 29, 2015

The story of Jericho (Slater Young), a rich man who seeks that if you tried to forget. Karisse (Fretzie Bercede), a girl who would you take my breath away.

Cast: Slater Young, Fretzie Bercede, Arvic Rivero, Matet de Leon, Emilio Garcia, Erin Ocampo, John Manalo

83 Eternal Flame Monti Parungao Mark Anthony Bautista, Jaymar Castro September 6, 2015

The story of Celesta (Kristel Fulgar), a young woman who has an eternal flame about engagement and soulmates. Chester (Kiko Estrada), a man did he learned about Celesta.

Cast: Kristel Fulgar, Kiko Estrada, Joshua Dionisio, Raven Villanueva, William Lorenzo, Jai Agpangan, Alfred Labatos

84 Will I Take You Forever? Veronica B. Velasco Mariami Tanangco-Domingo September 12, 2015

The story of Aldred (Mccoy De Leon), a young man who seeks to believe in you. Alyssa (Shy Carlos), a young woman who trying that will you take forever.

Cast: Shy Carlos, Mccoy de Leon, Mymy Davao, Dante Ponce, Teresa Loyzaga, Erin Ocampo, Arkin del Rosario

85 Love is Love Brillante Mendoza Mark Anthony Bautista, Jaymar Castro September 19, 2015

The story of Ricky (Jerome Ponce), a rich man who took my heart away from their relate. Jenny (Jennica Garcia), a young woman who tried to forget your heart.

Cast: Jerome Ponce, Jennica Garcia, IC Mendoza, Marissa Sanchez, Lee Robin Salazar, Arvic Tan

86 Still Crazy About You Paco Sta. Maria Cyrus Dan Cañares September 26, 2015

The story of Ricky (Kobe Paras), a 17-year-old high school student who determined to pursue about crazy. For romantic about crazy, Ricky told his girlfriend Agnes (Alyssa Angeles), a simple 17-year old girl who promise you and falls in love about Ricky.

Cast: Kobe Paras, Alyssa Angeles, G. Toengi, Jong Cuenco, Joseph Bitangcol, Joseph Andre Garcia, Carlo Lacana

87 Undying In My Heart Jojo Saguin Jimuel dela Cruz, Dexter Hemendez October 3, 2015

The story of Joanna (Kaye Abad), a pretty woman struggled about the first romance. She engaged to her boyfriend Joshua (Paul Jake Castillo), a childhood man tried to forget.

Cast: Kaye Abad, Paul Jake Castillo, Lee Robin Salazar, Regine Angeles, Martin Velayo, Jef Gaitan


If We Hold on Together

Monti Parungao Jaymar Castro October 10, 2015

The story of Rachelle (Michelle Vito), a high school girl who mentioned to be a romantic together. She troubled with Freddie (Kobe Paras), a high school boy, so that they loved together.

Cast: Michelle Vito, Kobe Paras, Maybelyn dela Cruz, Jay Manalo, Paul Salas, Miela Sayo, Justin Quirino

89 Keep this Love Alive Mac Alejandre Dexter Hemendez, June Anthony Amarillio October 17, 2015

The story of Rica (Sam Pinto), a girl who managed to keep this love alive elevated relationship and jealousy. Ricky (Dominic Roque), a stronger man who will be the same name.

Cast: Sam Pinto, Dominic Roque, Bryan Santos, Mymy Davao, Edward Mendez, Linn Oeymo

90 My Only Love Jeffrey Jeturian Mary Lhuvirizz Martin, Jimuel dela Cruz October 24, 2015

The story of Nicole (Janella Salvador), a teenager girl who believe me as a classmate in high school. She fall in love with Rico (Andrei Felix), a man who pretending a romantic love for Nicole.

Cast: Janella Salvador, Andrei Felix, Fred Payawan, Valeen Montenegro, Angel Sy


I'll Be Your and You're Mine

Mac Alejandre Jaymar Castro October 31, 2015

The story of Ricky (Mario Maurer), a man who carried over the wonderful world for you're mine. He loved that Ellen (Kazel Kinouchi), a young woman who falls him.

Cast: Mario Maurer, Kazel Kinouchi, Ara Mina, Daniel Fernando, Alfred Labatos, Sharmaine Arnaiz


Help Me Forget

Jeffrey Jeturian Jimuel dela Cruz, Dexter Hemedez November 7, 2015

The story of Elisse (Cherryz Mendoza), a honor classmate girl who is in high school and Bryan (Rico dela Paz), a honor classmate boy, who will eventually themselves bound by love. How can we forget someone we love? How can we start over again if we are hurting inside?

It is their first-ever Secarats-produced episode opposite each other, though the two co-starred in the primetime teleserye Only Me and You in 2014 and the weekly youth-oriented drama series Forever Barkada in 2015, and the first Love Notes episode project of relationship of IBC partnered with Secarats Talent Management Services. This episode marks the first time that Cherryz worked with IBC and Rico worked wih Secarats.

Cast: Cherryz Mendoza, Rico dela Paz, Michael Tañeca, Jennifer Sevilla, Dante Ponce, Sandy Aloba, Toby Alejar, Miguel David, Patrisha Samson, Stephanie Bangcot, Erika Mae Salas. Location: La Consolacion College Pasig


Dagger In A Smile

Paco Sta. Maria Kay Conlu-Brondial November 14, 2015

This is what happens when love blindly seems so true that even what is wrong becomes right in our eyes. When we are in so much pain that we have to keep smiling just to keep our tears from falling. The story of Alaine (Shy Carlos), who has a relationship with Daniel (Albie Casiño).

Cast: Shy Carlos, Albie Casiño, Maria Isabel Lopez, Emilio Garcia, Perla Bautista, Arkin del Rosario


The Missing Ring

Monti Parungao Mary Lhuvirizz Martin, Jerry Gracio November 21, 2015

The story of Adrian (Rayver Cruz), a man who will fall in love with the rich girl Julia (Inah Estrada). They say we will never find the right person if we never let go of the wrong one. Sometimes we have to realize that some people can stay in our hearts but surely at once.

Cast: Rayver Cruz, Inah Estrada, Mylene Dizon, Jong Cuenco, Erin Ocampo, Dino Imperial


Another Lifetime

Brillante Mendoza Allan Ibañez November 28, 2015

Sometimes, the more we want to forget someone, the more we seem to remember that person. When we are plagued by memories we cannot forget.

When we are all alone and realize that the worst feeling is not being lonely but being forgotten by someone we cannot forget. When a second chance doesn't mean a happy ending but a chance to do things right , not now, but probably in another lifetime. This is the story of Angela (Cassy Legaspi) and Angie (Kobe Paras).

Cast: Cassy Legaspi, Renz Valerio, Sharmaine Suarez, Jong Cuenco, Carlo Lacana, Angel Sy. Location: Balibago National High School



Mervyn B. Brondial Arlene Tamayo, Zoilo Barrel December 5, 2015

The story of Kathlene (Sofia Andres), a high school girl who intimating her bestfriend Linda (Aaliyah Benisano). Kathlene falls in love with Ryan (Dominic Roque) for the romantic relationship.

Cast: Sofia Andres, Dominic Roque, Lotlot de Leon, Emilio Garcia, Aaliyah Benisano, Pat Deligero


The Last Song

Paco Sta. Maria Jerry Gracio, Zoilo Barrel December 12, 2015

Do not keep your tears inside for it will flood your heart. The story of Sarah (Kristel Fulgar), a young woman who forgive with his boyfriend Albert (John Manalo).

Cast: Kristel Fulgar, John Manalo, Bianca Yao, Yayo Aguila, William Lorenzo, Jennifer Sevilla

98 No Looking Back Cathy O. Camarillo Mary Lhuvirizz Martin, Priscilla Hidalgo December 19, 2015

Let us remember that the smallest decisions can change our lives forever and the vhoices we make will expose the true intention of our hearts. Sometimes God has to break us down so he can raise up up again on the right ground. The story of Randy (McCoy de Leon) who loves Janet (Elisse Joson).

Cast: McCoy de Leon, Elisse Joson, Jennifer Sevilla, Cris Villanueva, Martin Velayo


My Christmas Wish

Mervyn B. Brondial Jimuel dela Cruz, Dexter Hemedez December 26, 2015

The real message of Christmas is the hope that we have is Christ. And the things that we should be thankful for are not the gifts that we have received or the new stuff that we bought for ourselves. What he have to be thankful for are the little miracles that go unnoticed everyday. The miracle of waking up every morning. The sound of a baby giggling, the picture of a happy mom and dad, grandchildren running around the house, the smell of a good dinner shared with the family and a thousand other "little miracles" that happen around us. The heartwarming story of Karen (Empress Schuck) and Ronnie (Jerome Ponce), their two people around this holiday season.

Cast: Empress Schuck, Jerome Ponce, Maritoni Fernandez, Toby Alejar, Miguel Vergara, Erin Ocampo

Season 3Edit

# Episode title Directed by Written by Original air date

You and I

Paco Sta. Maria Ruby Leah Castro January 2, 2016

The story of Adam (Paulo Angeles), whose struggling with in this story of lifes, deception and betrayal with Gwen (Kira Balinger) who takes a lot of heart to be able to forgive and start over again. What would you do if you were betrayed by someone you love and someone you have considered to be a good friend?

Cast: Paulo Angeles, Kira BalingerAiko Melendez, Daniel Fernando, Eugene Herrera, Ogie Escanilla


For You and For Me

Gino M. Santos Jimuel dela Cruz, Kay Conlu-Brondial January 9, 2016

The story of Melonie (Chienna Filomeno), a young woman in college whose really hard for someone who has been betrayed by the one you love and your best friend Allen (Anna Vicente). Melonie made a crush with Kevin (Teejay Marquez).

Cast: Chienna Filomeno, Teejay Marquez, Ciara Sotto, Kier Legaspi, Aria Clemente, Jon Lucas


Will I Ever Be The Same

Cathy O. Camarillo Danilo Niño Calalang, El Ortiz January 16, 2016

The story of Claire (Kristel Fulgar). a young woman who invited on its 3rd year anniversary in office. Jordan (Rayver Cruz), a man who always called their someone else. Claire who made to believe a lie and found out the truth her world felt apart for Jordan.

Cast: Kristel Fulgar, Rayver Cruz, Matet de Leon, Mark Lapid, Vangie Martelle


Run to You

Vanessa U. de Leon Arlene Tamayo, Zoilo Barrel January 23, 2016

The story of Julianne (Sarah Ortega), a young woman as she told James (Andres Muhlach), who will wait for you and back in love while already falling for him. Do they stop beating and give up on hope of finding love again and continue to live each day with painful memories of that person who could have been the one?

Cast: Sarah Ortega, Andres Muhlach, Aaron Rosario, Lotlot de Leon, Matthew Mendoza, Raisa Dayrit, Sajj Geronimo, Nathaniel Britt. Location: Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School.


Hope for the Two of Us

Jun Luna Nika Layson, Jimuel dela Cruz January 30, 2016

The story of Nikki (Tricia Santos), a 20-year-old college student. She meet with her housemate Miguel (Dominic Roque), a 22-year old brother who delopved on crush with Nikki.

Cast: Tricia Santos, Dominic Roque, Irma Adlawan, Jestoni Alarcon, Vangie Martelle as Michelle, Alfed Labatos.


Can't Get Over You

Jeffrey Jeturian Jaja Amarillo, Mark Anthony Bautista February 6, 2016

The story of Gerald (Renz Aytona), a young boy who forcing about the achiever of their observation. He ignored about a beautiful woman Lyza (Sophie Albert), who is it your heartbroken.

Cast: Renz Aytona, Sophie Albert, Joross Gamboa, Carl Longno, Elijah Rodriguez


One Last Kiss

Mac Alejandre Jillmer S. Dy, Allan Ibañez February 13, 2016

The story of Jerome (Alwyn Uytingco), a man who working as an engineering in the biggest company in the Philippines. He got the relationship of Abby (Kazel Kinouchi), a happiest girl in the world who has a bestfriend Karen (Erin Ocampo).

CastAlwyn Uytingco, Kazel Kinouchi, Erin Ocampo, Jao Mapa, Dexter Doria, Lito Pimentel


Suffering in Silence

Monti Parungao Jimuel dela Cruz, Ana Maria Macapugay February 20, 2016

The story of Abigail (Empress Schuck), a girl about the hopeless situation who is loved for Valentine card. Abigail makes me feel this way, as her husband Eric (Jacob Benedicto), a man who is loved about.

Cast: Empress Schuck, Jacob Benedicto, AJ Dee, Malou de Guzman, Lloyd Samartino, Erin Ocampo


Dangerous Attraction

Jay Altarejos Danilo Niño Calalang, Arlene Tamayo February 27, 2016

The story of Lee Ann (Elisse Joson), the true is able to finishing the story because of you. Le Ann meets her boyfriend Ricky (Neil Coleta), who is a best friend Jeff (Matt Evans).

Cast: Elisse Joson, Neil Coleta, Matt Evans, Harlene Bautista, Lito Legaspi, Chanda Romero


Wishing on a Star

Gino M. Santos Abegail Lam-Parayno, Marianne Villalobos March 5, 2016

The story of Patrick (Kobe Paras), a junior high school student who forced to achieve the love life about his girlfriend Leslie (Kyline Alcantara), a junior high school girl who can be sure with her, Will Leslie wished upon a star with Patrick?

Cast: Kobe Paras, Kyline Alcantara, Irma Adlawan, Precious Lara Quigaman, Dante Ponce, Raine Salamante, Angel Sy, Jervy delos Reyes. Location: Makati High School.


Holding On

Vanessa U. de Leon June Anthony Amarillio, Arlene Tamayo March 12, 2016

The story of Joyce (Kristel Fulgar), a girl who curraging the story in the single girl by spend a relationship after him to find myself ask. Enzo (Martin del Rosario), who fallen with Joyce, a man who seeks in the beginning.

Cast: Kristel Fulgar, Martin del Rosario, Jobelle Salvador, William Lorenzo, Vangie Martelle, Jon Lucas



Monti Parungao Arlene Tamayo, Mariami Tanangco-Domingo March 19, 2016

The story of Jenny (Michelle Vito), a young girl who struggled about her boyfriend Adrian (Bret Jackson) for emotion of love and they are both in romance.

Cast: Michelle Vito, Bret Jackson, Bernadette Allyson, William Martinez, Sasha Gloria, Carlos Dala


Graduate In Love

Juan Paolo Aquino Julius Villanueva, Mark Anthony Bautista April 2, 2016

The story of Rica (Elisse Joson), a girl who graduated from high school as she finished her high school education. At the end of school year, she told Edward (Tom Rodriguez), a man who determined for the romantic graduate. During the ceremony, Rica received the class smart after studying in classroom as she obvervate with Edward. Rica will be growing up and throwed her cap in the air as she prepare for life after senior high school.

In time for the graduation season before this summer as a Graduation Day presentation of Love Notes on April 2, 2016, this will be the last project of Elisse Joson under IBC, before she transferred to ABS-CBN.

Cast: Elisse Joson, Tom Rodriguez, Bing Loyzaga, Daniel Fernando, Claire Bercero, Bianca Yao, John Manalo, Joseph Bitangcol


Inside That I Cried

Mark A. Reyes Danilo Niño Calalang, Mariami Tanangco-Domingo April 9, 2016

The story of Celesta (Belle Mariano), a young pretty girl who makes me happy about love life. She interested with Carlos (BJ Forbes), a boy who is you're in love.

Cast: Belle Mariano, BJ Forbes, Precious Lara Quigaman, Tonton Gutierrez, Paul Salas, Joseph Andre Garcia


Heaven Knows

Joel Lamangan Enrico Santos April 16, 2016

The story of Rica (Ingrid dela Paz), a girl who heaven on the broken hearts. As the boy Bojo (Ivan Dorschner) telling the soulmate while it line to heaven.

Cast: Ingrid dela Paz, Ivan Dorschner, Jay Manalo, Cacai Bautista, Kier Legaspi

115 Fallin Jade Castro Mary Rose Colindres, Ruby Leah Castro April 23, 2016

The story of Freddie (Kobe Paras), a high school classmate boy who is a handsome boy about summer love. Kobe had him up to related the girl of her dream when he met Michelle (Via Soraca), a young girl who believe in love. Because of his preference, Michelle look everyone when she tried to forget that she had admitted for Ricky.

This episode marks the first time that Kobe worked with Secarats and Via worked wih IBC.

Cast: Kobe Paras, Via Saroca, Jennifer Sevilla, Emilio Garcia, Matet de Leon, Basti Gonzales, Nathaniel Britt. Location: Angelicum College


How Can You Tell Her?

Gino M. Santos Danilo Niño Calalang April 30, 2016

The story of John (Manolo Pedrosa), a teenage boy who struggled about relationship. He mentioned about Denise (Cara Eriguel), a young woman who telling her teenage boy as she confused about him.

Cast: Manolo Pedrosa, Cara Eriguel, Dexter Doria, William Lorenzo, Paul Salas, Carlo Lacana


Love Will Lead You

Jun Luna June Anthony Amarillio, Nika Layson May 7, 2016

The story of Patrick (Dominic Roque), a young man who achieved them for chemistry. Patrick will meet Trisha (Kazel Kinouchi), a young woman who loved him.

Cast: Dominic Roque, Kazel Kinouchi, Cherry Pie Picache, Dante Rivero, Devon Seron, Luke Jickain


Can't Find No Reason

Monti Parungao Arlene Tamayo May 14, 2016

The story of Marie (Sarah Lahbati), a man who cannot afford to find no reason about it. He told Zanjoe (Martin del Rosario), a rich daughter who found someone you love him.

Cast: Sarah Lahbati, Martin del Rosario, IC Mendoza, Vangie Martelle, Dante Ponce, Sylvia Sanchez


I Think I’m In Love

Gino M. Santos Raymond Diamzon, Nikki Jane Bunquin May 21, 2016

The story of Nadine (Riva Quenery), a high school classmate who pretending for her bestfriend Nicole (Ysabel Ortega). Rocky (Slater Young), a man who need to be fall.

Cast: Riva Quenery, Ysabel Ortega, Slater Young, Bernadette Alysson, Emilio Garcia, Joseph Andre Garcia


Ever After

Ryan Carlos Mark Duane Angos, Dexter Hemendez May 28, 2016

The story of Libby (Kyline Alcantara), a young girl who is ever after in the longest romance. Alfred (Kyline Alcantara) is a boy who seems to be the hopeless romantic.

Cast: Kyline Alcantara, Paolo Santiago, Kyline Alcantara, Ciara Sotto, Jong Cuenco, Polo Ravales


Dad Meets Girl

Rory Quintos Lemuel Garcellano June 4, 2016

The story of Camille (Crissel Ignacio), a youngest daughter who achive for her dad Ramon (Richard Gomez) and her mother Marie (Angel Aquino). As a young girl, Julia is set to enter in elementary school as she develop in classroom and send to her mom and dad.

Cast: Crissel Ignacio, Richard Gomez, Angel Aquino, Jennifer Sevilla, Krystin Dayrit, Samantha Montano, Emilio Garcia, Arlene Tolibas


Father Happy

Laurice Guillen Julius Villanueva June 11, 2016

The story of Louie (Alonzo Muhlach), a little boy who help with his father (Niño Muhlach), whose working together. Louie and his father meet with Melanie (Cacai Bautista).

Cast: Alonzo Muhlach, Niño Muhlach, Cacai Bautista, Lance Lucido, Arlene Muhlach, William Lorenzo


She's A Girl, Daddy

Vanessa U. de Leon Nikki Bunquin, Cyrus Dan Cañares June 18, 2016

The story of Anton (Diether Ocampo), a dad who involve for his officemate Miguel (Bobby Yan) and Laura (LJ Moreno). At home, he meets Ylona (Gabbi Garcia), a teenage girl who pretty as a high school classmate.

Cast: Diether Ocampo, Gabbi Garcia, Mavy Legaspi, Byron Ortile, Kaye Abad, Marita Zobel, Bobby Yan, LJ Moreno


I Live For Your Love

Alan Chanliongco Raymond Diamzon, Nikki Bunquin June 25, 2016

The story of Jenny (Ysabel Ortega), a gorgeous high school student who believe in your love. Diether (Kobe Paras), a boy who fallen for her and warm like his girlfriend.

Cast: Ysabel Ortega, Kobe Paras, Precious Lara Quigaman, Matthew Mendoza, Carlos Dala. Location: University of the Assumption


The One You Loved

Theodore Boborol Mark Duane Agos July 2, 2016

The story of Alyanna (Ella Cruz), a young woman who should know by a related hearts. Raffy (Martin del Rosario), a man who has the one you loved in intimate.

Cast: Ella Cruz, Martin del Rosario, Nathan Lopez, Paula Peralejo, Lee Robin Salazar, Jef Gaitan


Promise of Life

Rory Quintos Andrew Paredes, Dexter Hemendez July 9, 2016

The story of Ramon (AJ Muhlach), a man who released them in the fated away. He had a problem with Trisha (Sue Ramirez), a young woman who could be imagine.

Cast: AJ Muhlach, Sue Ramirez, Jef Gaitan, Carlos Morales, Marlann Flores, PJ Valerio


Tell Me Your Name

Andoy Ranay Arlene Tamayo July 16, 2016

The story of Oliver (Julian Trono), a teenage boy who told me about Camille (Andi Eigenmann), a pretty woman struggled it works that. He able to tell her your name.

Cast: Julian Trono, Andi Eigenmann, Slater Young, Joseph Andre Garcia, Kym Vergara, Polo Ravales


You Made Me Live Again

Alan Chanliongco Zoilo Barrel, Mary Lhuvirizz Martin July 23, 2016

The story of Bea (Julia Barretto), an ordinary college student who intend about friendship and soulmates. Bea told Jobert (Khalil Ramos), a boy who made me live again.

Cast: Julia Barretto, Khalil Ramos, Paula Peralejo, Gardo Versoza, Raine Salamante, Arvic Rivero


Beauty and Loneliness

Laurice Guillen Jaja Amarillo, Zoilo Barrel July 30, 2016

The story of Grace (Aryanna Epperson), a beautiful and eragous woman who managed to be the madness ever. Ryan (Josh Padilla), a man who marrige with Grace.

Cast: Aryanna Epperson, Josh Padilla, Nathan Lopez, Ciara Sotto, Carlos Morales, Anna Vicente


He's My Boy, Sister

Gino M. Santos June Anthony Amarillio, Benedict Mique August 6, 2016

The story of Gilbert (Michael Tañeca), a young girl who took your heart away about him. Mika (Angelina Cruz), a young boy who struggled his girlfriend for love.

Cast: Michael Tañeca, Angelina Cruz, Lovely Rivero, Emilio Garcia, Adrian DesabilleVirginia Pozon



Veronica B. Velasco Mary Rose Colindres, Nikki Bunquin August 13, 2016

The story of Alyssa (Ingrid dela Paz), a strongest girl who seems to be a beloved interest. She told her husband Ariel (Albie Casiño) managed to relate within.

Cast: Ingrid dela Paz, Albie Casiño, Kier Legaspi, Vanna Garcia, Erin Ocampo, Yves Flores


Believe Me, Mr. Right

Paco Sta. Maria Ruby Leah Castro, Abi Lam-Parayno August 20, 2016

The story of Nicole (Patrisha Samson), a high school girl who flowlessly about her high school bestfriend Mika (Stephane Bangcot) about finding the right partner. She meet Oscar (JM de Guzman), a young man who admired for Nicole about crazy.

Cast: Patrisha Samson, Stephanie Bangcot, JM de Guzman, Agot Isidro, Jestoni Alarcon, Zonia Mejia. Location: Assumption College San Lorenzo


Love by Fate

Maryo J. de los Reyes Nika Layson, Jimuel dela Cruz August 27, 2016

The story of Ryan (Francis Magundayao), a high school classmate boy who believed about the concept of red string of fate resisted that a girlfriend Ella (Keith Cruz), an it girl classmate intended for connecting red string of fate. Two classmate with connecting red string that will fall in love.

Cast: Francis Magundayao, Keith Cruz, Ciara Sotto, Dante Ponce, Basti Gonzales, Margaret Planas, Yves Yamio


Speechless in You

Cathy O. Camarillo Ruby Leah Castro, Denise O'Hara September 3, 2016

The story of Bianca (Julia Barretto), a young girl who had a soulmate in love. As a young adult girl when she ruled in college, Bianca knows that her interested when she met Rafael (Teejay Marquez), her schoolmate who is a good guy. Because of that, Raffy forgive that Bianca developed their interest.

Cast: Julia Barretto, Teejay Marquez, Ara Mina, Daniel Fernando, Bianca Yao, Arkin del Rosario


Deep In My Heart

Mervyn B. Brondial June Anthony Amarillio, Mary Rose Colindres September 10, 2016

The story of Joseph (Josh Padilla), a man who determined to fallen some broken heart. She told Andrea (Sarah Lahbati), a young woman who struggle herself about deeper.

Cast: Josh Padilla, Sarah Lahbati, Jennifer Sevilla, Edward Mendez, Dante Rivero, Malou Crisologo


Until I Fall in Love Again (Part 1)

Jeffrey Jeturian Jimuel dela Cruz, Nikki Bunquin September 17, 2016

A two-part special episode for the story of a college student and a high school teenager where they fall in love for the same guy. Coleen (Sue Ramirez) is a young woman who tried to someone about true love, as her high school teenager Jasmine (Cherryz Mendoza), a pretty girl in high school. Coleen told for Jasmine as she meet with her boyfriend Randy (Diego Loyzaga), an attractive college boy who is popular in university. Coleen and her high school classmate girl Jasmine are their bestfriend in love as they fall for the same guy for Randy.

Cast: Sue Ramirez, Cherryz Mendoza, Diego Loyzaga, Eric Quizon, Bing Loyzaga, Bianca Yao, Anna Vicente, John Manalo, Julian Estrada, Zonia Mejia, Dexie Daulat, Basti Gonzales. Location: University of the Philippines Manila (for Sue and Diego), Manila Science High School (for Cherryz)


Until I Fall in Love Again (Part 2)

Jeffrey Jeturian Jimuel dela Cruz, Nikki Bunquin September 24, 2016

Continuation of the two-part special episode for the story of a college student and high school classmate where they fall in love for the same guy. Coleen (Sue Ramirez) confirmed that Jasmine (Cherryz Mendoza) fall in love with Randy (Diego Loyzaga) who eventually became his girlfriend.

Cast: Sue Ramirez, Cherryz Mendoza, Diego Loyzaga, Eric Quizon, Bing Loyzaga, Bianca Yao, Anna Vicente, John Manalo, Julian Estrada, Zonia Mejia, Dexie Daulat, Basti Gonzales. Location: University of the Philippines Manila (for Sue and Diego), Manila Science High School (for Cherryz)


Someone In My Heart

Lore Reyes, dgpi Nika Layson, Jaja Amarillo October 1, 2016

The story of Chloe (Mika Dela Cruz), a beautiful high school classmate who is the bestfriend with Phoebe (Claudia Barretto). Chloe is happy because she told her relationship of Raffy (Martin Escudero), who is a foster boy himself that admired for someone you love.

Cast: Mika Dela Cruz, Claudia Barretto, Martin Escudero, Mymy Davao, Dante Ponce, AJ Dee


Tragedy of Love

Mike Tuviera Julius Villanueva, Jaja Amarillo October 8, 2016

The story of Rafael (AJ Muhlach), a man who bound to happen away from tragedy and he decided to love herself. Joanne (Jasmine Curtis-Smith), a young woman who determined for love for Rafael.

Cast: AJ Muhlach, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Jennifer Sevilla, Jay Manalo, Marita Zobel, Alfred Labatos


If You Read My Mind?

Vanessa U. de Leon Jimuel dela Cruz, Benedict Mique October 15, 2016

The story of Kiela (Abby Bautista) and Matthew (Harvey Bautista), their bestfriend in they love. The two reaching high grade inseparable where their became more achive. Anton is received by the classmates because of the smarter, while Dianne interested for an idea of them having a romantic relationship.

Cast: Abby Bautista, Harvey Bautista, Onemig Bondoc, Ara Mina, Aubrey Caraan, Janus del Prado


When I Grow Up

Paco Sta. Maria Zoilo Barrel, Mary Lhuvirizz Martin October 22, 2016

The story of Adam (Albie Casiño), a young man who growed up that he landed by the relationship. He admired with Mara (Ingrid dela Paz), an elden woman about interested in love.

Cast: Albie Casiño, Ingrid dela Paz, Teejay Marquez, Erin Ocampo, Carlos Morales, Desiree del Valle


15 Going On 18

Lore Reyes, dgpi Ruby Leah Castro October 29, 2016

The story of Aira (Denise Canlas), a girl who turning at 15 as she tried to achieve in high school. She told her 18-year-old boy Carlo (Paulo Angeles) who pretend for him about Ylona as she intend them about their classmate.

Cast: Denise Canlas, Paulo Angeles, Aiko Melendez, Boom Labrusca, Franchesca Salcedo, Sophia Margarette To, Yves Yamio


Boyfriend for Hire

Jeffrey Jeturian Mary Lhuvirizz Martin, Lemuel Garcellano November 5, 2016

The story of Adrian (Rico dela Paz), a freshmen in college who struggled a relationship. He prevented the love traingle for each other when she met Mara (Julia Barretto), an attractive college campus student who is beautiful. As he became a girlfriend for hire, Adrian will be a boyfriend for hire as he fall in love with Mara.

Cast: Rico dela Paz, Julia Barretto, Ciara Sotto, Cris Villanueva, Julian Estrada, CJ Navato, Anna Vicente. Location: Lyceum of the Philippines University


Friends in Love

Cathy O. Camarillo Jimuel dela Cruz, Mark Anthony Bautista November 12, 2016

The story of Diego (Justin Ward), a boy who related the friendship about love and family with his girlfriend Claire (Keith Cruz) for bestfriends in hangouts. A younger boy Oliver (Aaron Rosario) and a young girl Ashley (Zonia Mejia) who are the kids of hangout as they paired together.

Cast: Justin Ward, Keith Cruz, Aaron Rosario, Zonia Mejia, Angel Aquino, Gardo Versoza, Julia Clarete, Neil Coleta


A Moment in Time

Topel Lee Lemuel Garcellano, Zita Gargarena

November 19, 2016

The story of John (Khalil Ramos), a young man who did ignored away from the moment about Kim (Ella Cruz), a young woman who pretending about her young man for a moment of truth.

Cast: Khalil Ramos, Ella Cruz, Eugene Herrera, Matet de Leon, Emilio Garcia, Julian Estrada


Classmate Loves You

Vanessa U. de Leon Nikki Bunquin, Danilo Niño Calalang

November 26, 2016

The story of Jenny (Cherryz Mendoza), a high school teenager who achive in a lesson life as believe for you're mine. She meet with Gilbert (Hiro Volante), a young boy who determined a brokenheart about Jenny. How long did Jenny admitted for Gilbert about a romantic love?

Cast: Cherryz Mendoza, Hiro Volante, Yayo Aquila, Ricardo Cepeda, Fenech Veloso, Dexie Daulat, Miguel David, Nathaniel Britt, Sajj Geronimo. Special participation: Crissel Ignacio as young Jenny, Jedrik Yamio as young Gilbert. Location: Prudencia D. Fule Memorial National High School


Letting Go

Cathy O. Camarillo Mary Lhuvirizz Martin, Jimuel dela Cruz

December 3, 2016

The story of Patrick (Harold Rementilla), a high school teenager who inadvertedly adore him. Despite his mere inability to understand algebra, Bianca (Kyline Alcantara), an attractive and intelligent high school teenage girl who forcing to bbounded for Patrick

Cast: Harold Rementilla, Kyline Alcantara, Jennifer Sevilla, Jay Manalo, Dexie Daulat, Carl Longno, Alfred Labatos


Sisterettes for Love

Mervyn B. Brondial Kay Conlu-Brondial, Abner Tulagan

December 10, 2016

The story of Dhundrea (Erika Mae Salas), a young girl who achieving a sister in love. She knows about her brother Alwyn (Jerome Ponce) who finding the way for teenager boy Christian (Renz Aytona). If will Dhundrea do as she discover that her two brothers are already commited to someone else?

Cast: Erika Mae Salas, Jerome Ponce, Renz Aytona, Jef Gaitan, Joem Bascon, Yves Yamio


Your Christmas Girl

Rory Quintos Jaja Amarillo, Zoilo Barrel

December 17, 2016

The story of Sharlene (Yna Uy), a girl who believes in Chrtistmas and in the cheerful love. She told Justin (Kyle Vergara), a boy who adore Nicole so much and for Christmas girl.

Cast: Yna Uy, Kyle Vergara, Maricar Reyes, Luis Alandy, Nicole Uysiuseng, Paul Salas


Santa Love

Maryo J. de los Reyes Nikki Bunquin, Marianne Villalobos

December 24, 2016

The story of Jake (Diego Loyzaga), a young man who celebrating the holiday love after Simbang Gabi and achieve the night before Christmas about Santa Claus. Aura (Aryanna Epperson), a young women who determined to spend Christmas with their family and friends.

Cast: Diego Loyzaga, Aryanna Epperson, Ara Mina, Gardo Versoza, Chienna Filomeno, Neil Coleta


I Flowleslly Love You

Jeffrey Jeturian Danilo Niño Calalang, Jimuel dela Cruz

December 31, 2016

The story of Shaina (Michelle Vito), a young woman who flowlessly for romantic love. She told Daniel (Martin Escudero), a man who determined to flowleslly a relationship himself.

Cast: Michelle Vito, Fred Payawan, Shaun Salvador, Jennica Garcia, Erika Rabara, Jazz Ocampo

Season 4Edit

# Episode title Directed by Written by Original air date

A Boy for Life

Nuel Crsostomo Naval Nikki Bunquin, Julius Villanueva January 7, 2017

The story of Joshua (Luis Gabriel Moreno), a high school classmate boy who enjoying much time he learned on it, he intend to forget his romantic life and achived his subject in high school. She learned about Mika (Sarah Ortega), a young girl who is a girly style. Because of her boy for life, Mika believed them when she determined that she had developed for Miguel.

Cast: Luis Gabriel Moreno, Sarah Ortega, Sunshine Cruz, Jay Manalo, Aaron Rosario, Basti Gonzales, Sophia Margarette To. Location: Juan Sumulong High School


My Girly Girl

Maryo J. de los Reyes Cyrus Dan Cañares, Benedict Mique January 14, 2017

The story of Andrea (Cherryz Mendoza), a teenager who had a lovely girl of her father Alvin (Marvin Agustin) and her younger sister Ellen (Angelu de Leon). In high school, Sophie is a girly girl as she falls in love when she met Adrian (Hiro Volante), her classmate in hihj school who looks like a boyfie.

Cast: Cherryz Mendoza, Hiro Volante, Marvin Agustin, Angelu de Leon, Mary Jaydeeryn Elias, Heidiann Mansilla


More Than You'd Believe

Rory Quintos Allan Ibañez, Jaja Amarillo January 21, 2017

The story of Linda (Claudia Barretto), a young woman who achieve as a high school girl as she determined her above. She told Raymond (Rayver Cruz), a man who send our friendship love with Jake (Manolo Pedrosa), her classmate bestfriend who determined in love for Linda.

The 3rd anniversary presentation of Love Notes on January 21, 2017.

Cast: Claudia Barretto, Rayver Cruz, Manolo Pedrosa, Matet de Leon, Polo Ravales, Aria Cariño


Finding Fade

Andoy Ranay Jaymar Castro, Dexter Hemedez January 28, 2017

The story of Shaira (Jasmine Curtis-Smith), an heiress girl who had a finding relationship about a young man. At the bar, she told Nathan (Abel Estanislao) in a night fate about Diego (Kenzo Gutierrez), a young man who is a gwapo boy as he paired with his interest girl Shaira for his fade.

Another 3rd anniversary presentation of Love Notes on January 28, 2017.

Cast: Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Kenzo Gutierrez, Gino M. Santos, Jef Gaitan, Abel Estanislao, William Lorenzo


Learning in True Love

Monti Parungao Zolio Barrel, Andrew Paredes February 4, 2017

The story of Joseph (Josh Padilla), a young man who tried to tell some relative true love each other. Marvin told Ariana (Aubrey Caraan), a young girl who did achieve our love ones above him.

Cast: Josh Padilla, Aubrey Caraan, Gretchen Barretto, Noel Trinidad, Arvic Rivero, Dexter Doria


Love by Heart

Paco Sta. Maria Priscilla Hidalgo, Cyrus Dan Cañares February 11, 2017

The story of Vanna (Crissel Ignacio), a little sweetheart who struggle about love for someone in my heart. In elementary school for Vanna, she meet John (Bimby Aquno-Yap, Jr.), a boy who achieve in the classroom for his sweetheart. Vanna tried to love by heart for John.

Cast: Crissel Ignacio, Bimby Aquno-Yap, Jr., Angel Aquino, Romnick Sarmenta, John Joseph Miraflores, Jedrik Yamio


Valentine Love

Jeffrey Jeturian Jaja Amarillo, Zarah Farcon February 18, 2017

The story of Andrea (Janella Salvador), a senior high school girl who learned for Valentine letter as she believe for fall in love. Alfred (Teejay Marquez), a man who tried to love for Andrea for the romantic Valentine.

Cast: Janella Salvador, Teejay Marquez, Agot Isidro, Emilio Garcia, Barbie ImperialErika Rabara


Can You Read My Heart

Chris Martinez Zolio Barrel, Marianne Villalobos February 25, 2017

The story of Jake (Jerome Ponce), a 21-year-old college boy in university who involve for each other as a freshman. Diego meets Anna (Claire Bercero), an attractive college student who love to someome as she read my heart. She attempt to revolve Edgar a freshman.

Cast: Jerome Ponce, Claire Bercero, Ciara Sotto, Dante PonceEugene Herrera, Jon LucasArvic Tan


My Foster, My Girl

Joel Lamangan, dgpi Jaja Amarillo, Allan Ibañez March 4, 2017

The story of Marvin (Marlo Mortel), a hardworking and kind-hearted man who involve to work as an office boy with his friend Dianne (Kristel Fulgar). At home, Marvin meets Joanne (Cherryz Mendoza), a teenage girl who tried to prevent his brother.

Cast: Marlo MortelCherryz Mendoza, Kristel Fulgar, Justin Ward, Ryan James Bacalla, Cai Cortez, Rey "PJ" Abellana


Have You Ever Date A Playboy?

Joyce E. Bernal Ana Maria Macapugay, Jaymar Castro March 11, 2017

The story of Tori (Ella Cruz), an overprotective girl who partner for her best friend Chloe (Claire Ruiz), a daughter who has date with playboy. Daniel (Diego Loyzaga), a playboy who breaks up with his girlfriend Chloe who catch him dancing with another girl. Chloe asks Tori to do her a favor: she wants her to date Zach. Will Tori and Zach fall in love with each other?

Cast: Ella Cruz, Diego Loyzaga, Claire Ruiz, Abel Estanislao, Marjorie Barretto, Daniel Fernando, Gina Pareño


If We Fall In Love Sometimes

Cathy O. Camarillo Marianne Villalobos, Zolio Barrel March 18, 2017

The story of Sabrina (Kylie Alcantara) and Rico (Paul Salas) were childhood friends who they saw each other every summer. Their friendship turned into romance despite their teenager, the two remained in contact and in love. Things started to fade when Rico began neglecting his boyfriend duties to Eula and even ignored her effort to save their relationship. Did they have a second chance at love? Did Rico realize that he still loved Eula?

Cast: Kyline Alcantara, Paul Salas, Maricar Reyes, Mark Lapid, Sabrina Man, Jervy delos Reyes


The Sarah Ortega Story

Maryo J. de los Reyes Ana Maria Macapuga, Jillmer S. Dy March 25, 2017

The story of Sarah (Sarah Ortega), a 15-year-old teenager who loves Edgar (Aljur Abrenica), a hardworking man. In high school, Sarah achieve with her classmate friend Zyra (Stephanie Bangcot) as she involve. Despite her romantic true love. she tried to pursue Carla (Coleen Garcia), an adopted daughter of her teenager Joyce who also fall in love with Edgar.

Cast: Sarah Ortega, Aljur Abrenica, Coleen Garcia, Basti Gonzales, Mary Jaydeeryn Elias, Stephanie Bangcot, Errol Abalayan


Type Your Love

Dado C. Lumibao Julius Villanueva, Denise O'Hara April 1, 2017

The story of Mara (Sofia Andres), an internet girl in high school who type in internet to send in their e-mail and posting in Facebook accout. She unintentionally tagged her high school heartthrob Justin (Kobe Paras) in one of her posts. Andrea follow their account with Justin to do a romantic twist for love.

Cast: Sofia Andres, Kobe Paras, Jennifer Sevilla, Zoren Legaspi, Jazz Ocampo, Patricia Ann Manzano, Kurt Perez


My Summer Love

Elaine Lozada Andrew Paredes, Allan Ibañez April 8, 2017

The story of Mylene (Shy Carlos), a young woman who is a good friend Ingrid (Jane Oineza) for summer vacation at the beach. Mylene told Adrian (Rico dela Paz), a man who struggle a relationship this summer.

Cast: Shy Carlos, Jane Oineza, Rico dela Paz, Cogie Domingo, Wendy Valdez, Abel Estanislao


Save this Heart

Monti Parungao Ruby Leah Castro - Villanueva, Nathaniel Arciaga April 22, 2017

The story of Laura (Patrisha Samson), a teenage girl who tried to save her first sight. In high school, Nadine told her teenage boy Marvin (Aries Ace Espanola) who save this heart like a romantic love.

Cast: Patrisha Samson, Aries Ace Espanola, Emilio Garcia, Maritoni Fernandez, Michael Tañeca


It Might Be You, It Might Be Me

Maryo J. de los Reyes Zoilo Barrel, Jillmer S. Dy April 29, 2017

The story of Joshua (Mavy Legaspi), a teenage boy who struggle with his friend Patrick (Harvey Bautista), another teenage boy whose effort to involve their friendship every summer. Joshua meets Phoebe (Sarah Lahbati) who mights her teenage boy for a love one.

Cast: Mavy Legaspi, Harvey Bautista, Sarah Lahbati, Carlos Morales, Mymy Davao, Ogie Escanilla


Love by Mom

Joel Lamangan, dgpi Ana Maria Macapugay, Jaymar Castro May 6, 2017

The story of Enzo (Francyss Abuan), a young boy with her mom (Dimples Romana) who involve the bonding family for her dad (Onemig Bondoc). Enzo determined to perserve his love by mom for her family.

Cast: Francyss Abuan, Dimples Romana, Onemig Bondoc, Alessandra Sophia, NJ Roben Asunto


A Mother's Teenager

Laurice Guillen Jaja Amarillo, Phil M. Noble May 13, 2017

The story of Marie (Maricar Reyes), a mother who have always strived to puruse a family for her teenage boy Christian (Michael Tañeca). Marie achieve a love one with her husband Raymond (Luis Alandy). Will Marie received each other and involve their family love one for Christian?

Cast: Maricar Reyes, Michael Tañeca, Mark Lapid, Ryan James Bacalla, Arlene Tolibas, Cogie Domingo


With You In My Life

Rory Quintos Ma. Zita Gargaren, Dexter Hemedez May 20, 2017

The story of Rayver (Mario Maurer), a young man who determined a relative life in a kind of relationship, Rayver meets Denise (Lexi Fernandez), a girl who pursue to confessed him and devote for true life.

Cast: Mario Maurer, Ingrid dela Paz, Lovely Rivero, Romnick Sarmenta, Erin Ocampo, AJ Dee


Flawlessly 4 U

Ricky Rivero Jaymar Castro, Allan Ibañez May 27, 2017

The story of Robin (Aljur Abrenica), a hardworking man who toubled for being flawlessly love one. Robin has a romantic love with Rica (Empress Schuck), Although both were young, their love for each other was undeniably genuine and true love.

Cast: Aljur Abrenica, Empress Schuck, Helen Gamboa, Carlos Morales, Bianca Yao


Sisters for Life

Maryo J. de los Reyes Ana Maria Macapugay, Zarah Farcon June 3, 2017

The story of Rebecca (Sarah Ortega) and Antoinette (Margaret Planas) were teenage sisters who puruse a high school education. Their friendship turned into bestfriend despite their romantic life. Rebecca meets Jake (Edgar Allan Guzman). a hardworking man whose determined about the value for high school classmate in their sister for life and their friendship.

Cast: Sarah Ortega, Margaret Planas, Edgar Allan Guzman, Fred Payawan, Mickey Ferriols, Emilio Garcia, Chanel Morales. Location: San Miguel Academy in Masantol, Pampanga


Teacher in Love

Andoy Ranay Agnes Gagilonia-Uligan, Ruby Leah Castro - Villanueva June 10, 2017

The story of Teacher Coleen (Kazel Kinouchi), an elementary school teacher girl who teach some value in classroom as she learn the good value. She meet Teacher Ivan (Carlos Agassi), an elementary school adviser who teach the elementary classmate,

Cast: Kazel Kinouchi, Carlos Agassi, Lance Lucido, Thirdy Lacson, Raikko Mateo, Ashley Cabrera, Mymy Davao


My Daddy, My Teen Girl

Joel Lamangan, dgpi Renei Dimla, Nathaniel Arciaga June 17, 2017

The story of Richard (Tonton Gutierrez), a hardworking man who involve as a good work with Maritoni (Candy Pangilinan) and Fanny (John Lapus). Meanwhile, at home around morning, Sohpie (Joyce Abestano) is a 14-year-old teenager who involve to achieve with her high school classmate John (Patrick Destura) while she meets daddy. Richard revolve Sophie as a high school classmate as she prepare at lunch, while around afternoon they played basketball. In night, daddy watching the news about the story while Sophie also watching TV. Meanwhile, daddy around at night while Sophie also involve with daddy. At the morning, daddy meets Angela (Daiana Menezes), a sizzle girl as she meet Adrian (Zaijian Jaranilla) when Sophie is pretty as she go to school  Richard involve Sophie as a high school classmate.

Cast: Tonton Gutierrez, Joyce Abestano, Patrick Destura, Zaijian Jaranilla, Daiana Menezes, Cai Cortez, John Lapus, Candy Pangilinan


I'm Lucky In Love

Jade Castro Ma. Zita Gargaren, Jaymar Castro June 24, 2017

The story of Karen (Jane Oineza), a working student in college who had upon the lucky in love. She meets Rafael (Jerome Ponce), a schoolmate who is popular about the lucky traingle. Because of his long-term preference, Rafael involved everyone when he confessed that he has developed love one for Karen.

Cast: Jane Oineza, Jerome Ponce, Eugene Herrera, Sharmaine Arnaiz, Gardo Versoza, John Manalo, Karen Reyes, Eliza Pineda


What Good Is Your Heart?

Elaine Lozada Zarah Farcon, Phil M. Noble July 1, 2017

The story of Jobert (Aaron Rosario), a 13-year-old boy who ignored to had the friendship about the love heart. He involve Xyriel (Chacha Cañete), a young girl who determined for good is a right heart. Will Jobert learn to take care of Xyriel when they seem for your heart?

Cast: Aaron Rosario, Chacha Cañete, Aubrey Miles, Wowie de Guzman, NJ Roben Asunto, Baifern Pimchanok


My Tender Loving Care

Laurice Guillen Allan Ibañez, Ruby Leah Castro - Villanueva July 8, 2017

The story of Raymond (Jeffrey Hidalgo), an officeman who waiting for a loving care. As a father, Raymond plans to pursue his working life with his mother Jennifer (Cheska Garcia-Kramer). In a good family, Raymond and Jennifer involve the teen daughter Ashley (Belle Mariano) as a high school classmate. Raymond volunteer as a tender loving care with Jennifer and Ashley, something that is revolve to his love one.

Cast: Jeffrey Hidalgo, Cheska Garcia-Kramer, Belle Mariano, Tommy Abuel, Kyline Alcantara


A Second Princess

Maryo J. de los Reyes Jaymar Castro, Ana Maria Macapugay July 15, 2017

The story of Shaina (Kyline Alcantara), a junior high school teenager who is pretty like a princess. She meet Edward (Carlos Dala), a junior high school boy who learned a crush in love for Shaina. Because of the infatuation romance, Shaina study the love one as a high school princess and learned the romantic love.

Cast: Kyline Alcantara, Carlos Dala, Fabio Ide, Rita Gaviola, Lianne Valentin, Kym Vergara, Bianca Manalo


Trending Like You

Paco Sta. Maria Phil M. Noble, Renei Dimla July 22, 2017

The story of Riza (Valeen Montenegro), a young woman who fascinated by posting her high school classmate boy Patrick (Francis Magundayao), a high school internet sensation. Through the use of social media by trending in high school, Patrick posted with Riza when he learn infatuation about a girl.

Cast: Valeen Montenegro, Francis Magundayao, Dante Ponce, Adrian Desabille, Carl Longno, Nanette Inventor, DM Sevilla


As Long As You Love Me

Cathy O. Camarillo Nathaniel Arciaga, Zarah Farcon July 29, 2017

The story of Vanessa (Via Saroca). a high school girl who promise their love ones about Michael (Rodjun Cruz), a hardworking foster father who pursue a relationship with Michael (Ryan James Bacalla) as he loves me.

Cast: Via Saroca, Rodjun Cruz, Ryan James Bacalla, Agot Isidro, Jestoni Alarcon, Aries Ace Espanola


Born to Love You

Andoy Ranay Julius Villanueva, Ma. Zita Gargaren August 5, 2017

The story of Jimmy (Paolo Santiago). a senior high school classmate who forced to born love one about infatuation for his girlfriend Charee (Lianne Valentin), a junior high school classmate as she learn to overcome the challenges of time. Jimmy falls in love with Charee as she is a lovely girl.

Cast: Paolo Santiago, Lianne Valentin, Helen Gamboa, Carlos Morales, Mylene Dizon, Aria Cariño, Paul Salas, Mico Aytona


Life Is A Perfect Pair

Maryo J. de los Reyes Jaymar Castro, Nathaniel Arciaga August 12, 2017

The story of Erika (Zonia Mejia), a young girl who always prevented for a perfect pair with her mother Michelle (Dimples Romana), her father Ronald (Richard Reynoso) and her grandfather (Eddie Gutierrez). As a young daughter, Erika is about the love life as she involve a relationship with Elmer (Andres Muhlach), a teen brother who involve a real-life family pair.

Cast: Zonia Mejia, Dimples Romana, Richard Reynoso, Eddie Gutierrez, Nathaniel Britt, Jaime Yllana, Dang Cruz


Single Boy

Jade Castro Renee Patricia Dimla, JV Bagas August 19, 2017

The story of Carlos (Izzy Canillo). a young boy who strived his infatuation by fallen somtimes. He pursue his girlfriend Kylie (Xyriel Manabat), a young girl who saw each other that her friendship turned into romantic friendship. Despite their young age, the two remained in contact and in love. Things started to fade when Carlos began neglecting his boyfriend duty to Kylie and even ignored her effort to save their relationship. Did they have a second chance at love? Did Carlos realize that he still loved Kylie?

Cast: Izzy Canillo, Xyriel Manabat, Marjorie Barretto, Ricardo Cepeda, Jong Cuenco, Mickey Ferriols, Timothy Chan, Larah Claire Sabroso, Brenna Garcia


Chemistry In Love With My True Heart

Jay Altarejos Ruby Leah Castro - Villanueva, Phil M. Noble August 26, 2017

The story of Edward (Josh Padilla), a.hardworking and charming boy who tasked by his parented love as he inherited with some true love. Sheena (Donnalyn Bartolome) is a loving girl who pursue her true heart. As Edward accept the job, he was assigned to a project at Bulacan where he is destined to meet Sheena. Their life will eventually change and prevent as they fall in love with each other.

Cast: Josh Padilla, Donnalyn Bartolome, Yayo Aguila, William Martinez, Marita Zobel, John James Uy


My Rebound Girl

Paco Sta. Maria Zarah Farcon, Ana Maria Macapugay September 2, 2017

The story of Rebecca (Erika Mas Salas), a junior high school girl who tired of being the rebound girl makes a rule for herself to avoid that fascinate in love. But she is immediately challenged when she makes a connection with another heartbroken high school boy Ivan (Miguel David).

Cast: Erika Mae Salas, Miguel David, Aries Ace Espanola, Sharmaine Suarez, Cris Villanueva, Jaime Yllana, Elijah Rodriguez. Location: Rizal High School


If I Believed

Cathy O. Camarillo Nathaniel Arciaga, Allan Ibañez September 9, 2017

The story of Rafael (Martin del Rosario), a charming boy who believed a romantic relationship. Rafael meets the high school girl Andrea (Adela Marshall) who falls in love with her same romance. Because of her romantic husband, Andrea believed that Rafael as a romantic love. Did they have a first time in love? Did Rafael realize that he loved Andrea?

Cast: Martin del Rosario, Adela Marshall, Melissa Mendez, Jestoni Alarcon, Paul Salas, Mariel Pamintuan, Bianca Casado


My Dear Husband

Nuel Crsostomo Naval Jaymar Castro, Renee Patricia Dimla September 16, 2017

The story of Edgar (AJ Muhlach), a righteous and hardworking man who involve a romantic love with Eula (Sarah Lahbati). Although both were young, their love for each other was undeniably genuine and true love one.

Cast: AJ Muhlach, Sarah Lahbati, Jacob Benedicto, Peewee O'Hara, Rommel Padilla


Love Of My Life

Maryo J. de los Reyes Ruby Leah Castro - Villanueva, Ana Maria Macapugay September 23, 2017

The story of Ivy (Belle Mariano), a teenager who struggle for love in high school as she paired with Jeremy (Paolo Santiago) who has a bestfriend Paulo (Harvey Bautista). When Ivy and Jeremy become romantic each other and eventually fall in love.

Cast: Belle Mariano, Paolo Santiago, Harvey Bautista, Ara Mina, Jomari Yllana


I Love You, Beshie

Elaine Lozada Priscilla Hidalgo, Renei Dimla September 30, 2017

The story of Charlie (Denise Canlas), a junior high school girl who called beshie about his good friend Justin (Francis Magundayao) who tried to teach for love into a romantic boyfriend. As a classmate love one, Justin learned everyone when he studied that he has developed romantic love for Charlie as she call beshie.

Cast: Denise Canlas, Francis Magundayao, Lilet, Romnick Sarmenta, Arlene Tolibas, Jacob Clayton, Christian Salonga, Samantha Montano


The Story of My Virgin Wife

Ricky Rivero Allan Ibañez, JV Bagas October 7, 2017

The story of Rita (Jasmine Curtis-Smith), a young woman who became a wife of her husband Bryan (Axel Torres). Rita believes a better life for them and their family whose seperated from each other. Rita tired to love Oliver (Neil Coleta) who turned into a romantic relationship.

Cast: Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Axel Torres, Neil Coleta, Candy Pangilinan, Nonie Buencamino, Phoebe Walker


Love Me, Real Me

Maryo J. de los Reyes Zarah Farcon, Jaymar Castro October 14, 2017

The story of high school classmates Jenny (Ysabel Ortega) and Rayver (BJ Forbes), who will study themselves bound by love and pursue a high school education, Jenny learned the romantic lesson in love with her classmate boy Rayver. Despite her sucess in high school, she finds it good to learn herself. What their academic relationship lead to a young love be able to learn the test of time?

Cast: Ysabel Ortega, BJ Forbes, Lani Mercado, Ricardo Cepeda, Luz Fernandez, Caleb Gotico, Patricia Ann Manzano, Sabrina Man, Virginia Pozon


Young Love, Sweetheart

Paco Sta. Maria Benedict Mique, Nikki Bunquin October 21, 2017

The story of Aaliyah (Angelina Cruz), a high school pretty sweetheart who paired with her childhood classmate friend Gabriel (Justin Ward), Despite their romantic love, Aaliyah needs a romantic classmate with her boyfriend Luis (Hiro Volante) who learned about a relationship.

Cast: Angelina Cruz, Justin Ward, Hiro Volante, Chin Chin Gutierrez, Dante Ponce, Sophia Margarette To, Mary Jaydeeryn Elias


A Right Kind of Heart

Ian Loreños Mary Rose Colindres, Zolio Barrel October 28, 2017

The story of Ronnie (Kenzo Gutierrez) and Cara (Julia Barretto) are childhood friends who involve each other to pursue a college life. Their friendship blossomed into a right kind of romance, when their love be able to revove the right one. Ronnie struggled with continuing her unclear relationship with Cara,

Cast: Kenzo Gutierrez, Julia Barretto, Precious Lara Quigaman, Gian Magdangal, Eugene Herrera, Kyle Vergara


The Boy Got Lucky

Cathy O. Camarillo Jaymar Castro, Allan Ibañez November 4, 2017

The story of Enzo (Renz Aytona), a junior high school teenager who excited to enjoy his real-life and take new responsibility aiming to be a lucky boy. Camille (Lorin Gabriella Bektas), Enzo's bestfriend who learned with him in school because she love with a boy.

Cast: Renz Aytona, Lorin Gabriella Bektas, Agot Isidro, Jacob Clayton, Adrian Desabille, Carl Longno, Jaime Yllana, Daisy Reyes


Once Upon a Fairytale Girl

Elaine Lozada Benedict Mique, Nathaniel Arciaga November 11, 2017

The story of Riza (Barbie Imperial), a high school girl who has a fairytale story about her prince charming. She learned with her boyfriend Justin (Janina Vela), a senior high school boy who involve a fairytale girl for Riza as a fairytale princess girl.

Cast: Janina Vela, Luis Gabriel Moreno, Mark Lapid, Tanya Garcia, Robert Villar, Sabrina Man, Murielle Tanchanco


Forever of My Study

Brillante Mendoza Nikki Bunquin, Benedict Mique November 18, 2017

The story of Ricky (Mavy Legaspi) and Camille (Cassy Legaspi) were junior high school teenagers who will eventually study themselved bound by love for me and you. Their classmates turned into romantic lesson for them despite their memories. What will their friendship lead to romance for you?

Cast: Mavy Legaspi, Cassy Legaspi, Jennifer Sevilla, Keempee de Leon, Aaliyah Benisano, Sasha Gloria, Nathaniel Britt, Nadine Samonte, John Wayne Sace


My Real Mr. Right

Vanessa U. de Leon Nikki Bunquin, Ana Maria Macapugay November 25, 2017

The story of Andrea (Aubrey Caraan), a senior high school teenager who struggled her life of real love for Mr. Right and learn to overcome the challenges of raising a real life. She learned that a classmate (Paulo Angeles), a senior high school boy who is a well-known honor student.

Cast: Aubrey Caraan, Paulo Angeles, Paul Salas, Sasha Gloria, Nichole Baranda, Ara Mina, Wowie de Guzman, Sherilyn Reyes-Tan


The Parent Life

Joel Lamangan, dgpi Priscilla Hidalgo, Allan Ibañez December 2, 2017

The story of Antoinette (Angelu de Leon) and Anthony (Bobby Andrews) were real-life couple who paired for their parents. They paired with their daughter (Abby Bautista), who learned each other.

Cast: Angelu de Leon, Bobby Andrews, Abby Bautista, Dang Cruz, Byron Ortile, Julia Monica Caldito, Marilyn Villamayor, Joji Isla


Do I Love You?, I'll Always Love Me?

Paco Sta. Maria Mary Rose Colindres, Benedict Mique December 9, 2017

The story of Violet (Patrisha Samson), a junior high school teenager who tried to teach her life. She always struggle about his boyfriend Carlos (Ryan James Bacalla), her classmate who is very handsome. Because of her love traingle, Carlos learned when he struggled that he has developed feelings for Violet.

Cast: Patrisha Samson, Ryan James Bacalla, Lani Mercado, Rowell Santiago, Nathaniel Britt, Stephanie Bangcot, Mary Jaydeeryn Elias, Fenech Veloso


Christmas In My Heart

Joyce E. Bernal Zolio Barrel, Andrew Paredes December 16, 2017

The story of Melisse (Crissel Ignacio), a young girl who prepared for Christmas when she love her stepmother Joanne (Rizza Diaz). When she gathered for the Yuletide season about Melisse, she involve with her husband (Alwyn Uytingco) who  actually have a romantic happy holiday.

Cast: Crissel Ignacio, Rizza Diaz, Alwyn Uytingco, Jedrik Yamio, Helena Nicole de Jose, Manny Castañeda, Anita Linda


Give Love on Christmas Day

Mike Tuviera Jaymar Castro, Benedict Mique December 23, 2017

The story of Jeffrey (Josh Padilla), a rebellious man who decorate their Christmas list for giving their gifts. He meets Dianne (Sarah Lahbati), the humble, beautiful and hardworking girl whose making her holiday love.

Cast: Josh Padilla, Sarah Lahbati, Irma Adlawan, Joel Torre, Lance Lucido, Carlos Morales


Remember December

Ricky Rivero Dexter Hemedez, Allan Ibañez December 30, 2017

The story of Rommel (AJ Muhlach), a hardworking man who tried to prepare a way for them to fall in love with each other, and with December 25th coming up, they look at this as a great opportunity to bring them together. Rommel is about Christmas, when he finds Erika (Kylie Padilla) and offers him to remember him the night of Christmas season.

Cast: AJ Muhlach, Kylie Padilla, Arvic Tan, Jong Cuenco, Miel Abong, Peewee O'Hara

Season 5Edit

# Episode title Directed by Written by Original air date

My Daughter, My Romance

Mike Tuviera Ana Maria Macapugay, Andrew Paredes January 6, 2018

The story of Rocky (Raisa Dayrit), a young daughter of her foster father Raymond (Tom Taus) who has a lot of experiences in romance. She learn abour her stepmother Jessica (Erika Padilla), whose struggle for a daughter to pretend to have a romance. Because of her good family, Rocky learned when she paired with Carlos (Michael Tañeca).

Cast: Raisa Dayrit, Tom Taus, Michael Tañeca, Erika Padilla, Miguel David


Secret Couple

Brillante Mendoza Zita Gargarena, Abner Tulagan January 13, 2018

The story of Eugene (Teejay Marquez), a rebellious boy who forgorted sometime about the good manner, and Ruby (Issa Pressman), the humble, beautiful and hardworking girl. They cross their paths when Eugene looks like Ruby' car. After the good manner, Eugene force him pay for the orientation and prevent him work in the car without any comfortable amenities under the guidance of Ruby, alongside her car community.

Cast: Teejay Marquez, Issa Pressman, Jon Lucas, Ronnie Lazaro, Maila Gumila, Philip Lazaro


A Stalker Love

Jade Castro Marianne Villalobos, Nikki Bunquin January 20, 2018

The story of Robin (Alwyn Uytingco), a hardworking man who believes about the stalker romance with her daughter Julia (Ysabel Ortega) who learned a romantic reationship for the stalker.

Cast: Alwyn Uytingco, Luis Gabriel Moreno, Ysabel Ortega, Mymy Davao, Dante Ponce, Buboy Villar, Aldred Gatchalian


If We Hold On to Someone

Jason Paul Laxamana Abegail Lam-Parayno, Mark Anthony Bautista January 27, 2018

The story of Erika (Adlea Marshall), an eccentric and socially awkward girl who decided to go on a road trip with a very strange goal. In her trip, Erika accidentally bumps into a simple and good-sampled boy, Jerome (Albie Casiño), whom she chooses to give a free ride to until he reaches his destination.

Cast: Adela Marshall, Albie Casiño, Chanda Romero, Roy Rodrigo, Anton Revilla, Vangie Martelle, Benj Bolivar


Perfect Combination

Vanessa U. de Leon Danilo Niño Calalang, Raymond Diamzon February 3, 2018

The story of Tricia (Janina Vela), a junor high school teenager who seperate like a perfect romance. She learned with Rayver (Paolo Santiago), her classmate who prevent his combinate love one.

Cast: Janina Vela, Paolo Santiago, DJ Durano, Luz Fernandez, Angel Sy, Kimberly Fulgar, Joseph Andre Garcia, Virginia Pozon


My Love, My Valentine

Connie Macatuno Arlene Tamayo, Zoilo Barrel February 10, 2018

The story of Carlos (NJ Roben Asunto), a youngest son of his mother Bernadette (Bettina Carlos) whose chemistry loved for Valentine parents. She loves Robin (Joem Bascon), her husband who is working at office. When he prevented for Valentine romance, Carlos learned his letter for Bernadette and Robin.

Cast: NJ Roben Asunto, Bettina Carlos, Joem Bascon, Princess Angel Gacayan, Mymy Davao, Rez Cortez


Love is Prom

Ricky Rivero Benedict Mique, Nikki Bunquin February 17, 2018

The story of Tricia (Angelina Cruz), a junior high school girl who invited for the Junior-Senior Prom for Valentines day. She loves Ryan (Francis Magundayao). a junior high school boy as he learned with Tricia, whose love for prom night.

Cast: Angelina Cruz, Francis Magundayao, Smokey Manaloto, Aubrey Miles, Stephanie Bangcot, Yves Yamio, Jaime Yllana, Lorin Gabriella Bektas


Perfect Two

Mike Tuviera Denise O'Hara, Mark Duane Agos February 24, 2018

The story of John (Kobe Paras) and Leslie (Claire Ruiz) are childhood friends who move to the city to pursue a college dormitory. Personalities change, but will their love be able to stand the test of perfect time?

Cast: Kobe Paras, Claire Ruiz, Eugene Herrera, Kurt Perez, Bing Loyzaga, Richard Quan


I Love You, I Always Will

Joyce E. Bernal Mark Anthony Bautista, Benedict Mique March 3, 2018

The story of Aaron (Mario Maurer), a righteous man who wanted to forget his right way after his seperated lives. A lover always conflicted him from his encounter, and Rita (Adela Marshall) tried to engage the bitter memories of his relationship. Although both were young, their love for each other was romantically true love.

Cast: Mario Maurer, Adela Marshall, Bryan Santos, Rio Locsin, Daniel Fernando, Vangie Labalan


Someone That I Used to Love

Vanessa U. de Leon Abi Lam-Parayno, El Ortiz March 10, 2018

The story of Rafael (Kenzo Gutierrez), a college freshman who pursue a relationship to send by his high school student. He is in love with his junior high school teenager Kyla (Via Saroca). Because of her love someone, Kyla used everyone when she loved someone that she has a relationship with Rafael.

Cast: Kenzo Gutierrez, Via Saroca, Aiko Melendez, Kier Legaspi, Kyle Vergara, Chanel Morales, Ryan Boyce, Chela Denise, Heidiann Mansilla. Location: St. Scholastica's College, Manila (for Via)


Real Date

Jason Paul Laxamana Benedict Mique, Ana Maria Macapugay March 17, 2018

The story of Enrique (Mark Neumann), a poor and hardworking adopted boy who was dated by a real girl in a deal. When he found himself, he had fascinated by since he was date from the real stories he heard his date about. There, he meets and falls in love with his friend, Grace (Shaira Mae dela Cruz), a young and beautiful woman who was forced to encounter her real date.

Cast: Mark Neumann, Shaira Mae dela Cruz, Mymy Davao, Mariz Ricketts, Manny Castañeda, Mikee Lee


Always Over You

Joyce E. Bernal Dindo Erece, Mark Anthony Bautista March 24, 2018

The story of Monica (Kristel Fulgar), an heiress young woman who always struggled for love himself. Amidst the love problem that she is facing over you, Monida will meet and fall in love with Eric (Marlo Mortel), a rich young man who will turn her life into a relationship.

Cast: Kristel Fulgar, Marlo Mortel, Piero Vergara, Amy Aurista-Ventura, Bodjie Pascua, David Chua


Can We Still Be Good Friends?

Jade Castro Zita Gargarena, Andrew Paredes April 7, 2018

The story of Sandra (Krystin Dayrit) and Noel (Jedrik Yamio), who saw each other every summer. Their friendship turned into a good friends in a little kid. They meet bestfriends Airey (Princess Angel Gacayan) and Carlo (John Joseph Miraflores) who prevented the good bestfriends despite their summer love.

Cast: Krystin Dayrit, Jedrik Yamio, Princess Angel Gacayan, John Joseph Miraflores, Zoren Legaspi, Jennifer Sevilla, Joan Marie Bugcat, Rosemarie Gil, Andre Tiangco


My Heart is a Paradise

Alexander Sabater JV Bagas, Marianne Villalobos April 14, 2018

The story of Ace (Axel Torres), a young man who prevent this summer about the paradise love. He meet Clarice (Rose Van Ginkel), a young girl who is beautiful as her bestfriends, Because of her sexual love, Clarice looked every summer when she loved that she has paired with Ace.

Cast: Axel Torres, Rose Van Ginkel, Chanel Morales, Nicole Estrada, Gary Lising, Luke Jickain


Senior in Love

Connie Macatuno Ana Maria Macapugay, Danilo Niño Calalang April 21, 2018

The story of Julia (Jane de Leon), a senior high school teenager who believes her relationship for each other and her love problem for her feelings. She meet Roman (Renz Valerio), a senior high school boy who got teased a lot by his girlfriend because she is a good lovers.

Cast: Jane de Leon, Renz Valerio, Caleb Gotico, Jaypee de Guzman, Mymy Davao


Confessions of a Summer

Topel Lee Dindo Erece, Raymond Diamzon April 28, 2018

The story of Benjie (Bryan Santos),and Dianne (Shy Carlos) who first meet in an unexpected way in every summer. They then discover they confessed about the lonely lover and the same fate, both attempting to commit suicide. They then start a friendship which eventually becomes attached to each other. 

Cast: Bryan Santos, Shy Carlos, Tommy Abuel, Roy Rodrigo, Arlene Tolibas, Piero Vergara, Lloyd Zaragoza


Signs of Love

Andoy Ranay Mark Anthony Bautista, Zita Gargarena May 5, 2018

The story of Marlene (Ingrid dela Paz), a striving fashion designer who is dream of becoming a famous sign of heart in the fashion industry. To mend her broken heart, she encounters Joel (Alwyn Uytingco) who eventually helps her along her struggles about love. Joel got prevented for Marlene where she had a design for love.

Cast: Ingrid dela Paz, Alwyn Uytingco, Johan Laurens, Kat Alano, Perry Escaño, AJ Dee, Dianne Hernandez


My Mom's Wish

Mervyn B. Brondial Phil M. Noble, Renei Dimla May 12, 2018

The story of Mandy (Kaye Abad), an aggressive girl who wish learned as a beautiful stepmother with her son Jeremy (Patrick Destura), a junior high school student. Despite his good wish, Jeremy involve her stepmother as a career mom for the love.

Cast: Kaye Abad, Patrick Destura, Yves Yamio, Francis Ryan Lim, James Blanco, Arlene Tolibas


I'll Be There for You

Jay Altarejos Ana Maria Macapugay, Danilo Niño Calalang May 19, 2018

The story of Marco (Bryan Santos). a righteous and hardworking son from a happy family. Despite the hardships in life, he manages involve by because of his mother Judy (Daisy Reyes) and his father Edwin (Daniel Fernando) taught him o always see the good in every hesitate. He meet Angelica (Ella Cruz), Marco's girlfriend whos always seperated to be an obvious girl.

Cast: Bryan Santos, Ella Cruz, Daisy Reyes, Daniel Fernando, Bianca Yao, Tom Doromal


Will I Ever Someone?

Mike Tuviera Mark Anthony Bautista, Nikki Bunquin May 26, 2018

The story of Bea (Adela Marshall), a nightclub dancer falls in love to be a rich man Anton (Rodjun Cruz), where he and his rich family treat her cruelly. One night, Anton loves with him his best friend Jordan (Markki Stroem) to show Bea. Jordan is a kind-hearted man with her beauty and purser her when Anton is secretly in love with her. Bea and Jordan eventually became a couple and Anton become their most trusted friend.

Cast: Adela Marshall, Markki Stroem, Rodjun Cruz, Arnold Reyes, Gina Pareño, Nadine Samonte, Dino Guevarra, Tricia Santos, Claire Bercero


My App #Girlfie

Mervyn B. Brondial Zarah Farcon, Julius Villanueva June 2, 2018

The story of Roxanne (Joyce Abestano), a high school teenager who learned a boyfriend as a boyfie. She meets Pablo (Patrick Destura), a high school boy who is a good classmate. Because of his social media love, Pablo post with Roxanne for an "app girlfriend."

Cast: Joyce Abestano, Patrick Destura, Wendy Valdez, Jaypee de Guzman, Heidiann Mansilla, Francine Diaz, Hiyasmin Neri


Academic of My Heart

Ricky Rivero Abi Lam-Parayno, JV Bagas June 9, 2018

The story of Gino (BJ Forbes), a senior high school student who studied with a computer science. When he focused on his academic education, Gino had his relationship when he involve Liza (Anna Vicente), his classmate and a well-known honor student who achieved her intelligence about her senior high school boyfriend as she love lim.

Cast: BJ Forbes, Anna Vicente, Elizabeth Oropesa, Sandy Talag, Carlo Lacana, Jack Reid, Mikaela Yllana, Jerould Aceron, JC Tejano, Karla Aguas. Location: STI College Ortigas-Cainta Academic Center in Ortigas Avenue Extension, Cainta, Rizal (Forbes for the computer science at STI)


I Feel Good for Dad

Andoy Ranay Mark Duane Agos, Jaja Amarillo June 16, 2018

The story of Larry (Eric Quizon), a hardworking man  who struggled a good parent in order to preserve his daughter Yna (Kylie del Rosario), a junior high school teenager who learned herself as she feels good.

Cast: Eric Quizon, Kylie del Rosario, Michael Tañeca, Jaime Yllana, Maxine Medina, Joan Marie Bugcat, Markki Stroem, Philip Lazaro


Fated to Love Him

Connie Macatuno Phil M. Noble, Andrew Paredes June 23, 2018

The story of Aira (Sarah Ortega), a beautiful and smart high school student who learned her bestfriends Chloe (Dexie Daulat) and Joanne (Franchesca Salcedo) in their classroom. Because of the three different young ladies, she fated for the love and attention of their parents. Aira finds out that her friend Diosabelle (Cassy Lefaspi) is already in a relaitonship with her ex-boyfriend Louie (Mavy Legaspi).

Cast: Sarah Ortega, Mavy Legaspi, Cassy Legaspi, Ciara Sotto, Jong Cuenco, Zhyvel Mallari, Franchesca Salcedo, Yves Yamio


Confession Boyfriend

Jun Lana Dindo Erece, Abner Tulagan June 30, 2018

The story of Jacob (Albie Casiño), a nice guy who paired with Alice (Lexi Fernandez), a young hardworking nurse. Together they will purse for their dreams in the hospital love, where they will meet Nick (Piero Vergara), a doctor boy who works at the hospital where he finds the acceptance he has been looking for from Jacob and Alice. However, their friendship will be put to test as Nick falls for Alice, deeply hurting Jacob. This will lead them to the point of choosing between what matters more: love or friendship. Will Jacob and Alice still fulfill the dreams they pursued together? Will Nick fight for his love for Alice? Are they ready to risk everything to have the one they love?

Cast: Albie Casiño, Lexi Fernandez, Piero Vergara, Luz Fernandez, Bart Guingona.


A Love Before Time

Joyce E. Bernal Mark Anthony Bautista, Abi Lam-Parayno July 7, 2018

The story of Nadine (Chanel Morales), an adorable girl who seperated her effort to struggle before time. She involved Jake (Alexander Diaz), a hardworking and charming architect who was tasked about relationship with Nadine.

Cast: Chanel Morales, Alexander Diaz, Joshua Dionisio, Mara Lopez, Mon Castro, Bianca Yao


Lonely Boy

Mike Tuviera Abegail Lam-Parayno, Zoilo Barrel July 14, 2018

The story of Jacob (Renz Aytona), a young boy who is a good son of his stepsister Mylene (Wynwyn Marquez). Because of his good manner, Jacob intend to accept himself a lonely parent, when he achieved Mylene as she paired with Allan (Aldred Gatchalian), a kind-hearted man who involved Jacob in his lonely manner.

Cast: Renz Aytona, Winwyn Marquez, Aldred Gatchalian, Carl Longno, Adrian Desabille, Dexter Doria

229 I'll Always Depend On You Topel Lee Marianne Villalobos, Raymond Diamzon July 21, 2018

The story of Jake (Marco Gumabao), an employer at his coffee shop as he make his blunder at work who depends on him and his jealous of Hazel (Jazz Ocampo), a young woman as the one who always taught Jake not to easily trust people you just met and became a girlfriend to Jake.

Cast: Marco Gumabao, Jazz Ocampo, Mercedes Cabral, Jon Avila, Lao Rodriguez, Yves Flores, Dar Bernardo


Believe is My Decision

Mike Tuviera Dindo Erece, Denise O'Hara July 28, 2018

The story of Leslie (Claudia Barretto), a high school teener who struggled about her decision to do a well-loved relationship. She meet Pablo (Caleb Gotico), a handsome high school boy who believes in love.

Cast: Claudia Barretto, Caleb Gotico, Bing Loyzaga, William Martinez, Sasha Gloria, Aaliyah Benisano, Kym Vergara


True Friend, My Love, My Girl

Connie Macatuno Andrew Paredes, Abegail Lam-Parayno August 4, 2018

The story of Rebecca (Abby Bautista), a senior high school girl who immidiately paired with her classmate Aura (Raphiel Shannon). While she thought that her love and effort were involve for Rebecca, Rebecca meets Dino (Jervy delos Reyes), a senior high school student who loves and recognize Rebecca. What Rebecca reflicted her relationship with Dino?

Cast: Abby Bautista, Jervy delos Reyes, Raphiel Shannon, Aubrey Miles, Yul Servo, Sasha Gloria, Pat Deligero


My Sister's Keeper

Rory Quintos Zita Gargarena, Mark Anthony Bautista August 11, 2018

The story of Maxine (Gazelle Agero) and Airey (Alyanna Angeles), the perfect example of identical twin sisters who studied in a secret lesson of life. They meet Dennis (Rodjun Cruz), an employer who kepts the two sisters about a strong friendship.

Cast: Gazelle Agero, Alyanna Angeles, Rodjun Cruz, Jenny Miller, Smokey Manaloto, Jaime Yllana, John James Uy


Me and You

Brillante Mendoza Zarah Farcon, Dindo Erece August 18, 2018

The story of Jessie (Cherryz Mendoza), a junior high school classmate who separate the lesson of her life about their classmates. She meets Marlon (Rico dela Paz), a college freshman who paired with his high school student Jessie. This paved the way for their feelings for each other where Jessie learned her relationship for him.

Cast: Cherryz Mendoza, Rico dela Paz, Ricardo Cepeda, Yayo Aguila, Aries Ace Espanola, Stephanie Bangcot, Lianne Valentin


A Rainbow Heart

Jun Lana Raymond Diamzon, Andrew Paredes August 25, 2018

The story of Melody (Michelle Vito), a poser girl who tried to portrait her paintbrush by creating her paint colors. She looks like Jedric (Jon Lucas), a young man who had a heart feelings for his paint lover with a pure heart.

Cast: Michelle Vito, Jon Lucas, Ciara Sotto, Michael Flores, Ryan Boyce, Krystal Reyes, Bianca Yao, Luke Jickain


What Love Is All About?

Prime Cruz Denise O'Hara, Jerry Gracio September 1, 2018

The story of Freddie (Josh Padilla), a righteous boy who determined his anger, causing paths and humble upward. Freddie meets Valeen (Kristel Fular), a young woman who prevents her life about a rightous boy. Will Freddie ever seen Valeen is all about relationship?

Cast: Josh Padilla, Kristel Fulgar, Lui Manansala, Tommy Abuel, Piero Vergara


My Campus Lover

Jason Paul Laxamana Zita Gargarena, Phil M. Noble September 8, 2018

The story of Clara (Nikki Bagaporo), a college student at the university who struggled her campus relationship about her campus college boy Bryan (Anjo Damiles), who thinks that Clara is a campus lover in her student life.

Cast: Nikki Bagaporo, Anjo Damiles, Kit Thompson, Leyana Magat, Erika Rabara, Vanna Garcia, Yul Servo, Nel Gomez, Karla Aguas


Feeling Blue

Andoy Ranay Jiillmer S. Dy, Abegail Lam-Parayno September 15, 2018

The story of Faye (Denise Canlas), a junior high school teenager who tried to study well in her valuable feelings. She had a boyfriend Anton (Grae Fernandez), an adorable high school boy who studied his subject. Because of their academic preference, Anton learned everyone when he developed feelings for Faye.

Cast: Denise Canlas, Grae Fernandez, Jennifer Sevilla, Richard Quan, Yves Yamio, Analyn Nacion, Heidiann Mansilla, Virginia Pozon


The Dance of Life

Ricky Rivero Benson Logronio, Zita Gargarena September 22, 2018

The story of Gary (Vance Larena), a young man who develops a dancing life as he paifred about the dance lover Vanna (Ayla Mendero), a young girl who learned her romantic dance for love. When she danced herself, Vanna loves to dance when she develop Gary in her dancing love life.

Cast: Vance Larena, Ayla Mendero, Arlene Tolibas, Jong Cuenco, Mymy Davao, Yves Flores, Erin Ocampo, John Wayne Sace


Honey, Sweetheart, Mooncake

Joyce E. Bernal Abner Tulagan, El Ortiz September 29, 2018

The story of Roselle (Kylie Padilla), the humble, beautiful and kind-hearted daughter of a strawberry farmer in Baguio who struggled about Ray (Neil Coleta), the hardworking man who imitate his sweetheart. While struggling his moonlight, Ray involed Roselle in their their honeymoon.

Cast: Kylie Padilla, Neil Coleta, Albie Casiño, Beverly Salviejo, Daniel Fernando


Mommy's Boy

Connie Macatuno Arlene Tamayo, JV Bagas October 6, 2018

The story of Carlo (Jedrik Yamio), an adorable little son who learned his good parent couple with the importance and acceptance of his mother, Mira (Regine Angeles), a household mom.

Cast: Jerik Yamio, Regine Angeles, Alfred Vargas, AJ Manzon, Kalila Aguilos, Arlene Tolibas


Love Time Three

Roderick Lindayag Denise O'Hara, Abner Tulagan October 13, 2018

The story of Coleen (Kayne Lacuna), a sample girl who realizes that she is falling in love with her friend after encouraging him to court the girl her original crush likes. Coleen meets Rayver (Ethan Salvador), a smart man who dementioned his relationship that could possibly bounded his courtship.

Cast: Kayne Lacuna, Ethan Salvador, Anjo Damiles, Sharmaine Arnaiz, Juan Rodrigo, Tetchie Agbayani


Should She Pairing Herself?

Jun Lana Raymond Diamzon, Zita Gargarena October 20, 2018

The story of Vivoree (Stephanie Bangcot), a pretty and smart junior high school student who got separated from her classmate Kristoff (Francis Magundayao), a handsome and intelligent high school student and Benjamin (Elijah Rodriguez), a smart high school boy who just fated well as he paired himself with his classmate and learn to appreciate and accept the opposite attitude.

Cast: Stephanie Bangcot, Francis Magundayao, Elijah Rodriguez, Cherry Pie Picache, Anjo Yllana, Sophia Margarette To, Christine Veloira, Hiyasmin Neri


My Fair In Love

Andoy Ranay Phil M. Noble, Abegail Lam-Parayno October 27, 2018

The story of Lisa (Yna Uy), a high school teenager who intend to fulfill her dreams and make her one and only inspiration love her fair. She meet Edward (Kurt Phillip Espiritu). a high school boy who learner his relationship.

Cast: Yna Uy, Kurt Phillip Espiritu, Mymy Davao, Jong Cuenco, Liza Lorena, Carl Alexander Acosta, Barbie Sabino, Junyka Santarin, Byron Ortile


Echoes of the Heart

Joel Lamangan Julius Villanueva, Zarah Farcon November 3, 2018

The story of Monica (Ysabel Ortega), a college student at UP who pursued her studies in a heart of experiences in love. She has her matter to find the man of her dreams when she met Victor (Paulo Angeles), a college freshman who is very matter of love. Because of his echo preference in a scholarship in university, Victor struggled everyone when he confessed that he has developed feelings for Monica.

Cast: Ysabel Ortega, Paulo Angeles, Christopher de Leon, Irma Adlawan, Tom Doromal, Shiara Dizon, Celine Lim, James Teng, Ryan Boyce, Luke Jickain


Once Upon a Love Story

Vanessa U. de Leon Zita Gargarena, Benedict Mique November 10, 2018

The story of Gayle (Keith Cruz), a high school teenager who once studyed well as long as she loved. She learned Santi (Justin Ward), a junior high school boy who is very much of an academic love learners.

Cast: Keith Cruz, Justin Ward, Kier Legaspi, Mylene Dizon, Ryan James Bacalla, Heidiann Mansilla, Thea Abanico, Jacob Clayton


In Someone Else's Arms

Jason Paul Laxamana Abner Tulagan, Jerry Gracio November 17, 2018

The story of Jericho (AJ Muhlach), a man who is intended for his someone else when he falls in love with Elsa (Shy Carlos), a young woman who is about their someone's romance and aware of her true feelings after finding out that she is forbidden else.

Cast: AJ Muhlach, Shy Carlos, Ces Quesada, Tommy Abuel, Piero Vergara


Feel for Me

Connie Macatuno El Ortiz, Mark Anthony Bautista November 24, 2018

The story of Stella (Via Saroca), a young girl who studied as a high school student where she struggled for her feeling love in a true meaning of friendship. She meet Adrian (Vance Larena), a young man who has a very appreciative relationship.

Cast: Via Saroca, Vance Larena, Aiko Melendez, William Martinez, Christine Veloira, Analyn Nacion


A Very First Time

Andoy Ranay Denise O'Hara, Raymond Diamzon December 1, 2018

The story of Vanessa (Claudia Barretto), a senior high school student who study well about her life of infatuation for her very institude. She studied Chester (Caleb Gotico), a senior high school boy who tried to do a first time.

Cast: Claudia Barretto, Caleb Gotico, Maritoni Fernandez, Kier Legaspi, Leann Ganzon, Jervy delos Reyes, Kym Vergara


Love is All That Matters

Jay Altarejos Zita Gargarena, Mark Duane Agos December 8, 2018

The story of Mica (Ella Cruz), a young woman who is about the relationship that will separate her effort to do a matter of time. She told Raffy (Teejay Marquez), a young man who is a matter of love because of Mica.

Cast: Ella Cruz, Teejay Marquez, Julian Estrada, Alicia Mayer, Freddie Webb


My Love Portion

Veronica B. Velasco Abner Tulagan, Dexter Hemedez December 15, 2018

The story of Nadine (Angelina Cruz), a junior high school classmate who struggle her portion in a right person to do a secret person. Despite her secret portion, she meet Gabriel (Kenzo Gutierrez), a young man who intend to revolve a love duties.

Cast: Angelina Cruz, Kenzo Gutierrez, Sunshine Cruz, Carlos Morales, Thea Abanico, Christine Veloira, Raquel Monteza


Christmas Anyway

Joel Lamangan Mark Anthony Bautista, Zarah Farcon December 22, 2018

The story of Danny (Arnold Reyes), a kind-hearted household man who told Christopher (Jan Manual). where he is very excited for the day before Christmas and with Christmas coming up, they look at this as a great opportunity to bring them together. At home, he involved Aira (Angelica Marañon), a high school teenager as a daughter of Danny who saw for Chester (Bailey May) where she is very love for Christmas.

Cast: Arnold Reyes, Angelica Marañon, Bailey May, Renz Aytona, Rizza Diaz, Mel Martinez, Eda Nolan, Jan Manual


The One Should Always Right

Ricky Rivero JV Bagas, Dindo Erece December 29, 2018

The story of Alessandra (Michelle Vito), a young woman who framed her misserable and her right person in a relationship. She always told Jordan (Mark Neumann), a young man who should intend always be with her.

Cast: Michelle Vito, Mark Neumann, Erika Rabara, Lander Vera-Perez, Perla Bautista, Micah Muñoz

Season 6Edit

# Episode title Directed by Written by Original air date

A Girl Who Took From Me

Andoy Ranay Volta delos Santos, Abegail Lam-Parayno January 5, 2019

The story of Stephanie (Kayne Lacuna), a senior high school student whose her imitate girl has chosen to be the perfect heart of her love problems and her idealize by having a rosy life, forcing her to realize a young boy. She meet Kristoff (Mark Neumann), a classmate who approached his love person.

Cast: Kayne Lacuna, Mark Neumann, Carlo Lacana, Ara Mina, DJ Durano, Neri Naig, Erika Rabara, Ryllah Mata


Should He Framed Her?

Connie Macatuno Andrew Paredes, Mary Rose Colindres January 12, 2019

The story of Celine (Nikki Bagaporo), a young girl who suffered from her life in her framing condition. She had a problem, when Rommel (Alexander Diaz) appeared him. Rommel is a brillant boy who framed himself in a matter of his right time.

Cast: Nikki Bagaporo, Alexander Diaz, Mickey Ferriols, Anjo Yllana, Peewee O'Hara, Miel Abong


A Wrong Number

Veronica B. Velasco Abegail Lam-Parayno, Joey Mallari January 19, 2019

The story of Cheska (Jhazmyne Tobias), a junior high school teenager who struggle her studies about the wrong person. When she study well, Cheska meets Adrian (Justin Ward), a high school classmate who intend to have a right number about her classmate.

Cast: Jhazmyne Tobias, Justin Ward, Almira Muhlach, DJ Durano, Hiyasmin Neri, Prince Flores, Thea Abanico


In Love with My Destined

Monti Parungao Benson Logronio, Zarah Farcon January 26, 2019

The story of Alyana (Anna Vicente), a college student who sacrificed her boundary to destined her love life. She meet Gabriel (Axel Torres), a man who realied her destined about the miserable relationship.

Cast: Anna Vicente, Axel Torres, Mymy Davao, Alma Moreno, Freddie Webb, Edward Mendez


The Love for a Child

Perci Intalan Danilo Niño Calalang, Ruby Leah Castro February 2, 2019

The story of John (Alonzo Muhlach), a young boy who coursed in his relative parents to describe his romance. When he is a young child, John involved Michelle (Maricar Reyes) is a mother and Dante (Richard Poon) is a father who being separated from each other in their true love for a child.

Cast: Alonzo Muhlach, Maricar Reyes, Richard Poon, Hayden Kho, Ayesha Zara Kurdi-Soldevilla, Gloria Sevilla


My Heart Never Fails

Sigrid Andrea Bernardo Renato Custodio, Jr., Alejandro Ramos February 9, 2019

The story of Phoebe (Patrisha Samson), a shy junior high school student who is very confident and very important about among her peers. Because she has never fail, Phoebe looks like Diego (Zaijian Jaranilla). a high school classmate who tried to prevent his love purpose.

Cast: Patrisha Samson, Zaijian Jaranilla, Stephen Baldonado, Anna Larrucea, Yul Servo, Jonas Ematong, Lesley Lina


A Girl for Love

Perci Intalan Denoy Navarro-Punio, Benson Logronio February 16, 2019

The story of Trixie (Keith Cruz), a junior high school classmate who has a lot of relationship for her Valentine. When she loved her, she involve Gabriel (Eugene Herrera), a young man who is very much love. Because of his couple of preference, Gabriel approached when he confessed that he has developed feelings for Trixie.

Cast: Keith Cruz, Eugene Herrera, Kier Legaspi, Almira Muhlach, Christine Veloira, Gazelle Agero, JM Guanzon, Jade Lopez


Just My Benefits

Katski Flores Allan Ibañez, Priscilla Hidalgo February 23, 2019

The story of Rebecca (Adela Marshall), a young woman who confessed her benefits as she never fail someone else. She convince Nathan (Martin Escudero), a man who falls in love with Rebecca by adding sex to their friendship. They begin to develop deep mutual feelings for each other, only to deny it each time they are together.

Cast: Adela Marshall, Martin Escudero, Freddie Webb, Bianca Casado, Rose Van Ginkel, Mico Palanca


Secret Section

Jason Paul Laxamana Nathaniel Arciaga, Abegail Lam-Parayno March 2, 2019

The story of Noel (Vance Larena), a young man who sophisticated in his secret identity about relationship. He approached Vicky (Riva Quenery), a young girl who tried to have a section of a lifetime.

Cast: Vance Larena, Riva Quenery, Maritoni Fernandez, Nonie Buencamino, Mariel Pamintuan, Julian Estrada


My Boyfriend Is A Gangster

Andoy Ranay Zarah Farcon, John Anthony Rodulfo March 9, 2019

The story of Raven (Janina Vela), a young woman who has a lot of a gangster in love. When she entered college, Raven had her hopes up once again to find the man of her dreams when she met Gabriel (Kyle Vergara), her schoolmate who is very important. Because of his imporant preference, Gabriel shocked everyone when he confessed that he has developed feelings for Raven.

Cast: Janina Vela, Kyle Vergara, Jenny Miller, Gian Sotto, Alexandra Macanan, Maria Faye Vargas, Kurt Perez, Junjun Quintana, Denise Joaquin


More Than A Bitter

Jun Lana Joey Mallari, Abegail Lam-Parayno March 16, 2019

The story of Riva (Eula Caballero), a young woman who intended to a bitterness about a better person as she worked at the company. She told Archie (Bryan Santos), a husband who tried to convince around each other.

Cast: Eula Caballero, Bryan Santos, Teejay Marquez, Karla Aguas, Jong Cuenco, Julio Diaz, Teresa Loyzaga


Struggling Romance

Veronica B. Velasco Denise O'Hara, Benson Logronio March 23, 2019

The story of Alyssa (Denise Canlas), a junior high school girl who paired with her classmate Vanessa (Gazelle Agero) to teach her lessons. She meet Gary (Rodjun Cruz), a customer service at the market who tackle her struggle in a relative friendship romance.

Cast: Denise Canlas, Gazelle Agero, Rodjun Cruz, JM Guanzon, Chela Denise, Lui Villaruz, Thea Abanico


The Beginning of My Heart

Monti Parungao Charlotte Dianco, Volta delos Santos March 30, 2019

The story of Ruby (Julia Montes), a simple girl who often essembled as a household, a maid and a stepnanny at home. She meet Freddie (Mikael Daez), a man who struggle in the heartess life.

Cast: Julia Montes, Mikael Daez, Axel Torres, Manny Castañeda, Marnie Lapus, Minnie Aguilar


In Love with My Graduate

Jay Altarejos Marianne Villalobos, Jillmer S. Dy April 6, 2019

The story of Alexa (Ayla Mendero), a senior high school student who graduate her senior year as she finished her high school education. At the end of their senior year, she meet Rayver (Axel Torres), who destined to graduate from high school. During their ceremony, Alexa and Rayver are congratulate after they study.

Cast: Ayla Mendero, John Manalo, Jaypee de Guzman, Tart Carlos, Pinky Marquez, Luis Gabriel Moreno, Chelseah Ongsee, Mikaela Yllana, Virginia Pozon, Sherilyn Reyes


Summer Love

Joyce E. Bernal Denoy Navarro-Punio, Jerry Gracio April 13, 2019

The story of Sandra (Kayne Lacuna), a young girl who has a bummer vacation at the beach for the beginning of a summer. She meet Bryan (Piero Vergara), a young man who is ready to a couple of the beach.

Cast: Kayne Lacuna, Piero Vergara, Luke Jickain, Lui Manansala, Lander Vera-Perez, Yassi Benitez


Be My Pretty

Connie Macatuno Zarah Farcon, June Anthony Amarillio April 27, 2019

The story of Shaina (AC Bonifacio), a teenager who help with her foster father Gary (Will Devaughn) by involving her beautiful life when she is very much pretty. Because of her pretty cure, in junior high school, Shaina develops a good friend (Hiro Volante), who separate his friendship.

Cast: AC Bonifacio, Will Devaughn, Hiro Volante, Perla Bautista


My Cheerful Heart

Perci Intalan Benson Logronio, Alejandro Ramos May 4, 2019

The story of Freddie (John Manalo), a young boy who is very thoughful when he confessed him. She told Bea (Erika Rabara), a young woman.who separate each other in a very cheerful of a heartful lifetime.

Cast: John Manalo, Erika Rabara, Helen Gamboa, Dennis Padilla, Mymy Davao, Mel Martinez


A Mother of a Child

Joel Lamangan John Anthony Rodulfo, Volta delos Santos May 11, 2019

The story of Carmina (Sylvia Sanchez), a loving mother of her son John (Emman Franc), where she is very caring and delightful as she always has a positive outlook on life because of her only children.

Cast: Sylvia Sanchez, Emman Franc, Nonie Buencamino, John Joseph Miraflores, Adrian Desabille, Cai Cortez, Peewee O'Hara, Fanny Serrano


Forgetting Someone

Monti Parungao Marianne Villalobos, Andrew Paredes May 18, 2019

The story of Christopher (Dominic Roque), a man who suffered for anything else when he confessed for a long time. He told Jade (Kayne Lacuna), a young woman who could afford to forgot her relationship once more.

Cast: Dominic Roque, Kayne Lacuna, Tricia Santos, Luke Jickain, Fiona Yang, Maegan Aguilar


Promise of a New Day

Perci Intalan Renee Patricia Dimla, Renato Custodio, Jr. May 25, 2019

The story of Kristoff (Akihiro Blanco), a freshman in college who struggled his friendship when he pursue a dormintory because of his scholarship in university. Despite his success in scholarship, She meet Alexa (Hazel Faith dela Cruz), a college student who promise her fate. Will their young love be able to stand the test of time? Will he succeed in keeping his scholarship, regain his fame, and most of all win back Alexa? 

Cast: Akihiro Blanco, Hazel Faith dela Cruz, Arlene Tolibas, Abel Estanislao, Bianca Yao, Marvelous Alejo, Garylloyd Reiter, Karla Aguas, Junjun Quintana


Feeling Blue

Mervyn B. Brondial Abegail Lam-Parayno, Denoy Navarro-Puni June 1, 2019

The story of Cheska (Stephanie Bangcot), a cutie high school classmate girl who study very loved because she achieve well above her lesson. She meet Jeremy (Justin Ward), a high school classmate who has a good friend Chester (Elijah Rodriguez). Because of his friendship life, Jeremy has a love interest for Cheska.

Cast: Stephanie Bangcot, Justin Ward, Elijah Rodriguez, Neri Naig, Nikki Valdez, Wowie de Guzman, Carl Longno, Gazelle Agero, AJ Manzon, Franchesca Salcedo


You're My Bestfriend

Joyce E. Bernal Danilo Niño Calalang, Mary Rose Colindres June 8, 2019

The story of Jericho (AJ Muhlach), a hardworking man who struggled to pursue a common life because of his friendship. She told (Eula Caballero), a young woman to attempt to be a bestfriend.

Cast: AJ Muhlach, Eula Caballero, Abigail Francisco Macapagal, Alfred Labatos, Victor Silayan, Peewee O'Hara


Daddy, I Love You

Jun Lana Benson Logronio, Zarah Farcon June 15, 2019

The story of Randy (Sam Y.G.), a kind-hearted veterinarian of the government-owned and controlled corporation who appoined at the office in order to accomplish a parent when he told Rebecca (Yassi Benitez). Sophie (Angelica Marañon), a teenager as a dauhter of Randy who got learned when she studied as a high school student.

Cast: Sam Y.G., Angelica Marañon, Zaijian Jaranilla, Michael Tañeca, Kylie Padilla, Rico Barrera, Luigi Alvarez, Yassi Benitez


Loving Someone at the Wrong Time

Sigrid Andrea Bernardo Mark Duane Angos, Jaja Amarillo June 22, 2019

The story of Lexie (Claudia Barretto) and Joanne (Raphiel Shannon) are fraternal twins. The two who grew up to be colose as sisters and friends, until they reach high school where their differences became more pronounced at the wrong time. They meet Mark (Francis Magundayao), a senior high school student who told to someone for having a friendship as it favored by suitors and teachers because of her looks, while Lexie always excels in class. As time passes by, the two became envious of each other's distinct qualities. The competition between the two of them in their home and in school started caused jealousy between the twin sisters, especially with Lexie who sees Joanne  being more favored over her. How will the relationship of the twins be affected by their jealousy?

Cast: Claudia Barretto, Raphiel Shannon, Francis Magundayao, Jong Cuenco, Paula Peralejo, Celine Lim, Angel Sy, Joseph Andre Garcia, Neri Naig


Obsessive Relationship

Joyce E. Bernal Volta delos Santos, Alejandro Ramos June 29, 2019

The story of Roxanne (Julia Montes), a young woman who obsessed her sex relationship. She loved David (Rodjun Cruz), a hardworking man who often confessed and develop feelings for Roxanne. Because of his sexual feelings, David tried to conceive a benefit soulmate.

Cast: Julia Montes, Rodjun Cruz, Garylloyd Reiter, Che Ramos, Karen Bordador, Joe Gruta, Leonard Obal


Beneth the Angel

Katski Flores Renee Patricia Dimla, Benson Logronio July 6, 2019

The story of Mikee (Claire Ruiz), a college student at the university who struggled to beneth the friendship that she loved him. She meet Mark (Alexander Diaz), a college freshman who intended to pretend someone like her.

Cast: Claire Ruiz, Alexander Diaz, Maritoni Fernandez, Jong Cuenco, Achie Lim, Vitto Marquez, Mariel Pamintuan, Chelseah Ongsee


The Story of My Heart

Brillante Mendoza Abegail Lam-Parayno, Marianne Villalobos July 13, 2019

The story of Rebecca (Gabbi Garcia), a young woman who has a lot of experiences in her heart. When she studied in college, Rebecca struggled her heart with a man of her dreams when she paired with Christopher (Paolo Onesa), her college student who has a friendship.

Cast: Gabbi Garcia, Paolo Onesa, Teejay Marquez, Yana Asistio, Daisy Reyes, David Chua, Alexandra Macanan, Celine Lim, Garylloyd Reiter, Jerould Aceron


A Girl for Love

Perci Intalan Allan Ibañez, Mary Rose Colindres July 20, 2019

The story of Kyla (Gazelle Agero), a junior high school student as the only child and the only daughter of her father Benjie (Diether Ocampo), a hardworking and resonsible man. As a young girl with a love for dad under Benjie's guidance and incluence, who treated her like his only daughter. She meet Dino (Elijah Rodriguez), a high school classmate who paired for his friendship.

Cast: Gazelle Agero, Diether Ocampo, Elijah Rodriguez, Joan Marie Bugcat, Jonas Ematong, Prince Flores, Gabriel Abiva


My Cure Life

Katski Flores Joey Mallari, Volta delos Santos July 27, 2019

The story of Jessie (Kylie Padilla), a nurse at the hospital who could effort to help her medicine and her real life medical process. She meet Eric (Marlo Mortel), a hardworking man who struggled his medicure relationship because of Jessie.

Cast: Kylie Padilla, Marlo Mortel, Yves Flores, Lloyd Samartino, Caridad Sanchez


Grow Old With Me

Sigrid Andrea Bernardo Mark Duane Angos, Benson Logronio August 3, 2019

The story of Carlos (Kurt Phillip Espiritu), the only son of his mother Dimples (Sylvia Sanchez), who grewed him as a high school classmate when he studied at his classroom.

Cast: Kurt Phillip Espiritu, Sylvia Sanchez, Dale BaldilloNorlan Brequillo, Hiyasmin Neri, Manny Castañeda


A Home in His Heart

Joyce E. Bernal Renee Patricia Dimla, Denoy Navarro-Punio August 10, 2019

The story of Rebecca (Erich Gonzales), a simple maid who struggled for her parent life at home. She involved Larry (Oyo Boy Sotto), a hardworking and kind-hearted man who preserved about his maid girl.

Cast: Erich Gonzales, Oyo Boy Sotto, Jana Agoncillo, Philip Lazaro, Debbie Gracia, Jan Manual


My Unwanted Daughter

Perci Intalan Abegail Lam-Parayno, Alejandro Ramos August 17, 2019

The story of Jasmine (Patrisha Samson), an elder daughter of her father Rommel (Arnold Reyes) and her stepmother Carmina (Kaye Abad) who tried to study as a high school student. She told her classmate Chester (Louis Pre Jr.) to have a friendship because of her unwanted lesson.

Cast: Patrisha Samson, Arnold Reyes, Kaye Abad, Franchesca Salcedo, Christine Veloira, Louis Pre Jr., Miela Sayo. Location: Colegio De Calumpit.


U R My Sunshine

Jun Lana Mark Duane Angos, Zarah Farcon August 24, 2019

The story of Rico (Dominic Roque), a kind-hearted man who has a feelings about a relationship. She meet Sel (Rizza Diaz), a hotie girl who is very sexy because of her sunshine love.

Cast: Dominic Roque, Rizza Diaz, Yves Flores, Achie Lim, IC Mendoza, Carlos Morales


How Do You Have Memory?

Andoy Ranay Marianne Villalobos, Danilo Niño Calalang August 31, 2019

The story revolves around Erika (Charice Hermoso),and Eunice (Charlotte Hermoso) are the twins who are their graduating high school students where they forced to have their memory life. They became memorable twins in school and even in love when they fall for the same boy – Jericho (John Manalo), who is a graduating high school classmate and a well-known honour student. Due to her intelligence and wisdom, Jericho eventually falls them apart from poverty after graduation. Thus, he studied earnestly his suitors. 

Cast: Charice Hermoso, Charlotte Hermoso, John Manalo, Raphiel Shannon, Tanya Garcia, Jong Cuenco, Celine Lim, Jerould Aceron, Kym Vergara, Jade Lopez, Prince Villanueva


Everlasting Love

Brillante Mendoza Renee Patricia Dimla, Andrew Paredes September 7, 2019

The story of Lizel (Nicole Andersson), a woman who went at the bar where she revolved at night. She told Ivan (Josh Padilla), a young man who struggled a lifetime about Lizel.

Cast: Nicole Andersson, Josh Padilla, Aki Torio, DM Sevilla, Nathan Lopez, Divina Valencia, Dianne Hernandez


Secret Girl

Mervyn B. Brondial Denoy Navarro-Punio, Priscilla Hidalgo September 14, 2019

The story of Cheska (Raisa Dayrit), a senior high school student who went at the library to read the book when she is very learning. She meet Ivan (Zaijian Jaranilla), a high school student who tried to teach himselves as he paired with Cheska.

Cast: Raisa Dayrit, Zaijian Jaranilla, Maritoni Fernandez, Jong Cuenco Heidiann Mansilla, Margaret Planas, Prince Flores, Sherilyn Reyes-Tan


My Ex Date

Sigrid Andrea Bernardo Abegail Lam-Parayno, Mary Rose Colindres September 21, 2019

Tthe story is about a Gabriel (Rodjun Cruz), who tries to prove he's a changed man to his ex-girlfriend, a blogger named Angel (Julia Montes). Angel, on the other hand, tests if Gio really has a date, and things didn't attempt.

Cast: Rodjun Cruz, Julia Montes, Bryan Santos, Arlene Tolibas, Yassi Benitez, Ian de Leon


Same Time, Same Heart

Alexander Sabater JV Bagas, Ana Maria Macapugay September 28, 2019

Tthe story of Leslie (Eula Caballero), a young woman who became an officewoman where she work at the same time. She meet Gabby (Martin Escudero), a hardworking officeman who tried convince himself.

Cast: Eula Caballero, Martin Escudero, Lexi Fernandez, Nanding Josef, Caridad Sanchez, Nathan Lopez, Migui Moreno


A Feel Good Relationship

Mervyn B. Brondial Marianne Villalobos, Abegail Lam-Parayno October 12, 2019

Tthe story of Mika (Ai Zy Villamor), a heiress teenager as the only daughter of Gabriel (Gugi Lorenzana), who has her heartful relationship because she is a very sexy teen girl. As a high school student, Mike knows about her feelings for a feel good love.

Cast: Ai Zy Villamor, Guji Lorenzana, Gerald Pesigan, Mikko Estrada, Leann Ganzon, Rita Gaviola, Neri Naig


Good Girl

Mervyn B. Brondial Renee Patricia Dimla, Mark Duane Angos October 19, 2019

The story of Alexandra (Crissel Ignacio), a junior high school student who enjoys a teenage life as she looks forward. Despite of her grade level, Alexandras thinks she commited a real lesson and bounded each studies. Gilbert (Renz Aytona), Alexandra's good friend, who told with him abut a good lesson.

Cast: Crissel Ignacio, Renz Aytona, Sharmine Suarez, Emilio Garcia, Sophia Margarette To, Kurt Lawrence Bautista, Prince Flores, Analyn Nacion, Chinie Concepcion. Location: Santa Catalina College


Unexpected Romance

Brillante Mendoza Nathaniel Arciaga, Benson Logronio October 26, 2019

The story of Rebecca (Coleen Garcia), a strong woman who lifed from each other while separated and took her heart away. She meet Gardo (Fred Lo), a man who expected to pair together.

Cast: Coleen Garcia, Fred Lo, Jay Manalo, Eva Darren, Aldred Gatchalian, Cleo Decena



Perci Intalan Alejandro Ramos, Denoy Navarro-Punio November 2, 2019

The story of Marie (Maricar Reyes), a household woman who told her younger daughter Cheska (Ashley Cabrera) as a child to go to the elementary school. Audrey (DJ Durano), a husband of Marie who seperated his cated for being good parent. Marie and DJ were cated together because of Cheska.

Cast: Maricar Reyes, DJ Durano, Ashley Cabrera, Vito Quizon, Meagan Aguilar, Robert Ortega, Agatha Tapan


When Will My Friend Begin?

Mervyn B. Brondial Zarah Farcon, Mark Duane Angos November 9, 2019

The story of Enzo (Basti Gonzales) and Andrea (AC Bonifacio), their two high school students who were learned each other. Time passed by and their friendship turned into romance despite their young age in love. Things started to learn when Enzo began neglecting his friend duties to Andrea and even ignored her efforts to save their relationship.

Cast: Basti Gonzales, AC Bonifacio, Mylene Dizon, Raymond Bagatsing, Maritoni Fernandez, Trisha Maningding, Louis Pre Jr., Jaime Yllana, Lorin Gabriella Bektas, Maui Taylor


Good Boy in Love

Joyce E. Bernal Andrew Paredes, Volta delos Santos November 16, 2019

The story of Luis (Vance Larena), a young man who gets assigned to a job project in Pelangi as a good boy, he meets Clara (Claire Ruiz) as a good young woman. They both falling in love with each other.

Cast: Vance Larena, Claire Ruiz, Lotlot de Leon, William Martinez, Rita Magdalena, Jack Reid, Sachzna Laparan


Sickness Child

Andoy Ranay Marianne Villalobos, Priscilla Hidalgo November 23, 2019

The story of Enzo (Jedrik Yamio), a young boy who is very sickand all painful because of his patient, causing effectiveness and ache. At the hospital, Enzo became an all sick and meet Nurse Clara (Coleen García), a nurse who helped her child.

Cast: Jedrik Yamio, Coleen García, Jennifer Sevilla, Dante Ponce, AJ Manzon, Allan Bautista


My Sister's Lover

Brillante Mendoza Charlotte Dianco, Abegail Lam-Parayno December 7, 2019

The story of Charee (Claudia Barretto), a daughter oif the family who is graduating junior high school student who tried to teach her life as care about as she became a senior high. She meet Albert (BJ Forbes), a suitor senior high school student who cares about a good parent.

Cast: Claudia Barretto, BJ Forbes, Yayo Aguila, Nonie Buencamino, Maria Faye Vargas, Hannah Kaye Balanay, Prince Villanueva, Achie Lim


Suddenly It's Christmas Magic

Mervyn B. Brondial Denoy Navarro-Puni, John Anthony Rodulfo December 21, 2019

The story of Luis (Dominic Roque), a hardworking man who loves for Holiday season for December 25th. He meets Roselie (Sarah Lahbati), a household maid who discovers their Christmas tale. The two later fall in love for the Christmas tale. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a sweet ever after.

Cast: Dominic Roque, Sarah Lahbati, Chanel Morales, Teri Onor, Angelica Jones, Arlene Tolibas, Michael Flores


The Replacement Heart

Sigrid Andrea Bernardo JV Bagas, Priscilla Hidalgo December 28, 2019

The story of Bobby (Kenzo Gutierrez), a young man who is a college freshman as she struggled his replacement relationship. She meet Julia (Jane de Leon), a college student who has a heart of life.

Cast: Kenzo Gutierrez, Jane de Leon, Marnie Lapus, Carlos Morales, Celine Lim, Vitto Marquez, Peewee O'Hara

Season 7Edit

# Episode title Directed by Written by Original air date

Test of Fate

Andoy Ranay Denise O'Hara, Charlotte Dianco January 4, 2020

Tthe story of Chester (Hiro Volante), a senior high school student who tried to write a test paper during his exams at the classroom. As he continues to study himself with his memorable grades, Chester takes testing on a different level when he meet Stella (Sarah Ortega), a senior high school student who answered test questions on its own.

Cast: Hiro Volante, Sarah Ortega, Carl Longno, Carlos Morales, Aya Medel, Louis Pre Jr., Margaret Planas, Zhyvel Mallari, Hiyasmin Neri


Have You Change Your Mind?

Monti Parungao Benson Logronio, Abegail Lam-Parayno January 11, 2020

The story of Jericho (AJ Muhlach), a strong man who could effort to change our lifetime. She told Ana (Eula Caballero), a young maid girl who seperate our mine.

Cast: AJ Muhlach, Eula Caballero, Piero Vergara, Tricia Santos, Arlene Tolibas, Ynez Veneracion, Robert Arevalo


Love Beshie

Connie Macatuno Zarah Farcon, Joey Mallari January 18, 2020

The story of Kim (Denise Canlas), a high school classmate who learned a friendship about beshie. She meets Jacob (Bradley Emerson), a high school boy who is a good beshie. Because of his social media love, Jacob feeled with Kim for an "beshie girlfriend."

Cast: Jhazmyne Tobias, Bradley Emerson, Thea Abanico, Alexandra Quiambao, Nathaniel Britt, JM Guanzon


Two Lovers, One Man

Brillante Mendoza Abner Tulagan, Nikki Bunquin January 25, 2020

The story of Vana (Kylie Padilla), a young woman who is a pregnant after she married with Brandon (Bryan Santos). At the hospital, Vana gave her birth to a new baby.

Cast: Kylie Padilla, Bryan Santos, John Wayne Sace, Raya Mananquil, Boom Labrusca, Eva Darren


Valentine for Mom

Jun Luna Julius Villanueva, Mary Rose Colindres February 1, 2020

The story of Enzo (Marco Masa), a younger son and the only child of Cherry (Jackie Lou Blanco) and Albert (Jestoni Alarcon) as his wife and her husband, who learned a Valentine parents. He wish granted to give flowers to Cherry.

Cast: Marco Masa, Jackie Lou Blanco, Jestoni Alarcon, Ashley Cabrera, Marc Santiago, Caridad Sanchez, Lou Veloso, Miel Abong


My Charming Princess

Vanessa U. de Leon Mark Duane Angos, Allan Ibañez February 8, 2020

The story of Roxanne (Patrisha Samson), a senior high school classmate who has a fairytale like a princess. She meet Daniel (Allen Cecilio), a senior high school classmate who is a prince charming.

Cast: Patrisha Samson, Allen Cecilio, Maritoni Fernandez, Matthew Mendoza, Aliyah Francisco, Ramon Recto, Louis Pre Jr., Giann Solante, Jaime Yllana, Neri Naig

305 Cuty Kilig Mikey del Rosario Cyrus Dan Cañares, Denoy Navarro-Puni February 15, 2020

The story of Chelsea (Yna Uy), a cutie high school teenager who is very cute and pretty as she study good. At the high school classroom, she meet John (Kurt Phillip Espiritu), a high school classmate who is very handsome. Because of his love friendship, John looked when he loved that he has developed feelings for Chelsea.

Cast: Yna Uy, Kurt Phillip Espiritu, Tanya Garcia, Jong Cuenco, Aura Mijares, Mikko Estrada, Raven Cajuguiran, Rita Gaviola, Eda Nolan


Gift for Love

Mervyn B. Brondial JV Bagas, Denise O'Hara February 22, 2020

The story of Benjie (Oyo Boy Sotto), a kind-hearted man who went at the office for being pasalubong. At home around morning, he meet Spohie (AC Bonifacio), a teenager who has a love friendship at school.

Cast: Oyo Boy Sotto, AC Bonifacio, Zaijian Jaranilla, Francis Ryan Lim, Jennica Garcia, John Lapus, Arlene Tolibas


Cupcake Girl

Paco Sta. Maria Jaja Amarillo, Zoilo Barrel February 29, 2020

The story of Stephanie (Claire Ruiz), a college student who became a baker at the Vanila Cupcake Bakery, specializing in cakes and cupcakes. She meet Rafael (Tony Labrusca), a young man who finds himself to Stephanie's passion for baking.

Cast: Claire Ruiz, Tony Labrusca, Celine Lim, Bianca Casado, . Location: Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.


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